Arctic Liquid Freezer 240 AIO Cooler Review


Arctic are well-known for their air cooling products, but today we’ll be taking a look at one of their first entries to the high-end AIO water cooling market; the Arctic Liquid Freezer 240. Designed for high-performance cooling for gaming systems, overclocking, workstations and more, you’ll find a fairly thick 240mm radiator, backed up by four high-quality 120mm fans, there’s little doubt that it’ll be able to shift some serious heat from your system. With a max TDP of 300 Watts, as well as support for all major Intel and AMD sockets, the Freezer 240 can easily handle some of today’s fastest CPUs.

Water cooling is becoming increasingly popular, especially with many consumers now running overclockable processors. Being able to push your systems limits to get the most value for money out of your hardware is no bad thing. When you’re gaming, editing video, rendering and more, the CPU get’s pretty toasty, which in turn causes fans to spin faster and can result in more noise. Having a more powerful cooler should help ensure that not only do your temps stay nice and low, but you’ll also be keeping the acoustics in check too; let’s hope the new cooler from Arctic can tick both of those boxes.

The packaging is pretty straight forward, with a good image of the cooler on the front and a bit of branding.

Around the back, things get a lot more technical, with some relative performance figures and specifications. Of course, we’ll be doing our own independent testing, so I won’t focus on their figures too much.

The packaging is pretty crammed, with components and hoses next to each other and minimal padding around anything in here. I would hope then when shipped, the item comes in another box with bubble wrap around this one, as it doesn’t seem sufficient.

In the box, you’ll find all the usual nuts and bolts, a universal backplate, AMD and Intel brackets, as well as a small sachet of Arctic MX-4 thermal paste.

There are four high-quality fans included with this cooler. Each measure 120mm and are Arctic’s own design, promising high airflow and low noise. Each fan comes with a built-in fan header splitter, making it super easy to daisy chain them on a single fan header. Each fan has extra long cables, with black sleeving and a PWM header.

Antec Kuhler H20 H1200 & H600 Pro Water Cooler Review


Antec is one of the biggest names in the PC component market, with many years of experience in creating chassis, cooler, power supplies and more.  With Antec having created so many products over the years, it’s more than likely you’ve owned a few of their components over the years, so it’s great to see them continue to push the limits. Antec has been a little behind in the cooling market recently, as their last range of Kuhler H20 products didn’t exactly capture the imaginations of the market, but their latest versions, the H1200 Pro and the H600 Pro look set to change that.

Maximum cooling thanks to large copper base plate and high-performance radiator

“To achieve the best results when used with overclocked processors, both Kühler H2O H600 PRO and H1200 PRO are equipped with a large copper base plate that efficiently transfers heat from any AMD or Intel processor to the radiator. For maximum performance, H600 PRO and H1200 PRO feature a precisely constructed radiator with a 0.2 mm fin interval. The dimensions of the radiator are 275 mm x 120 mm x 27 mm for the H1200 and 155 mm x 120 mm x 27 mm for the H600.” – Antec

The new range features a 120mm and a 240mm slim radiator design, with an AIO (all in one) water cooling setup that aims to deliver high-end performance, flawless designs and best of all, wallet-friendly prices. Spec for spec, the latest Antec products are often half the price of their next big competitor, so it’ll be interesting to see if they can keep up with some of the more established AIO coolers on the market, especially at such competitive prices. If they can, then Antec are about to win over a huge part of the PC system building market.

Extremely quiet operation meets tremendous power

“Despite their excellent cooling performance, H600 PRO and H1200 PRO operate extremely quiet. This is due to the high-quality blue LED 120 mm fans that can reach up to 2,400 revolutions per minute. In addition, the enclosed pump impeller is near completely silent while delivering a pressure of 2.3 meters of water. The pump achieves this exceptional pressure thanks to the higher rotational speed of the winding type three-phase motor, maximising cooling performance for any PC system. For clean cable management, the pump is powered by a SATA interface.” – Antec

High build quality for exceptional durability

All components used for the Kühler H2O H600 PRO and H1200 PRO systems impress with their outstanding build quality and durability. The oil-free lubrication graphite bearing has a service life of up to 150,000 hours. The service life of the carbon metal crystalline ceramic axis is also 50 times longer than that of common models.” – Antec

We’ve got both models in the eTeknix office today and will be putting them head to head with each other, as well as a wide range of aftermarket coolers from many other brands, so it’ll be exciting to see how they perform. As you can see, both coolers come in a stylishly designed box, with a nice image of the product on the front and the main specifications, although I don’t think that lightning effect on the H600 is a feature, obviously.

The H1200 comes bundled with two lovely 120mm blue LED fans, each fitted with a standard PWM connector, anti-vibration screw holes and clear fan blades. It also comes bundled with a Y-splitter, so you only need a single motherboard header to connect them. The H600 comes with just one of these fans, which also means it doesn’t include the Y-splitter.

The fans are certainly of a nice quality and they’re Antec’s own design; having personally used a lot of Antec fans in the past, I have high hopes for their performance.

Both the H600 and the H1200 come with the same set of components, with the exception of the extra fan and Y-splitter for the H1200. You’ll find a universal backplate, AMD and Intel mounting brackets, a small tube of thermal paste, and all black fittings for the screws and other mounting hardware.

Both coolers come nicely packaged in protective cardboard, with durable plastic bag coverings on all major hardware, as well as some thick air pockets to help prevent any of it moving around in transit.

Antec Introduces Kühler H2O H600 PRO and H1200 PRO

All-in-one liquid cooling solutions are a great way to improve the cooling abilities past that of purely air-based CPU coolers and Antec just released two new of such models. The two new Antec all-in-one CPU coolers are the Kühler H2O H600 PRO and Kühler H2O H1200 PRO. These new Antec Kühler models should provide you with the best possible cooling abilities thanks to the use of quality components such as an extra-large copper base plate, the high-performance radiator, and the silent yet powerful fans included.


