Corsair HX1000i Modular Power Supply Review

Introduction & Packaging

Corsair’s power supply portfolio seems to be constantly evolving with major updates coming all the time as Corsair learn from previous product releases and customer feedback. In late 2013 we saw the introduction of the RM series which was Corsair’s newest range of Gold rated power supplies with all the bells and whistles of a high-end PSU like a fully modular design with black cables, Corsair Link support and a semi-passive fan mode. The Corsair HX1000i that we have with us here today is the second largest wattage of the new HXi series of power supplies. The HXi series builds on the RM series platform in many ways. Channel Well Technology are the OEM producer of both series platforms and the HX1000i is an enhanced version of the RM platform as it features better efficiency, more sophisticated ripple suppression capabilities and extra bells and whistles such as digital monitoring and controls of the rail mode and fan speed. These digital controls are what give this product the “i” moniker that set it apart from previous HX series Corsair power supplies, but it is important to note the HXi series does not have digital circuits like the AXi series has. The HXi series should be thought of as partially-digital whereas the AXi series is fully digital.

With 1000W of continous power Corsair are targeting this particular unit at multi-GPU system owners who need something with proven quality. The HX1000i comes backed with a 7 year warranty as well as being rated for continuous stable power delivery at 50 degrees celsius. That stability under high temperatures is one of the main reasons Corsair are able to deploy a semi-passive fan mode on this unit with an extremely tame fan profile when the fan does finally need to turn on. The HX 1000i seems to be the ultimate power supply to have before making the step up to Corsair’s AXi series which features even more advanced digital controls of voltages and ripple suppression. Strangely Corsair do not offer an AX1000i unit so the HX1000i has no direct competitor, the closest model is arguably the AX1200i.

Packaging and Contents

The HX1000i comes packed in a substantially sized box. The main reason for the large package is that the power supply unit is quite large but also because Corsair include a significant selection of cables to cater to just about every possible use-case scenario of 1000 watts.

The accessory package includes a variety of documentation, black zip-ties, a Corsair case badge, black case screws and a power chord.

Cooler Master V1200 Platinum 1200W Modular Power Supply Review

Introduction & Packaging

Developing a power supply with a wattage as high as 1200W involves a lot of technical expertise; this is why you’ll find the number of OEMs producing power supplies at this wattage level is lower than in the sub 750W market. The market for 1200W power supplies is significantly smaller too with only a handful of desktop PC users needing this much wattage. Furthermore, the build quality and standards of high-wattage power supplies tend to be higher so users in this market segment will upgrade less: especially when 5, 7 and 10 year warranties are becoming the norm.

Cooler Master know all of the aforementioned things which is why they teamed up with veteran power supply vendor Seasonic to produce their Platinum series V1200 unit. On paper this unit is as good as it gets with 80 Plus Platinum efficiency certification, a semi-passive fan operation mode, high quality Japanese capacitors, a fully modular design and a 7 year warranty. In terms of hardware support Cooler Master offer a staggering 12 PCIe connectors and dual EPS 8 pin connectors allowing you to easily run quad GPU systems or even dual CPU socket based motherboards such as the Haswell-EP Xeon platform from Intel.

Packaging and Contents

Cooler Master’s packaging hasn’t changed much over the years and it still sports the plum and black colour scheme with some embossed silver details to accentuate the premium nature of this product.

Around the back of the main box we find specifications, pictures and details about the Hybrid fan technology and efficiency curve. Cooler Master claim significant savings on power bills over 80 Plus Gold and Bronze units but their numbers include a fairly unrealistic use-case scenario of a 1000W system running at 100% load 24 hours a day.

The accessory bundle includes a user’s manual, four black screws. some cable ties, a UK power chord and a PCI bracket which controls the fan between auto and Hybrid mode. The idea with this PCI bracket is to mount it at the back of your case in one of the PCI slot covers so you can easily change the PSU fan operation mode., if desired.

Fractal Design Newton R3 1000W Semi-Modular Power Supply Review

Introduction & Packaging

Fractal Design kicked off its brand by making a single type of product: computer cases. However, like many other computer hardware brands Fractal Design made the decision to expand its product portfolio to encompass other things. One of Fractal Design’s new product areas is power supplies and just like with their cases Fractal Design were adamant about making sure they reach the same high level of quality their brand is renowned for. On the topic of high quality it is time for the Newton R3 1000W power supply to enter.

