Microsoft Did Not Contribute to Cyanogen’s $110 Million Crowd-Funding

Microsoft is said to have been interested in investing $70 million into Cyanogen in order to take a stake in its operating system. However, the amount of money intended to be offered would have granted the company only a minor share. This is because Cyanogen is now valued in the “high hundreds of millions” of dollars range.

An investment firm by the name of Premjnvest is said to have invested $110 million into Cyanogen recently. Although Microsoft did not succeed in taking a share, it is said that the company is at least attempting to negotiate a commercial agreement to get some of its software and services into the Cyanogen OS.

Cyanogen continues to make waves of how it can create a perfect Android alternative, free of Google’s services. Kirt McMaster, Cyanogen CEO, stated that the company would have its own app store up and running within 18 months. Microsoft is likely to continue its interest into Cyanogen’s efforts and continue their negotiations in order to ensure its services can be accessible on the new OS when it kicks off.

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