The Antec Kühler H600 and H1200 are close to identical with only the radiator length and tubing length to differentiate them. The H600 is a 120mm sized model with a tube length of 315mm while the Kühler H1200 is a 240mm sized model with a tube length of 348mm. Both Kühler models have a radiator thickness of 27mm.

Both the Kühler H600 PRO and H1200 PRO are equipped with the same large copper base plate that should transfer heat effectively from any AMD or Intel processor as the coolers are compatible with pretty much any socket. You can mount it on Intel LGA 775, 115x, 1366, and 2011 as well as AMD AM2 and all newer up to the current ones.

The radiator on the Kühler H600 PRO measures 155 x 120 and the H1200 measures 275 x 120mm, which is the room you’ll need to mount these. The radiators are constructed with a 0.2mm fin interval and together with the large base plate lay the foundation for the cooling abilities.

While you can mount any standard 120mm fans on these radiators, there already are some good ones included. Antec bundled their blue LED fans with the Kühler H600 and Kühler H1200 which spin with a speed of 600 to 2400 RPM and create a noise level of 16 to 25 dBa.


The enclosed pump impeller is said to be near completely silent while delivering a pressure of 2.3 meters of water. The pump achieves this pressure thanks to the higher rotational speed of the winding type three-phase motor. A fan header can’t deliver enough power to these coolers, so that is delivered via an SATA power connector instead.

The Kühler H2O H600 PRO comes with an MSRP of £39.99 while the H1200 costs a little more with its MSRP set to £59.99. Those are still very reasonable prices and I think these units should sell well. Antec did not reveal when then the new units will be available at this time.

We have just received our review samples here at the eTeknix office, so we’ll have the full reviews ready for you in a couple of days. Stay tuned and see how great these new Antec Kühler H20 can perform.

CRYORIG Releases The A-Series Hybrid Liquid CPU Coolers

CRYORIG initially unveiled the A-series hybrid liquid coolers about five months ago and while some smiled a bit about the idea, it’s a solid concept. CRYRIG took a normal closed loop liquid cooling system and added a twist in the form of an angled fan directly mounted on the CPU block.

You can very easily get heat-stagnation around the CPU area when you use liquid cooling, as there simply isn’t much airflow going past the area as there would be with air coolers. This is also a problem well-known to people like me that use test benches instead of closed cases and something one has to be careful of: there simply isn’t any normal airflow going over the system and as such, VRMs and memory placed around the CPU area can get very hot.

The CRYORIG A Series HLC is capable of lowering the temperatures of the components surrounding the CPU by up to 20%. This major drop in heat buildup effectively improves system stability, component lifespan and overall system temperatures.

The pump fan is 0 x 25mm and has a 1500-3000 RPM PWM controlled fan that matches the speed of the radiator fans. The CRYORIG A Series will come in three models based on radiator size: The A40 has a normal 240 mm radiator, the A40 Ultimate comes with a 240 mm by 1.5-inch thick radiator, and the A80 has a larger 280 mm radiator for 140mm fans.

Availability is set worldwide for mid to late November and the MSRP of the A40, A40 Ultimate and A80 is $100 USD, $110 USD and $120 USD (excl. VAT) respectably in North America, and 99,95 Euro, 109,95 Euro, 119,95 Euro (inc. VAT) in Germany/Europe.

ID-Cooling FrostFlow 240L AIO CPU Cooler Announced

The latest cooler from ID-Cooling has just been revealed! Their new FrostFlow 240L all-in-one liquid CPU cooler is designed to handle high thermal loads of up to 200W, so it should be more than powerful enough to cool virtually any high-end and overclocked CPU. The cooler will support all major sockets, including LGA2011v3, LGA115x, AM and FM sockets.

The FrostFlow comes with a 27mm thick 240mm radiator, with 120mm fan support. There are two fans pre-installed, which can operate from 800 to 2000RPM, although it’s unlikely you’ll ever need to push the fans that high, it certainly couldn’t hurt if you’re using the cooler to run some benchmarks and need that extra headroom. The 27mm thick radiator design should mean that the cooler is compatible with a wide range of chassis. The pump is set to run at a constant 2500RPM and has a rated noise output of 25dB and an MTBF rating of 50,000 hours.

The pump comes built into the CPU block and features a “comet-tail” LED fitting, which should add some cool pattern effects for those who like that sort of thing.

No word on pricing or release date just yet, but we’ll update you as soon as we have more information.

Thank you TechPowerUp for providing us with this information.

Enermax Liqmax II 240mm AIO CPU Cooler Review


Enermax are one of my all time favourite brands, as they’ve created some really unique chassis designs over the years, some stunning power supplies and most importantly to myself, their AIO water coolers still dominate the top of our charts, giving us some truly incredible cooling performance that would make you think twice about needing a custom loop. Their latest cooler, the LiqMax II 240mm All-in-One Liquid CPU Cooler is certainly something I’ve been looking forward to testing, especially so given the performance of their LiqTech coolers and I’m eager to see how this one compares.

As you can see, the ELC-LMR240-BS as it is technically known, comes well equipped with a ceramic bearing pump, an aluminium radiator and a pair of high quality 120mm fans, which can operate right up to 2000RPM.

The packaging is really nicely designed, keeping in theme with many other Enermax products and features a nice image of the cooler, as well as a quick rundown of the major features and socket compatibility; you’ll also notice that this cooler is rated to handle up to 350W+ TDP, which is way more than you’ll likely ever use.

In the box, you’ll find two very high-quality fans, something I suspect will give the LiqMax II an edge over the competition. They come with very funky shaped blades, as well as rubber anti-vibration mounts on each side of all four corners.

Each fan comes with a slim black cable and a 4-pin PWM connector.