Fractal Design have pulled out all the stops with this new power supply model which features high quality 80 Plus Platinum capable internals, a modular design and a glossy white or black finish to match their computer cases. Fractal Design are also renowned for producing quiet cases; they were one of the first brands to mainstream the use of noise-dampening foam inside cases. Consequently it shouldn’t surprise you that the Newton R3 1000W power supply offers a hybrid fan mode that doesn’t spin up until the fan is needed. Even when the fan does spin up Fractal Design are claiming very low noise output as well as enhanced reliability for a ball-bearing based fan design. Other noteworthy selling points include the use of Japanese capacitors in this power supply’s construction and an impressive 5 year warranty.

Packaging and Contents

The Newton R3 comes in one of the largest retail packages I have ever seen. The packaging uses a sleeve over a plain white box with a carry handle.

The accessories are modest but are exactly what are required: a power cable, users manual, cable ties and some screws.

be quiet! Straight Power 10 CM 800W Semi-Modular Power Supply Review

Introduction & Packaging

Today be quiet! are expanding their Straight Power series of power supplies with a new range of models. The Straight Power series already has 400W to 700W models under the Straight Power E9 label but now they are adding 400-800W models to the mix under a new Straight Power 10 series. We are looking more specifically at their Straight Power 10 800W CM power supply which, like many existing products in the Straight Power series, features modular cables, a Silent Wings PWM fan and 80 Plus Gold certification. Given the wattage of this model, it also has multi-GPU support making it ideal for Crossfire or SLI based systems. With this new launch be quiet! are continuing their tradition of using FSP as the main OEM as they’ve had a long and successful partnership with FSP who make great power supply internals and be quiet know how to finish the product off with high quality fans, useful features and sharp presentation.

Packaging and Contents

The Straight Power 10 CM 800W PSU from be quiet is classified by them as a “Premium” product. That means it targets a higher end user with a bigger budget. Only the Dark Power Pro series offers a “better” PSU.

The specifications of the unit can be seen below. be quiet!’s Straight Power 10 CM 800W uses four 12 volt rails which are clearly labelled.

The cable configuration can be seen below with the notable feature being support for dual GPUs. I would like to have seen three-way GPU support but they reserve this for their 1000W Dark Power Pro and Power Zone models, and the 1200W Dark Power Pro gets quad GPU support.

The accessory pack includes a user manual, some black cable ties, a power cord and five black screws (the extra one is a spare).

Antec Edge 650W Modular Power Supply Review

Introduction & Packaging

Today Antec are unveiling a brand new power supply series which they are calling the “Edge” series. Some of the key features of the Antec Edge power supply series are a fully modular design, 80 Plus Gold certification, Antec’s respected 5 year warranty, custom rubber sleeving and quiet operation. That all sounds very good doesn’t it? Antec have clearly been listening to end user feedback because on paper the Edge 650W looks like a perfect power supply for the majority of enthusiast PC users. If we compare the Edge to Antec’s High Current Gamer series we can see obvious improvements in noise and aesthetics and compared to the High Current Pro series we can see obvious improvements in pricing. The Antec Edge 650 has a competitive price tag of $129.99 MSRP, so let’s find out if it has the performance as well!

Packaging and Contents

Antec’s packaging is a little more flashy than last time with a fairly elaborate picture of the product. Antec proclaims that this PSU is Haswell ready meaning it supports C6 and C7 sleep state functions.

Key specifications and cable configurations are displayed on the side of the box.

The accessories package includes a power cable, warranty documentation, a user manual, two sets of custom rubber bumpers in red & black and four silver mounting screws.

XFX PRO 1250W Black Edition Modular Power Supply Review

Introduction & Packaging

When you get into the 1000W or higher range of power supplies the number of competitors starts to tail off compared to the highly competitive sub-750W market. The 1000W+ power supply market is very niche and not many power supply vendors even bother producing power supplies with this much wattage, at least not for the consumer market. That said if you’re interested in a power supply with enough wattage to drive three or even four way graphics card set ups then your options are limited. Today we are looking at one of those limited options, the XFX PRO 1250W Black Edition fully modular power supply. Thankfully limited options doesn’t mean limited quality as XFX’s Pro 1250W Black Edition Power supply is one of the best offerings on the market. In XFX tradition the OEM producer is the legendary Seasonic and this power supply boasts some great features such as a hybrid fan mode, 80 Plus Gold efficiency and a fully modular design.

