Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Spec List Is the Same as Ghosts

Hmm now correct me if I’m wrong but the term ‘Next Generation’ means better all-round quality games, am I right? So with the developers of Advanced Warfare saying “Next Generation” about every 4 seconds in every trailer why hasn’t the spec list changed from that of Ghosts? Surely with a “new Next Generation engine” they would be able to push higher res textures, more particles, models on screen etc which would make the game more demanding and require more powerful hardware to run it smoothly. Not according to the spec lists, they are identical, nothing has changed, so it makes you wonder, how “Next Gen” is it really?

The same thing happened with Ghosts, all this talk about a “Next Gen engine and active fish AI” and then when it came out it looked like every other Call of Duty. So what could they have done to actually improve this years CoD? I for one hope they have actually tried and stopped reusing models from 5 year old games, I saw the digger from Modern Warfare 1 in Ghosts and just sighed. From what I’ve seen about Advanced Warfare is that it does look better and the animation looks better too, this is by watching some of the campaign footage they released. Going by this I would advise people to just hold back on the pre-order until launch or the multiplayer reveal, which is getting close now.

Thanks to Tweaktown for supplying us with this information.

Images courtesy of Tweaktown.