There’s a universal mounting plate included, as well as an arrangement of high-quality and rather nice looking screws and fittings. What’s also nice to see is that we’ve got a tube of thermal grease, rather than a sachet, which is handy for multiple applications, as well as a Y-split fan cable to help connect the two 120mm fans to your motherboard, as you’ll still need another header for the pumps 3-pin connector.

The radiator is pretty straight forward, with a standard 240mm design and a slim form factor.

The cooler is equipped with 300mm hoses, which should make it compatible with most large cases. The pipes are quite thick, so they’re not as flexible as some other coolers and that could make it tricky, although not impossible, to mount it in small chassis.

The radiator is nicely finished with a plate on the edge, as well as a small Enermax logo, so it should blend in with most system builds easily enough.

The pump is very nicely styled with a cool design on the top and a small Enermax logo in the middle.

The hoses are mounted on a swivel joint to allow easier fitting into your system.

There’s an Intel mounting kit pre-fitted here, but with just a few small screws you can remove it and fit the included (in the box) AMD mounting kit. There’s a huge copper contact plate on the bottom which is nicely polished; this should provide a good fit over your CPU of choice.

Thermaltake Water 3.0 Extreme S CPU Cooler Review


Thermaltake have created some fantastic coolers in recent years, with a range that covers everything from air, to water, budget to premium, including their new and rather stunning custom loop water cooling gear. The model we’re looking at today covers several categories, it’s an AIO water cooler, which promises the high-end cooling thrills of their other water coolers, with a more affordable price tag, making it very attractive to those investing in their first water-cooled setup.

Check out the quick overview video below to find out why Thermaltake stripped down some of the features on this cooler and why that’s a good thing for (most) consumers.

The packaging is colourful and has all the major specification information on there that you will need.

The interior is pretty much what we see with all AIO coolers, a carton with protective bags overall smaller hardware components to keep them safe.

A pair of double curved fans, which can operate between 1200 and 2000 RPM, each fitted with a standard PWM connector and a black braided cable.

There’s no shortage of mounting options on offer, with separate rings and backplates for both Intel and AMD, 2011 screws, fan and chassis screws and even a Y-split PWM cable for the fans.

The radiator and pump are nicely designed, but also pretty standard. Those looking for something unique may want to look elsewhere, but it’s certainly presentable.

The radiator is a slim design, maximizing compatibility with most systems, while the 240mm length provides a good amount of surface area to dissipate heat from your CPU.

Two slim and long hoses mean that it’ll be easy to fit the pump inside your system, whether you have a small chassis, or a large one. The back of the pump has a Thermaltake logo on it, which looks pretty cool.

Pre-applied thermal paste is great for a quick and easy install, but there is no extra paste included, so you’ll need more if you plan to re-install in the future.

We won’t be using the stock paste of course, so I’ve cleaned it off. As you can see, we’ve got a good size copper contact plate and lots of screws providing a snug fit for the pump housing.

ID-COOLING Released Their Hunter Duet AIO Liquid CPU and GPU Cooler

All in one Liquid coolers for your CPU and GPU have been around for a while now, but this is the first time that we see a combined unit that does both. ID-COOLING officially released the world’s first integrated AIO cooler for both the CPU and GPU with one radiator and a two-pump design. The new cooler is named Hunter Duet and is part of ID-COOLING’s Frostflow series.

The Hunter Duet is equipped with a 240mm radiator and comes with a pair of SF-12025 high static pressure fans. The fans are RPM controlled and can run between 800 and 2000 RPM for a maximum airflow of 84.5CFM each. The fans also come with rubber mounts on the corners to prevent vibrations between fans and radiator.

The pumps feature LED lighting on the top, the bearing type is ceramic, and the pump speed is set to 2500 RPM. The copper base contacts the CPU and GPU with a microfiber design to increase the heat dissipation surface. The water block has a diameter of 65mm and a height of 36mm.

The tubing is made from EPDM Rubber and from the CPU to the GPU block and from CPU to the radiator, the tubes are 25cm long. Between the GPU and the radiator you get a bit more length as the tubing is 38cm here, clearly indicating a design for a top mount of the radiator.

The universal mounting brackets included with the Hunter Duet is compatible with Intel LGA2011/1366/1150/1155/1156/775 & AMD FM2+/FM2/FM1/AM3(+)/AM2(+) CPUs. For GPU, the mounting kit supports mounting holes 58.4*58.4mm; 53.3*53.3mm; 51*61mm. The MSRP is set at $139.99.

SilverStone Tundra Series TD02-E 240mm AIO Water Cooler Review


Today is a great day, as I get to take a look at my second SilverStone branded water cooler. What’s so special about that you say? The first one that I tested, the TD03, was amazing. It offered exceptional build quality and performance and that’s more than enough to have me excited about one of their latest products. The key difference here of course is that this is a much bigger cooler, featuring a 240mm radiator and that should mean even better performance, especially when overclocking.

As you can see, the TD02-E is pretty well equipped and comes with support for all major socket types, including the aging 755, right up to the newer 2011-V3 and FM2 sockets. The radiator is a fairly standard size, so chassis compatibility shouldn’t be an issue and it comes with a pair of high-quality 120mm PWM fans.

The packaging is nice enough, with a clear image of the cooler as well as a quick rundown of socket compatibility.

In the box, you’ll find everything you need to get you started. There’s a pair of AMD mounting arms, while the Intel ones are pre-installed to the cooler. A high-quality universal mounting plate, fan cable Y-splitter, screws and a syringe of thermal grease.

Both of the fans are over a very high quality and come with a 9 fin design and cut edges to help improve noise from air turbulence; both fans are 4-pin PWM.

The radiator is stunning and feels immediately more durable than those from rival brands. The fin stack is thick and tough, no doubt thanks to the soldered heatsink design. This means that the fins are touching all sides of the liquid pipes, where most coolers use a folded fin design that simply touches two sides of the pipes.

The sides of the cooler are finished with a clear plastic guard that adds a little flair, but I especially like the minor detail of a carbon fiber pattern under the plastic; it’s not much, but it looks a little different from many of the other coolers on the market and that’s a good thing.