Packaging and Contents

The packaging reveals a striking image of the product as well as some details about the technologies this power supply uses. The SolidLink technology basically means the power delivery mechanisms are closer to the connectors so there is less room for electricity to be wasted as heat which creates inefficiency. The Hybrid fan cooling, activated by a simple switch, means that below a certain amount of load or certain temperature the power supply’s fan will not even turn on – minimising noise.

Around the back we find more of the same: some additional marketing material about how the key features work as well as a note about the 5 year warranty.

Included with the product is a PRO Series power supply brochure which details the other PSUs XFX make as well as a power plug that will be appropriate to your region.

Antec High Current Pro Platinum 850W Modular Power Supply Review

Introduction & Packaging

When you think of Antec power supplies Seasonic instantly come to mind as they’ve been the OEM producer of a significant chunk of Antec’s products. However, when it comes to Antec’s extremely high end “High Current Pro” (HCP) platinum series, they actually use Delta Electronics. This is fairly interesting because Delta Electronics haven’t really had a presence in the consumer market for quite some time, instead they’ve focused mainly on the enterprise and server power supply market where the big money is. Whatever deal Antec struck up they’ve done well to get their HCP series made by Delta Electronics, inevitably this means they will hold a significant premium but in return you quite literally get a server-class power supply in a consumer package. Today we are taking a look at Antec’s HCP 850 power supply which is a fully modular and 80 Plus Platinum rated power supply. Right off the bat you might be surprised with just how big Antec’s HCP 850 is but the reason for that is simple: all that performance and quality requires additional components over a standard consumer power supply. If the fact Delta Electronics make Antec’s HCG 850 wasn’t enough to convince you, then the 7 year warranty definitely should. Let’s take a look at Antec’s HCG 850 and see exactly how it fares in our review!

Packaging and Contents

The front of the packaging features a glossy silver finish to accentuate the fact this unit is something special and Platinum rated. Antec quote up to 94% efficiency with 100% cable management (aka fully modular).

Around the back we find a list of features in multiple languages as well as various logos for the certifications this power supply has.

Included with the power supply is an overview guide, warranty statement, some cable ties, some case screws and a power cable.

XFX PRO 650W XXX Edition Semi-Modular Power Supply Review

Introduction & Packaging

XFX’s PRO series of power supplies are well renowned among the enthusiast community for their great performance and fantastic value for money. Anyone who’s ever heard about XFX’s current PRO series power supplies will know they are made by Seasonic – one of the primary reasons for their high build quality and great performance. The PRO series is divided up into three main categories: the Core Edition, the XXX Edition and the Black Edition. The Core Edition is 80 Plus Bronze with a non-modular design and is the cheapest, the XXX Edition is internally identical to the Core Edition but has a semi-modular design and so is a little more expensive. Finally the Black Edition is typically 80 Plus Gold, is fully modular, comes with a better fan and a hybrid fan option and is the most expensive of them all. To date we have reviewed the XFX PRO 650W Core Edition, the XFX PRO 750W XXX Edition and the XFX PRO 750W Black Edition. All three power supplies excelled in their own way thanks to XFX’s competitive pricing and Seasonic’s fantastic power supply quality and design. Today we have with us another XXX Edition power supply from XFX, more specifically the XFX PRO 650W XXX Edition. This power supply is targeting the more affordable end of the market with its modest 80 Plus Bronze certification and semi-modular design.

Packaging and Contents

The packaging details the single 12 volt rail design of this product as well as the 80 Plus Bronze certification and use of Japanese capacitors.

The back reveals an exploded view of the product and a detailed feature analysis.

Included with the XFX PRO 650W XXX Edition is a users manual, UK power plug (connector will vary by region) and four silver screws for securing the power supply into your case.

be quiet! Power Zone 1000W Modular Power Supply Review

Introduction & Packaging

It is fairly common for high wattage power supplies to boast top-end components, the best performance and as a result of that a very hefty price tag – making them quite inaccessible for most consumers. However, it doesn’t have to be that way: there are affordable options. Enter Be Quiet’s Power Zone range of power supplies which cover 650-1000W with extremely competitive price points. Today we are looking at the 1000W flagship Power Zone power supply which is the power supply that we run on our high-end graphics card test system. One of the key features with the Power Zone units is that they offer a fully modular design, solid power & performance and most importantly competitive price points. To reach this competitive price points some things do have to suffer: this unit is only rated for 80 Plus Bronze and the fan is going to be a fair bit louder than we’d expect from Be Quiet to tame all that extra heat, potentially up to 2900 RPM. Yet the Be Quiet Power Zone series still has all the hallmarks of an enthusiast product so let’s dig in with today’s review and take a closer look at what the Be Quiet Power Zone 1000W PSU has to offer.

