Qpad 5K Pro Gaming Laser Mouse Review

We cater mostly for the high end market of products here at eTeknix, with an extensive range of reviews from cases to motherboards and most frequently; graphics cards. Whilst a system is made up of these important components, you’d be lost without the simple peripherals that help you navigate through your operating system or aid in making that extra kill in your favourite first person shooter. Without these simple, overlooked tools, you’d be lost, staring at a screen with nowhere to turn.

Of course we are talking about the likes of a mouse, something that we often take for granted. If we go back 15 years and take a look at how computers were used, I’m pretty sure we can all safely say that we were using a beige/ivory coloured mouse with 2 buttons and a scroll wheel, all crafted together with a roller ball for guidance. Shortly after this period, optical mice became popular offering more precision than a ball mouse and improved accuracy. We also saw the shape of the mice being designed to fit your hand more comfortably.

This was all key features that were needed as more people used computers, and for longer durations. We then saw the inclusion of extra buttons for simple navigation between windows and extra buttons for gaming. Optical also took a backseat to laser and Bluetooth mice. Wireless was becoming more popular and consumers bought into all the hype. Some users didn’t buy into the wireless fad that others did, and instead decided to stick with the trusted wired mouse. Wireless still went in the right direction, but the market place was and still is big enough to cater for both types of mouse.

Enter the Qpad 5K gaming laser mouse.

faceVsion Touchcam N1 HD webcam

Back in the day, the chosen peripherals for a computer were generally a mouse and a keyboard, and as USB became more mainstream, so did the products that went with it. Mice and keyboards have become fancier with backlit keys and macro buttons. Mice became wireless and had docking bays to keep it charged up for when you was ready to frag.

As this was all going on, other products were being developed in the same sector, such as USB headphones and more importantly webcams. More and more households in the world have super-fast broadband, and the most inexpensive way to contact your relatives overseas would be via an instant messaging program such as Windows Live Messenger, Skype, or the beloved oldie; ICQ.

Problem was, text chat just wasn’t enough, as it seems (at least to me) to be a tad impersonal. That’s where the multimedia side of things really took off, with the ability to hear voices and even see faces of your loved ones. The only slight hitch, was that the quality was generally, pretty dire, but things were set to change as HD came on the market, especially with the likes of TV’s and monitors, but other gadgets were always destined to follow.

SD video always had a slight pixelated feel to it and jagged edges; and with a slow internet connection, it often made calling someone more of a frustration and annoyance rather than a happy time for all.

Bring forward time to the present date, and we can see more and more manufacturer’s producing HD products, and when you look at webcams, it was generally Logitech who held the torch, but now things have taken another change in the HD webcam world.

Enter, the FaceVsion TouchCam N1

Logitech Quickcam Pro for Notebooks Unboxing Video

The front of the box sticks with Logitech’s colours and shows the main features and a clear view of the product itself.

The side of the box tells us exactly what comes included and some of the main features, including a bit of information on Logitech’s fantastic support.

The back of the box lists the main features again, including some pictures showing some of these effects and features.

Opening the box up, we can see that everything is neatly packed in seperate compartments. Includes is the likes of a desktop stand, manual, software utilities CD, stand diagram, carry pouch and the webcam with attached USB cable.


FaceVsion FV TouchCam N1 HD Webcam Unboxing Video

The front of the box clearly shows the name of the product and who it’s manufactured by. It also tells us that it supports HD 720 resolution.

The rear of the box lists the main features in 3 different languages including more information on the HD 720 video conferencing and its built in HD encoder chip. Also listed is the package contents.

On the side of the box, the main features are listed again in picture format.

Opening the box up shows us that the contents consists of a hotfix CD, installation guide, USB cable and the webcam with pre-attached stand.

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SteelSeries Siberia V2 Full-Size Headset Video Review

Today we are looking at the SteelSeries Siberia V2 Full-Size Headset.

This headset is very stylish and oozes quality with its robust manufacturing.

The fact that it’s made by SteelSeries is a big bonus.

It comes with an extension cable so that you can use the headset when you are siutated away from the computer and features a volume control button on the lead.


XTracPads Ripper XXL Mousepad Surface Video Review

Today we are looking at the XTracPads Ripper XXL mousepad surface.

This is an extremely large mousepad surface which is ready to cater for your keyboard and mouse combination.

It spans 914mm wide and 457mm high and is made from Nanofibre textile which includes a rubber backing so stop it from slipping about.

This pad in most cases will take up your whole work area.