The water pipes are nice and thick and feel robust. They’re a little less flexible than some others, but still have enough movement to them to help with installation.

The real star of the show is the cooling block and pump. SilverStone differs from other manufacturers the most in this respect with their incredibly robust and simple looking design. There’s a nice Silverstone logo on the top and there’s more metal here than we usually find on the pump housing.

The base plate is thick and screwless, giving a more uniform contact surface and combined with the nickel-coated aluminum unibody design, it looks simply stunning. The Intel brackets are pre-installed and are made from thick aluminum, not the usual flat steel retention brackets we usually see.

The pipes are fitted on a hinge, allowing extra movement and this will further help with the installation process.

There’s a rubber pad over each screw hole, which helps provide a vibration free mount for the included fans.

Gamer Storm Captain 240 AIO CPU Cooler Review


Deepcool was created 20 years ago and have been providing cases, power supplies, coolers and more ever since. With high quality and performance in mind, Deepcool have been a first choice for gamers, modders and overclockers and with such a wide range of products there is something that should suit everyone. Part of the Deepcool product line is the “Gamer Storm” range, as the name suggests this is a range geared towards the gamer with a range of really nice looking products from fans to AIO coolers.

One of the latest additions to the Gamer Storm range is the Captain 240, an AIO Liquid cooling solution that has been made to look good, run quietly and perform well. It is part of a wider range of Captain products, such as the single fan Captain 120 or the triple fan Captain 360. I’m really interested to see how this performs as it is one of the products I’ve been looking forward to getting my hands on due to the very unique look.

The Box for the Gamer Storm Captain 240 is simple yet stylish, it has a nice background with some rather funky photos of the product. Unfortunately, our box got slightly damaged in transit, but the product inside is perfectly fine, which shows that not only does the packaging look good, it does its main job and protects the valuable items inside.

Other information that can be found on the box includes the specification. As you can see it supports many of the Intel and AMD sockets that we’re used to, so it will fit most modern motherboards and we can also see that we have a dual radiator and dual 120mm 600 – 2200 RPM PWM fans.

Inside the box we get a nice bunch of fittings to allow us to mount the CPU block and the radiators, there are fittings for both AMD and Intel, you have everything you need to get started and you even have a case badge with the Gamer Storm logo on which is a nice little touch. Something else that is included is a fan hub, allowing you to use 4 PWM fans from 1 fan header. Usually with AIO coolers, you just get a simple Y cable, it’s really refreshing to see that Deepcool are spending a little more on these kind of accessories to give the user the best experience possible when using the Gamer Storm range.

The fans look great, they are a 120mm PWM fan which are built to last, they are dustproof and waterproof and even have a TPE coating which will not only protect the fan but will also dampen vibration between the fan and the radiator. The black and red theme is bright, yet not garish and will look great in many computer builds, especially when using ROG boards. The fan impeller is also detachable which is useful when you want to clean it.

Now, this is where this cooler really stands out for me, the “steam punk” design looks absolutely amazing. I can understand that people will either love it or hate it however as it does only suite a certain taste. The visible fluid adds something that we don’t see often on an AIO and the pump housing looks like some sort of reactor. It would have been nicer to have a darker red fluid, or for it to be less opaque, but then again the subtle tones of the design nicely bring it down from being too “in your face”

The underside is made of 100% copper, which ensures the best possible thermal conductivity, as well as a little more eye candy. Unfortunately there is pre-applied thermal paste, which is great for one time use and for people who are a little unsure about applying paste but it does mean that if for whatever reason you need to take the cooler from the CPU then you will have to purchase some aftermarket thermal paste. I much prefer seeing a nice syringe of paste with a cooler rather than it being pre-applied like this.

Installation for the Gamer Storm Captain 240 couldn’t be easier, you simply add the backplate to the motherboard, screw the brackets for your socket type to the pump then use the provided thumb screws to then attach the pump to the motherboard. It really is that simple. As a reviewer I remove the cooler numerous times throughout the testing stage to ensure a fair test, and this system made the whole experience pain-free. There is plenty of space between the CPU block and the RAM, even if we fit the Captain 240 with the tube outlets next to the RAM you still have enough clearance to use RAM with large heat sinks, so you’re certainly not limited to low profile RAM like you are with some standard coolers.

Once fitted and there is power to the cooler it really does stand out from the crowd. The reactor starts to glow red with a pulsating glow. I turned off my lights and watched this for some time as it is almost mesmerizing. It really shows that Gamer Storm had a vision in mind when creating this cooler as it looks superb. this is how it looks from directly above the cooler when the lights are turned off.

Corsair Announced New H100i GTX and H80i GT AIO Coolers

Corsair has announced two new high-end water coolers to their already big line-up, the Hydro Series H100i GTX and the H80i GT liquid CPU coolers.

These two coolers are using the latest generation of Corsair’s cooling blocks for improved performance and decreased noise, and also have Corsair Link support for customizing the cooling performance, temperature monitoring, and colour adjustment.

The H100i GTX has a 240mm radiator while the H80i GT has a 120mm double-thick radiator. Both come with high-pressure SP120L PWM fans and are compatible with pretty much any CPU.

The two new coolers will be available sometime February and come backed with a five-year warranty. The H100i GTX 240mm Liquid CPU Cooler has an MSRP of $119.99 while the smaller H80i GT has a $99.99 MSRP tag.

Thanks to Corsair for providing us with this information

Fractal Design Kelvin S24 Expandable AIO CPU Cooler


Fractal Design is one of those companies that always make me a little excited. Instantly I think of clean edges, simplistic looks, sleek style and quality. Fractal Design is a Swedish company which look to their Scandinavian roots to create not just quality products, but products that people actually want to look at. Cases such as the Define R5 White are a perfect example of what I mean, it looks great, yet it is also functional. As well as cases, Fractal Design also manufacture power supplies and now AIO water cooling products. The new Kelvin Series has a single, dual and triple fan coolers which all look stunning, but let’s see how they do on our test bench.