Packaging and Contents

The packaging is fairly plain by Be Quiet standards, we can tell this is a value-orientated product from the appearance of the packaging.

The back details the various “Zones” be quiet are claiming for this product. Effectively marketing terms each Zone is used to categorise the product’s main features such as cooling zone (for the fan), green zone (efficiency and certifications) and performance zone (rail design).

The accessory package is fairly modest, there’s a user manual, some cable ties, five screws and a power plug which will reflect your region.

Thortech Thunderbolt Plus 850W Semi-Modular Power Supply Review


Thortech are a division of the DRAM brand “GeIL” or Golden Emperor International Limited best known for making enthusiast orientated DDR3 modules. GeIL have been in the business of making consumer power supplies for only a short while, just over 3 years now and in that time they haven’t really managed to gain much traction in the consumer market place despite having 15 years of experience making industrial power supplies. As I’ve seen with previous Thortech products the main problems are not with the product itself but the main problems derive from poor or non-existent availability which in turn leads to highly uncompetitive pricing. If you combine that with the relatively non-existent presence of Thortech as a company, and a brand, and what you end up with is an uncompetitive product in terms of pricing from an obscure brand consumers are unsure about, or just unaware of. I have no doubt today we will see a similar thing.

Today we are reviewing the Thortech Thunderbolt Plus 850W power supply which is semi-modular in design, has 80 Plus Gold certification and comes with Thortech’s iPower Meter. Below you can see Thortech’s rather primitive specifications table but there is a more detailed set of specifications available on the next page, so let’s proceed!

Thortech Thunderbolt Plus 1000W Semi-Modular Power Supply Review


Thortech, GeIL’s (Golden Emperor International Limited) power supply manufacturing division, have quite an extensive range of high-end power supplies. They mainly cater for the high end market focusing on those high end wattages like 800W, 850W 1000W and 1200W. Their Thunderbolt series includes the 1200W and 1000W models both of which we reviewed before here and here respectively. Thortech generally designate two models for each wattage: a Thunderbolt version and a Thunderbolt Plus Version. Today we have with us the Thunderbolt Plus 1000W. The difference between the Thunderbolt and Thunderbolt Plus versions are minimal, only the iPower Meter is a notable difference.

Anyone who knows about GeIL will know that their brand has been involved in the making of industrial power supplies for over 15 years. This experience shines through with the Thortech Thunderbolt Plus 1000W PSU which boasts an impressive 83.33 amps on a single 12 volt rail, a semi-modular design, 80 Plus Gold efficiency and extensive use of Japanese capacitors throughout the design.

be quiet! Dark Power Pro 10 850W CM Semi-Modular Power Supply Review


I spend a lot of time reviewing, not surprising given that I’m a reviewer, and it can often get very tedious at times. But one thing that always cheers me up is high quality products that are a bit special and different to what I’m normally used to looking at. be quiet! are one of those brands that always deliver high quality products that are a little bit special and the “German Engineering” they offer shines through. Their power supplies are certainly no exception to that and even though they employ other OEMs to produce the internals of their PSUs they are never just simple “rebrands” like we’d see with Antec power supplies for example. be quiet!’s Dark Power Pro 10 series offers up a whole series of unique modifications including an OCK switch that swaps between multi-rail and a single rail design, fan headers for fan control on the power supply, integrated anti-vibration pads and of course be quiet!’s own Silent Wings fan. Even that last addition, a be quiet! Silent Wings fan, may sound small but look at how many companies produce power supplies but do not use their own fans – Corsair and Antec are two reputable examples of that.

With all that said today we are taking a look at the rather special be quiet! Dark Power Pro 10 850W CM power supply. This is one of the be quiet! upper mid range wattage Dark Power Pro 10 series power supplies sitting above the 550, 650 and 750W units but below the 1000 and 1200W units. In terms of be quiet!’s product stack the Dark Power Pro 10 series sits at the top being their most premium product. You can certainly tell and even from just opening the box the attention to detail is exceptional. Before we proceed onto the rest of the review be sure to check out the product specifications below so you know what we are working with today:

Lepa G1600 Modular Power Supply Review


If you’re looking for a 1000W+ power supply there are few companies that make power supplies with that much grunt, move up the wattage and even fewer companies make power supplies at the 1500W+ level. Of note Enermax offer a 1500W Platimax, EVGA a 1500W SuperNova and SilverStone a 1500W Strider. However, if you need to go beyond 1500W there are even fewer options. Off the top of my head I know of the Rosewill Hercules 1600W power supply, the High Power RockSolid Pro 1600W power supply and the 2000W power supply made by Asian OEM Great Wall. Yet relatively speaking none of those three are solid reputable brands (at least not in my opinion) for power supplies or have limited availability.

