Call of Duty: Black Ops III Details Leaked

Another year, another predictable entry in the modern history of computer games, a new Call of Duty is on the way! Now, that obviously comes as absolutely no shock to anyone who’s even played an FPS in the last decade or so, but what is interesting is that the game is expected to have a Beta; a first in the game’s history.

The new Call of Duty is expected to be out in November, not counting any delays of course. Although, no offence to most developers, but I’d expect this game to launch broken rather than miss that important Christmas release window, but that’s just my two cents on the matter.

Those who pre-order the game can expect access to the Beta on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC; no details have been mentioned in regards to Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, but it’s safe to expect a version will be released on these formats. Interestingly, the leaked information states that “actual platform availability and launch date(s) to be determined.” So that does hint that even the already mentioned formats are subject to change, perhaps a possible timed exclusive at launch?

According to the leaked information, which is believed to be handed out to GameStop staff, details a co-op campaign, multiplayer, a new movement system and no doubt most entertaining of all, the latest Zombies mode.

Excited, or have you become weary and tired of the franchise?