The Fractal Design KELVIN S24 box is quite a simplistic in design, yet it does look stylish, this is something that I expect that we will see throughout this review as we look at this product. The box has a nice picture of the product on a black background with a bright blue trim. There is information regarding the radiator and pump on the sides of the box as well as a bit of text from Fractal Design letting us know that the KELVIN S24 is expandable, cools well and is quiet.

Other information that can be found on the box includes the specification. As you can see it supports many of the Intel and AMD sockets that we’re used to, so it will fit most modern motherboards and we can also see that we have a dual radiator and dual 120mm 800-1700 RPM PWM fans.

Inside the box we get a nice bunch of fittings to allow us to mount the CPU block and the radiators, there are fittings for both AMD and Intel, plenty of thermal paste, hex top screws and a hex key so you have everything you need to get started. You also get a fan adapter so that you can split your fan headers, this will allow you to run both fans from your motherboard as well as the pump.

Following the simple, yet stylish design again are the fans; they are a nice simple black and white design that look fantastic when they’re attached to the 240mm radiator. The blade design is simple and there is no branding on the front which means everything is clean and tidy. On the back there’s a little bit of branding and the Fractal Design logo as well as a bit of information about the fan.

Again, keeping it simple, Fractal Design has been able to make a pump and CPU block combo which looks stunning. This is something that I was really impressed with and my pictures just don’t do it justice at all. The Kelvin S24 is powered by an Alphacool DC-LT pump which is slightly worrying, they are renowned for being a little louder, yet they are cheap, powerful and of good quality overall. Using a pump such as this has allowed Fractal Design to make this AIO expandable. They have used standard G1/4 threads on both the radiator and the CPU block/pump, this is the most common thread you will find when doing custom water cooling loops, which means you can add more to the loop, such as a GPU, with ease.

The underside is made of 100% copper as is the radiator, which ensures excellent performance, as well as a little more eye candy.

The tubing on the Kelvin S24 is very soft and bendy so it’s no surprise that they have used an anti-kink coil to ensure that there are no blockages caused by any kinks. I do prefer softer tubing as it allows you to fit the cooler easier and with the addition of the anti-kink coil you shouldn’t run into any major problems when fitting it to cases that don’t allow you a shed load of space.

Installation is very easy, it’s just a case of using the correct bracket, connecting it to the pump using a nice nifty quick connect system and then just screwing it to the back plate that is provided. The fans are easily attached to the radiator with the hex key that is provided, with the screws having a hex top they are lower profile than most radiator screws and again this keeps everything looking very sleek and tidy. It’s nice to see that fractal design have thought about these little details as it does make the difference.

There is plenty of space between the CPU block and the RAM, even if we fit the Kelvin S24 with the fittings next to the RAM you still have enough clearance to use RAM with large heat sinks, so you’re certainly not limited to low profile RAM.

Fractal Design Announces Kelvin AIO CPU Coolers

We saw the Kelvin AIO CPU coolers from Fractal Design revealed a while ago, and now they are done with the last tweaks and have the Kelvin series has been officially announced. It will be available in three sizes called the T12, S24 and S36 with 120mm, 240mm and 360mm radiators respectively.

One of the awesome things about this new series is that it uses standard two-part brass fittings and is expandable, a feature we see more companies approaching lately, and one that I welcome. It is still as easy to install and the silent high-performance ceramic pump should be strong enough to support considerable expansion. The specifications rate the Kelvin T12 able to cool 1 CPU and 1 GPU, the Kelvin S24 can do 1-2 CPUs and 1-2 GPUs while the Kelvin S36 is said to be able to cool 1-4 CPUs and 1-4 GPUs.

The Kelvin series use a full-copper CPU Water block design just as the radiators are made from pure copper. The use of a single material throughout the entire unit ensures that we don’t get any unwanted galvanic corrosion.

While these units all require zero maintenance, they do come with a fill port to top off the fluid should it ever run low, another good feature. The Fractal Design Kelvin series supports all modern CPU sockets by the versatile and easy-to-use mounting kit.

General Specifications:

  • Block/pump assembly measurements: 69*69*40 mm
  • Tubing Measurements: 320mm long, 11mm outer and 8mm inner diameter
  • Fitted with anti-kink coils for worry-free installation
  • Kelvin T12 Radiator Measurements: 46*132*163 mm
    Kelvin S24 Radiator Measurements: 30*124*275mm
    Kelvin S36 Radiator Measurements: 30*124*397mm
  • Thread class for fill port and all tube fittings: G 1/4″
  • Supported sockets: Intel: 775,1150,1155,1156,1366,2011; AMD: AM2,AM2+,AM3,AM3+,FM1,FM2,FM2+
  • Fans included: 2 pcs (3 pcs for the S36)
  • Fractal Design Zero Thermal Paste; 1 g syringe, sufficient for multiple mountings
  • Colors Available: Black
  • Net weight – Base unit only, not including mounting or fans: 1.2 kg
  • Net weight – SS-HP fan, per fan: 165 g
  • Net weight – Total excluding packaging and manual. Includes fans, mounting kit for all platforms, cooling paste (including packaging for the cooling paste) and adapter cable: 1.8 kg
  • Package dimensions – W x H x D: 350*250*151 mm
  • Package weight: 2.5 kg


Fan Specification:

  • Fractal Design Silent Series HP 120 mm
  • 800 – 1700 RPM
  • PWM control
  • Max air flow: 62.4 CFM
  • Max pressure: 2.33 mm H2O
  • Acoustical noise: 26.9 dB(A)
  • DC 12V, 0.18A

The three units should start selling this month and the MSRP is set to $99.99, $119.99, and $139.99 respectively.