With that all said today we have something that solves those problems as it is made by the power supply veterans Enermax under their Lepa brand line. We have the absolutely monstrous Lepa G1600 power supply with a staggering 1600W of continous power, 1700W of peak power, 80 Plus Gold certification with up to 93% efficiency and a fully modular design. Not only does it have all those great things but you know it is a unit you can trust as it offers a staggering 5 year warranty and ten 6+2 pin PCIe connectors supporting up to five dual connector graphics cards. Right off the bat the Lepa G1600 looks ideal for any extreme system, GPU compute system, mining system, folding system or anything else that needs an insane amount of solid and reliable power.

About Lepa:

In 2011, LEPA heralded the birth of a whole new rising star, shinning in the global computer hardware arena. LEPA was founded by a group of enthusiastic IT engineers with zeal about technological innovations. LEPA embodies the high standards of quality, performance and stability, and strives to provide consumers with more reliable, creative high-tech solutions. With abundant research and development capabilities, LEPA introduced the spiral LED fans to the world, which has ignited the entire fan industry and sparked new lighting trends. The innovative LED fans with the multi-pattern control put fun in functionality, delivering both practical performance and aesthetic experience. To meet up with the latest energy-saving regulations, LEPA continuously introduces series of PSUs with the 80PLUS certification. In 2012, we launched the G1600-MA as the world’s first 1600W PSU with 80PLUS Gold certification. This demonstrates our outstanding and excellent R&D capability.The mission of LEPA indicates – “to bring about top-quality, safe and reliable, and reasonably-priced high-tech products to global users”, we will keep staying at the forefront of technology and continue our innovation. We strive to introduce more state of the art, exciting and chic high-tech products to you. 

Now that we’ve covered the basics about what this power supply is, what it is designed for and who Lepa are, let’s move onto the rest of the review and start looking at the product!

Antec High Current Gamer 750W Semi-Modular Power Supply Review


Antec’s High Current Gamer series has proven to be quite popular with gamers in the market for a functional power supply thanks to its wide variety of wattages, modular offerings and simple strong 12 volt rail designs capable of powering high performance GPUs/CPUs. While they aren’t the cheapest PSUs on the market, that can be put down to the fact they use a high quality Seasonic OEM design compared to rival products which use cheaper CWT and HEC/Compucase OEM designs.

Recently we’ve taken a look at Antec’s High Current Gamer 620W and 850W power supplies, both of which impressed with their performance and functionality though not so much with their price in relation to the competition. That said Antec’s HCG series certainly make good buys if you can get a good deal and value the extra performance, even if you have to pay a bit more for it. Today we have another Antec PSU which sits in the middle of those previous two PSUs, the Antec High Current Gamer M 750W. Being part of the HCG series it has a pair of hefty 12 volt rails, has 80 Plus Bronze efficiency, uses a Seasonic OEM design and the “M” denotes a modular design.

With 750 watts of grunt this PSU will be capable of single and dual graphics card systems with a high performance overclocking-orientated CPU like an AMD FX 8350 or Intel Core i7 4770K, so let’s take a look at what Antec’s High Current Gamer M 750W PSU can offer.

Be Quiet! Dark Power Pro 10 550W CM Semi-Modular Power Supply Review


Be Quiet are one of the most respected power supply vendors currently on the market. Combining performance, sleek aesthetics, silent operation, innovative functionality and reasonable pricing it is hardly a surprise they have managed to snatch the title of Germany’s number one selling PSU vendor. In the past we have taken a look at two power supplies from Be Quiet: the Pure Power L8 CM 730W and the Straight Power E9 680W and both walked away with eTeknix awards due to a combination of the aforementioned features.

Be Quiet have an extensive portfolio of power supply segments starting from the “most premium” to the “most budget” they are the Dark Power Pro, then Straight Power, then Pure Power, then SFX Power, then TFX Power and then System Power. Today we have with us one of the most premium models, and more specifically the Dark Power Pro 10 550W CM power supply, with the CM denoting cable management or a modular design. Some of the features of the specific model we have today include 80 Plus Gold certification, a 135mm Silent Wings fan, a rubber anti-vibration brace, a almost fully modular design (only the 24 pin comes pre-attached) and an innovative “overclocking key” which allows you to toggle between quad 12 volt rails or a single 12 volt rail.