Thanks to Fractal Design for providing us with this information

Images courtesy of Fractal Design


Enermax is getting ready to roll out the second generation of their Liqmax All-In-One CPU liquid cooler series. The Liqmax II will be available in two versions with either a 120 or 240mm radiator that are rated to 320W+ and 350W+ respectively and of course have support for all modern sockets.

The new cooling block uses advanced impellers and the Shunt Channel Technology to eliminate Boundary Layer and increase coolant flow momentum and thereby increase the cooling efficiency. The pump has a ceramic bearing, 2700 RPM and an MTBF of 50,000 hours.

Enermax also added the second-generation batwing fans with adjustable 3-step peak speed. The hardware button allows you to set the maximum speed to either 1200, 1600 or 2000 RPM while the minimum speeds stays at a constant 500. The air flow is rated to 27.7 – 58.3/75.5/96.0 CFM and the sound levels are 16 – 23/30/35 dBA.

No word on pricing yet, except that it may vary based on regions. It will however be available in mid-December, so we won’t have to wait long to find out.

Thanks to Enermax for providing us with this information

Images courtesy of Enermax

LEPA Launches AquaChanger AIO Liquid CPU Cooler

LEPA has released their new AquaChanger All-In-One liquid CPU cooler series. The first two models in the series are based on a 120mm and 240mm radiator and support up to a TDP of 300W and 350W respectively.

The protrusive copper base strengthens the base sturdiness while deploying more coolant inside the unit. This helps to eliminate CPU hot spots efficiently together with the patented Central Diffusing Passage cold plate technology with its high-density micro fins. This method is said to accelerate the heat absorption from the CPU by 30%.

The outside of the Waterblock is inspired by race engines with a red LED line to indicate the power status and the rubber tubing is made from a 4-layer design that allows for maximum flexibility while preventing any sort of leakage.

To cool the radiators, LEPA used dual-convex blade PWM fans for their AquaChanger AIO cooler. These fans boost the down-force and create a high-volume airflow that is perfect for radiators. The fans have a rotation speed of 500 to 2300 RPM where they produces between 22.5 and 103.6 CFM of air flow while producing between 14 and 35 dBA.

The new AquaChanger AIO coolers are compatible with the latest AMD and Intel desktop sockets. No word on pricing or availability yet.

Thanks to LEPA for providing us with this information

Images courtesy of LEPA

Upgrade Your Rig With DeepCool Competition

Following on the growing success of our Best Looking System Giveaway, we decided to have a little more fun with the concept. We want to see how many of you have shoddy computers; we can’t let all the fancy ones have all the fun now can we!?

We’ve joined forces with the awesome people at DeepCool to give away a bundle of prizes to multiple winners! If you want to know more about DeepCool, please head on over to their Facebook page and show them your support for providing us with these epic prizes.

We’re not just going to give the prizes to the worst looking rig, but we’ll certainly be looking for those who could desperately do with the upgrades and will pick the winners accordingly.


DeepCool Captain 240mm AIO CPU Cooler
DeepCool Captain 120mm AIO CPU Cooler
DeepCool Steam Castle Micro-ATX Chassis
DeepCool DS500-M Power Supply
DeepCool GF120 x 4

Enter here

  1. Like the DeepCool facebook page.
  2. The giveaway will end on 1st December and the winners will be posted on this thread.
  3. The winner will be picked by eTeknix based on our opinion of the system you have shared
  4. The contest is open to active forum members worldwide. You may have to pay taxes, duties and custom fees upon receipt depending on your country.
  5. Delivery is not in the hands of eTeknix and can take some time to arrive
  6. By entering this competition, you adhere to the above rules and regulations

Mayhems Release New Havoc Radiators

Anyone who has watercooled their pc in the last few years will have probably seen the name “Mayhems” knocking around. They are responsible for some of the best looking fluids in the watercooling business and have only been going from strength to strength. Mayhems don’t have much of an advertising strategy, they just let their products do the talking. With some of the biggest modders in the world using nothing but their products you only have to type “water cooled builds” into Google to find Mayhems fluid on show.

Now Mayhems have taken things a step further. They have created 3 sizes of radiators and we have the exclusive pricing for the units, and let me tell you, they are VERY well priced for what you’re getting.

All the radiators have the following spec, as you can see they are quad flow and triple pass so you would certainly mean business.

*         Quad Reflow Chamber
*         Triple Tubed
*         Split fin
*         Medium FPI (9)
*         Anti Piercing Plates
*         Copper Core
*         Brass End Tanks
*         Matt Black Coated
*         2 Port
*         180 Degree Logo
*         Includes a Mayhems Mini Blitz kit (part 2 only)
*         RoHS compliant

Finally, what you have been waiting for, the prices! You won’t find these prices anywhere else yet as Mayhems have given us the exclusive!

First up is the Mayhems Havoc 240 mm Radiator.

  • Dimwensions: 125mm x 63mm x 286mm (Width x Depth x Height
  • Weight : 1.1 kg
  • RRP : 50.00 + vat (£60.00)

Next is the Mayhems Havoc 360 mm Radiator

  • Dimensions: 125mm x 63mm x 410mm (Width x Depth x Height)
  • Weight 1.36 kg
  • RRP : £66.67 + Vat (£80.00)


And finally the big daddy the Mayhems Havoc 480 mm Radiator

  • Dimensions: 125mm x 63mm x 520mm (Width x Depth x Height)
  • Weight : 1.75 kgs
  • RRP: £83.33 + VAT (£99.99)


All of these radiators will be available directly from Mayhems and will be a limited run for now. The first 60 radiators will come with a newly designed radiator grill from their new venture ‘Mayhems tech’ which will hopefully be bringing some nice products to help you mod your builds.

I am hoping to get a sample of these radiators to put them through their paces but if they are anything like Mayhems fluids they will perform well and look great.

Thanks to Mayhems for providing us with this information

DeepCool Launches Captain Series Liquid CPU Cooler

DeepCool has just launched their newest liquid CPU cooler under its sub-brand Gamer Storm. The innovative and creative new cooler, the Captain, which is a name that I think is very fitting. This has to be one of the most unusual and beautiful approaches to AIO coolers I’ve seen so far. There will be three models with radiator sizes of 120, 240 and 360 mm.

The CPU block is a patented Separated Section design. It divides the pump and cold plate into two blocks and then connects the two by a transparent tube. This allows for a visible water flow that looks somewhat like a tiny nuclear reactor when coupled with the fin design at the top. The base is made from 100% pure copper and the radiators are precision-machined with high density fins (0.2 mm).

The included fans are 120 mm PWM silent fans that operate between 600 and 2200 RPM. The fans also have a unique detachable fan impeller design; this allows you to take the fan blades off to clean or lubricate them without having to remove the entire frame.

The Deepcool Captain comes with mounting kits for both AMD and Intel, including the new Intel LGA2011-V3 socket; it also looks like a fan hub and metal sticker is included.

All three new coolers use anti-evaporation tubes to minimize the loss of pre-filled coolant from the kit.

The new Deepcool Captain liquid CPU cooler should be available October 2014 with a MSRP of $79.99 for the 120 mm, $109.99 for the 240 mm and $139.99 for the 360 mm version.

Thank you legitreviews for providing us with this information

Images courtesy of Deepcool

Raijintek Triton AIO CPU Water Cooler Now Available

Raijintek have just launched their new Triton CPU water cooling unit. The Triton works like an all-in-one water cooler, but it retains the cool style of a custom water cooling loop. Equipped with a high-quality 240mm Raijintek radiator, 2 x 120mm Raijintek fans, clear pipes to show off your choice of cooling fluid and a unique pump/CPU block design with a clear chamber and internal LED lighting. The cooler comes pre-filled with clear fluid, but it’s also supplied with three dyes to allow you to customise it to your own build.

This is easily one of the best looking CPU coolers I’ve ever seen and I’ve heard rumours from industry friends that the performance is going to blow the competition away. What has really gotten my attention about this cooler, aside from the fact that it looks incredible, aside from the fact that it’s said to offer industry leading performance, is the fact that it is priced at just £69.99!

  • 240mm Aluminium Radiator
  • Low-noise pump with graphite pipe
  • Nickel-plated copper cold plate
  • Resevoir with 2 Integrated LED’s
  • Red, Green, Blue or Transparent Coolant
  • 2 x 120mm fans, Manually adjustable
  • Easy & Secure installation
  • Compatible to almost all sockets


  • Fan Dimension 120 x 120 x 25 (mm)
  • Fan Speed 1000 – 2600 RPM
  • Fan Airflow 38.889 – 100.455 CFM
  • Fan Air Pressure 0.744 -4.819mm H2O
  • Fan Noise Level 21.6 – 41.6 dBA
  • Fan Rated output 0.08 – 0.48 A
  • Power Consumption 0.96 – 5.76 W
  • Connector 3 pin
  • Radiator Dimensions 275 x 120 x 32 (mm)
  • Radiator Material 100% Aluminium
  • Pump Dimensions 38 x 56 x39 (mm)
  • Pump Bearingh Type Graphite Pipe and Ceramix Axis
  • Pump Q-Max 120L/Hr
  • Pump noise 18 dBA
  • Pump Life Expectancy 50,000 hours
  • Pump Speed 3000 RPM @ 12v DC
  • Pump Power 4 W
  • Copper Cold Plate
  • 2 year warranty

The Triton AIO water cooler is already available for pre-order from Overclockers UK and you can expect a full review from us in the very near future.

[youtube width=”800″ height=”450″][/youtube]

Coolermaster Nepton 140XL & 280L All-In-One CPU Water Cooler Review


The water cooling market offers up some very fierce competition these days, there are so many great products to choose from that it is becoming harder and harder to find a product that is best for your system. The overall quality and performance of all-in-one water coolers has been increasing steadily over the years and with every company trying their hardest to be the best it’s near impossible to buy a poor water cooler, so long as you stick with brand names such as Enermax, Corsair, Cooler Master, Antec, etc. Cooler Master have long been a popular choice for CPU coolers, many of their air and water cooling products have won awards year after year for their performance and that’s something we’re hoping to see reflected again here today. With a few rival products recently launched the Nepton does have some tough competition on their hands, but the Nepton has proven to be a great product before, and these new ones promise to be even better.

In the office today I have not one, but two new product from the Nepton range and I’ll be putting the new Nepton 140XL 140mm cooler and the Nepton 280L head to head to see what they have to offer, while also seeing how they stack up against the competition. Obviously we’re expecting the bigger, more expensive 280L to perform better, but we really want to find out how much better. When you’re out shopping for a new CPU cooler, it’s important to balance your budget and performance needs, perhaps you’ll discover that the 140XL is more than enough for your rig, or if you’re in the market for the 140XL, you might find out that you really need the bigger 280L.

Check out what Cooler Master had to say about their two latest products:

“The Nepton 140XL is Cooler Master’s latest watercooling kit that aims to bring watercooling to the next level. Nepton 140XL is using CM exclusive designed pump with effective waterblock. It has thicker and longer tubing for upgraded performance. In addition, dual JetFlo 140 fans + 38mm thick radiator also provide great cooling ability for over 300Watt heat dissipation, which enable user to overclock CPU to maximum performance.”

“The Nepton 280L is Cooler Master’s latest watercooling kit that aims to bring watercooling to the next level. Nepton 280L is using a CM exclusive designed pump with a highly effective water block. It has thicker and longer tubing for upgraded performance. In addition, dual JetFlo 140 fans + an extra large 280mm radiator provide substantial cooling power with over 300W heat dissipation, which enables users to overclock their CPU and maximize performance.”

With the 140XL costing around £75 and the 280L around £90, there is no doubt that these are high-end, premium grade products, so they’ll be competing with products from NZXT, Corsair and Enermax (to name but a few) for the money in your wallet, so let’s get right to it and take a look at what they have to offer and see which one would be best for your next system build.