Cooler Master Silent Pro Hybrid 850W Modular Power Supply Review


It’s been an absolute age since we took a look at a Cooler Master power supply and since I’ve been reviewing power supplies I’ve yet to come across one. However, today we have quite an exciting power supply from Cooler Master that will probably get any enthusiast really excited. The Cooler Master Silent Pro Hybrid 850W PSU is just jam-packed full of features such as a FULLY modular design, an integrated fan controller, 80 Plus Gold certification, a passive fan mode up to 20% load and a beautiful aluminium finish around the fan grille which just compliments the textured black finish beautifully. As you can probably tell I am a fan of this power supply’s design but the real test will have to be how it performs in our tests.

The Cooler Master Silent Pro Hybrid 850W is part of Cooler Master’s extensive Silent Pro series which includes the Silent Pro Gold, Silent Pro M, Silent Pro M2 and of course the Silent Pro Hybrid. Cooler Master’s choice of OEM producer for this particular is Enhance but Cooler Master have extensively modified these PSUs to meet the things they expect such as Silence, aesthetics and just generally quality of finish. Without any further ado let us proceed through this review.

XFX Pro 750W XXX Edition Semi-Modular Power Supply Review


XFX’s power supplies are easily getting a reputation for being some of the best value units on the market. While XFX don’t make any of their power supplies themselves, they do use one of the strongest OEMs on the market – Seasonic. We’ve already taken a look at two XFX power supplies; the Pro 650W Core Edition unit and the Pro 750W Black Edition unit. We felt both power supplies were incredibly strong and both walked away with awards, helped greatly by XFX’s extremely aggressive pricing and the overall premium performance of the Seasonic OEM designs used.

Today we have with us the XFX Pro 750W XXX Edition semi-modular power supply. This particular unit operates with 80 Plus Bronze efficiency and is semi-modular. With 750W there is plenty of power for any single or dual GPU configured system as well as enough for a tonne of storage drives. Like with all XFX power supplies it runs “EasyRail” technology essentially meaning all the 12 volt power is loaded onto a single 12 volt rail. Due to the fact this is a Seasonic OEM design XFX are able to offer a 5 year warranty on it…but without any further waffling on my behalf let’s take a look at this product.

Lepa Announces A Trio Of New Power Supply Series

Lepa, a sub-division of Enermax, have just unveiled three new series of power supplies. The GM-MaxGold, BM-MaxBron and MX F1. First up is the BM-MaxBron range (pictured above) and these are a range of 80 Plus Bronze power supplies in 450/700/800/1000W capacities with semi-modular designs. Lepa claim up to 88% efficiency is possible on these power supplies. They appear to use a 120mm fan for cooling. The units use a single 12 volt rail design and have ErP Lot6 certification. Lepa include changeable power supply sleeves which they are calling “Q-Bricks” and these can be swapped out for different colours. Included is a red one and a complimentary black one. These are designed to prevent slipping, scratching and virbration.

Next is the GM-MaxGold series of power supplies in 500/600/700W capacities and with 80 Plus Gold certification. These also use a semi modular design, have a 120mm cooling fan and Lepa claim up to 92% peak efficiency on these units. They are using a DC to DC converter topology and have full Haswell C6/C7 compatibility. These units also feature Lepa’s changeable “Q-Brick” power supply sleeve.

Lastly the MX F1 series pictured above comes in 350/400/600W capacities and has no efficiency certification. These power supplies have a non-modular design and an extended 60cm CPU 8pin cable. There is a quiet 120mm fan and these MX F1 units will be priced very aggressively for the entry level user.

More details can be found at the Lepa website.

Images courtesy of Lepa/Enermax

Antec High Current Gamer 620W Semi Modular Power Supply Review


The 550-650W market of power supplies is highly competitive these days with it being the “sweet spot” for gaming systems. These “gaming power supplies” should have enough wattage to comfortably power most single and dual GPU systems with a relatively power hungry overclocked CPU and all the other parts required for a gaming system (multiple storage drives, lots of fans and so on). Antec have a series of power supplies specifically designed for this under their High Current Gamer series. The particular model we have here today is the Antec High Current Gamer 620W power supply.