Both of the coolers come nicely packaged, with plenty of details on the front of each box letting you know that they’re maintenance free, feature improved UltraFine Micro Channel CPU cooler blocks and durable tubing. The boxes are nicely laid out with protective plastic over the fans, radiator and pump.

All the fittings, brackets and other components are in a plastic pouch, keeping them safe in transit and preventing them from scratching up your new cooler.

In the box you’ll find all the fittings you could possibly need; a multi-socket back plate, fan Y-split cable, thermal paste, AMD and Intel mounts, spacers, screws and clips. This is the pile of components for the Nepton 140XL, but we’ll skip over the components for the 280L as they’re 100% the same.

Both the 140 and the 280 come with two identical 140mm fans. Both are high quality, nicely designed fans with black sleeved cables to help provide a clean overall design, while also featuring firm rubber pads on each corner to help reduce noise and vibration.

Corsair H105 Hydro Series All-In-One 240mm Water Cooler Review


Water cooling has rapidly become the #1 choice for high end performance systems, be that custom loops that cost hundreds, even thousands of pounds to create, or simple and easy to use all-in-one units that just bolt right into your system. No matter which format you choose, it is common knowledge these days that water cooling units can beat air cooling into oblivion when it comes to improving system temperatures, reducing noise and improving overall system performance. Having a good water cooler can allow for extreme overclocking, or even just help keep your stock system running cooler and quieter, while also helping improve the lifespan of components such as your CPU. Put simply, water cooling is awesome.

Corsair have long been dominant in the all-in-one water cooling market, their Hydro series is very successful thanks to its high end performance, not too crazy price tags and clean and tidy overall design, all of which have proved popular with system builders. Their latest effort is the H105, a 240mm design that features room for four fans (two included in the box), a sleek pump design and great flexibility thanks to its extensive CPU support and ease of use.

Water cooling can be trick, but all-in-one units are no more difficult to fit than a tower air cooler, just screw it to your CPU, screw the fans and the radiator to the chassis, hook up the fans and you’re good to go. Can something so simple really be so great? With a price tag of around £90 / $110 / EUR 122, we certainly hope so.

The specifications are pretty straight forward, a 240mm radiator that can hold two 120mm fans on each side, support for all major AMD and Intel socket types of recent years and a promise of high end performance, what’s not to love about that! So let’s get right to it and see what else the H105 has to offer.

The packaging is what we have come to expect from Corsair, and the box is packed with specifications (see above), as well as a list of socket support and other technical information.

On the interior you’ll find everything is neatly packed and protective wrap on major components such as the pipes which help keep it safe in transit.

Everything you need is in the box; a retention bracket, multi-socket back plate, Y-split fan cable, an instruction booklet, washers, a wide selection of screws and bolts and two extra top rings (red and blue) that can be installed to add an extra touch of colour.

Enermax Liqtech 120mm & 240mm AIO Water Cooler Review


It was just over a year ago that Enermax first entered the water cooling market with their ELC 240 and 120 all-in-one water coolers and while we loved their overall performance, Enermax needed to be just that little bit more competitive to take the crown from the slightly better Corsair range at that time. Since then, the water cooling market has become saturated with great products and some impressive budget ranges that make finding the best product harder than ever.

Their new Liqtech range looks set to take the premium end of the all-in-one water cooling market by storm. Everything has been tweaked and improved to offer a high quality, high performance product. The only downside of it being targeted at the upper end of the market is that the new coolers are not cheap. However, paying a little extra is no problem, so long as the actual quality and performance are there to ease the burden of the price tag. The Liqtech 120X will set you back around £79.90, which the Liqtech 240 should be priced around £99.90.

Air cooling is more than enough for most users, even for an overclocked high-end i5 or i7 CPU you can get do just fine with a product that costs no more than £40 and still get great temperatures, acoustics and performance. Water cooling, especially custom loop water cooling, can cost hundred of pounds to get all the required components and requires a lot of maintenance and a fair bit of skill to install. The advantage of an all in one unit such as the Liqtech is that it requires almost no knowledge of water cooling, you just bolt it into your chassis, attach the block to the CPU and you’re good to go. Minimal maintenance, easy installation and a much lower cost than custom loops are just some of the reasons that all in one units are so attractive to system builders. While I know I said you can get great performance from air cooling, water coolers typically offer even greater cooling performance and nine times out of ten, significantly quieter acoustics.

As you can see from the specifications below, both coolers come with wide support for all major socket types, a high quality pump, 310mm long rubber tubes and 2 x high quality Enermax Twister Pressure fans with 4-pin PWM connections.

The coolers both come nicely packaged and wrapped to keep them protected prior to use. In the box of each you will find the following:

  • Liqtech 120 Liquid Cooler (ELC-LT120X-HP) or Liqtech 240 Liquid Cooler (ELC-LT240-HP)
  • 2x High Pressure Twister Fans
  • 1x Universal Back Plate for Intel and AMD
  • 4x Spacers
  • 2x Intel Clip
  • 2x AMD Clip
  • 4x Intel LGA 2011 Screws
  • 1x Square Spacer for Intel LGA 775 socket
  • 4x Insulating Sheet for AMD sockets
  • 4x Position Screw
  • 4x Spring Screws
  • 8x Fan Screws
  • 8x Case Screws
  • 1x Dow-Corning Thermal Grease (TC-5121)
  • 1x PWM Fan Y-Cable

The screws and fitting are all really high quality, nicely finished and should look great once installed.

Both fans are of a high quality construction, with strong fan blades and a switch on their motor that allows you to change the peak RPM to no more than 1300, 2000 or 2500. We will of course be leaving ours at maximum performance. Maintenance should be relatively easy too, thanks to removable fan blades.

Also included in the box is an easy to follow user’s manual which will guide you through the installation process.