This power supply from Antec captures the sweet spot of the market perfectly with a decent 620 watts of power over a single 12 volt rail, a rugged gamer-looking design, all the industrial-grade protections to keep your gaming PC safe as well as 80 Plus Bronze efficiency and 135mm cooling fan. Additionally it comes with a semi-modular design to allow you to keep cable management under control and only use the cables that you need to use. As it is being thrown into a highly competitive marketplace it has competitive pricing to match. As with most Antec power supplies, the higher end ones at least, this power supply is OEM produced by Seasonic. Let’s proceed with this review and find out how the Antec High Current Gamer 620W power supply performs.

Be Quiet! Introduce New Power Zone Power Supply Series

Be Quiet have just revealed their latest series of Power Supplies, dubbed Power Zone. These new power supplies are described as “the all-round PSU for high performance, gaming, multimedia and multiple GPU system builds”. The Power Zone power supplies use an active clamp as well as a DC/DC topology. The certification of these units will be 80 Plus Bronze with up to 90% efficiency.

Cooling is provided be a Be Quiet Silent Wings 135mm fan. Be Quiet claim that the use of six poles inside the electric fan motor instead of two or four means the transitions are smoother and thus vibration is greatly reduced. Every power supply has an individually tuned profile based on its wattage and all power supplies have a “COOL OFF” feature that means the power supply spins for up to 3 minutes after shut-down to cool down the components and extend longevity. Users can also connect up to three fans to the power supply and these will vary in speed by the built in thermal profile that uses system load from the power supply to determine fan speed.These new PSUs support up to 3 way SLI/CFX (1000W model), support Intel C6/C7 and have ErP 2013 certification.

Pricing is as follows, note all prices include VAT where applicable:

  • 650W – €105 or $115 US/CA
  • 750W – €125 or $135 US/CA
  • 850W – €149 or $159 US/CA
  • 1000W – €169 or $189 US/CA

Be Quiet have stated that the Power Zone power supplies will all be available by the middle of September. The 1000W and 850W are apparently already available now.

Images courtesy of Be Quiet

XFX Pro 650W Core Edition Non Modular Power Supply Review


After having reviewed XFX’s Pro 750W Black Edition power supply I have high expectations of this next power supply from XFX. The XFX Pro 650W Core Edition power supply that we have here today is XFX’s attempt at a well priced power supply powerful enough for most high end single and dual GPU gaming systems. The raw design, like with all XFX power supplies is based on a Seasonic OEM design. This particular unit boasts 650W over a single 12 volt rail and is cooled by a 135mm fan.

The XFX Pro 650W Core Edition power supply features 80 Plus Bronze Certification and a non modular cable design. Like with all gaming products XFX have gone for a rugged looking black design. XFX state that this power supply is certified for SLI and CrossFire. Additionally XFX say that this product uses Japanese Capacitors and you need not worry yourself about its quality because XFX are backing it with a huge 5 year warranty.

Antec High Current Gamer 850W Semi Modular Power Supply Review

Antec have been a veteran of the power supply game for quite some time and today we are taking a look at their High Current Gamer 850W (Semi-)Modular power supply. Antec’s High Current Gamer series was designed with a few key principles in mind. First they’ve opted to minimise the number of rails and maximise current going through each of these rails so most of their High Current Gamer series uses a single or two 12 volt rails. Secondly these power supplies are designed ruggedly with a gamer in mind which means the design isn’t subtle or even that quiet but is more “bells and whistles” with an LED fan and red-accents.

It is pretty simple then to see what the Antec 850W HCG-M power supply is offering. In terms of the rest of its specifications we can see it isn’t that advanced as it only has 80 Plus Bronze Certification. A lower certification level generally means more wastage as “heat” and thus a higher fan speed is needed and so this probably isn’t going to be the quietest unit on the market either. Already we can see that the Antec HCG 850W power supply is going to have to excel in voltage regulation and value for money to be a truly worth power supply – so let’s see how it performs.

Be Quiet! Straight Power E9 680W CM Semi Modular Power Supply

Be Quiet’s reputation as a premium brand has gone from strength to strength in the PC hardware industry. Be Quiet perhaps became famous for their Dark Rock series of CPU coolers but alongside those they have had huge successes with their Shadow Rock CPU coolers, Silent Wings fans and their power supplies. Be Quiet have an extensive range of power supplies that span all different market segments starting with Dark Power Pro, then Straight Power, then Pure Power, then SFX Power, then TFX Power and then System Power. These roughly follow in order of “how good” they are with Dark Power Pro being the most premium series and System Power being the most basic.

Today we are looking at Be Quiet’s “second tier” of power supplies as we examine the Straight Power E9 680W CM semi modular power supply from Be Quiet. This power supply has all the premium features we’d expect to see from Be Quiet but at a more affordable price point compared to the Dark Power Pro. In fact the particular unit that we have today is more than capable of powering a whole variety of enthusiast class systems with 1-2 GPUs and even heavy power consuming platforms like X79.

Antec Releases New High Current Gamer Power Supplies

Antec has just unveiled a couple of new additions to its High Current Gamer series of power supplies. More specifically they have added two M models, that is Modular power supplies. These new power supplies from Antec come in 750W and 850W flavours making them ideal for single, dual and even triple graphics configurations. Like other Antec HCG power supplies this unit comes with a 135mm LED fan with an LED on/off switch for customisation.

Inside the unit boasts a DC-DC topology, rated performance in up to 50 degree conditions, a dual rail design, 80 Plus Bronze certification, Japanese capacitors and 7-fold CircuitShield IC protections. These new additions to the Antec HCG series are backed by an impressive five year warranty thanks to them being Seasonic OEM units.

We’ve actually got reviews of Antec’s HCG-620M, HCG-750M and HCG-850M power supplies coming so stay tuned for those in the coming weeks if you are interested in seeing their performance!

Image courtesy of Antec

Be Quiet! Debut Pure Power L8 Power Supplies

While Be Quiet’s Pure Power L8 CM series of power supplies may have hit the market already last year, now Be Quiet is coming out with its Pure Power L8 series. The new series of PSUs from Be Quiet! is 80 Plus Bronze rated in capacities of 300/350/400/500/600/700 Watts. It features all the usual protections like OCP, OVP, OTP, OPP, SCP and UVP and is backed by a three year warranty.

While the Pure Power L8 CM series had a semi-modular design, with the CM probably denoting Cable Management, the Pure Power L8 series is totally non-modular signalling its slightly more budget orientated nature. In terms of pricing we can expect to see prices from €45 for the 300W model and up to €89 for the 700W model. In the USA and Canada Be Quiet! are only making the 500, 600 and 700W models available with prices of $75/$85/$99 respectively.

The big star of the show in terms of these power supplies is Be Quiet’s own patented fan design that allows it to keep the power supplies both quiet and cool. Be Quiet! have also optimised a fan profile for each different capacity of power supply to ensure every unit is a quiet as it can be.

Image courtesy of Be Quiet!

Computex: Be Quiet! Release Shadow Rock Slim CPU Cooler

Be Quiet have just used Computex as a springboard to launch a brand new CPU cooler, the Shadow Rock Slim. The Shadow Rock Slim uses a compact design, compared to previous Be Quiet coolers like the Dark Rock Pro 2, this allows for much better RAM compatibility and compatibility in general with smaller motherboards and cases.

Be Quiet have designed the heatsink fins to bend closer to each other which Be Quiet claim is for better cooling performance while they also claim they have also implemented a much better mounting solution to allow for increased pressure and therefore better performance. The heat pipes used are copper and 6mm in size, they feed into an alumnium heatsink stack that is ventilated by a 135mm SilentWings fan. Be Quiet provide the fan mounting clips to allow you to mount a second fan to the Shadow Rock Slim should you so desire.

The design is sleek and uses silver brushed aluminium and aluminium caps on the heat pipes to give that traditional high quality Be Quiet look. Be Quiet have told us the MSRP is around €39 and the ETA for availability is November 2013.

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Image(s) courtesy of eTeknix at Computex

Computex: NZXT Reveal Hale82 V2 Power Supplies

NZXT has revealed a new series of power supplies to us at their Computex booth. The Hale82 V2 series of features  80 Plus Bronze certification with capacities of 550W and 700W. There is also a Hale82 V2S series power supply available in a 750W capacity.

All these new Hale82 power supplies come fitted with a silent 135mm fan and this allows the Hale82 power supplies to have a MTBF rating of 50,000+ hours. To back this NZXT are providing a 3 year warranty and these units are said to cost €79.99 for the 550W and €99.99 for the 700W unit.

NZXT are using a 100% modular design, non semi-modular nonsense and they are offering these power supplies in white which is sure to keep most enthusiasts very happy indeed.

There is also a V2S, switching 750W Hale82 power supply which runs with 220 volts and is designed for the UK market. It is also said to be a bit cheaper as it doesn’t need to have voltage adjustment to different regions like the Hale82 V2 series does.

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Image(s) courtesy of eTeknix at Computex