Buffalo Unveils New Compact USB3.0 Flash Drive

Compared to USB2.0 flash drives, the faster and more spacious USB3.0 drives are typically still a lot bigger than their older siblings and due to their size, they are not always the most convenient items to have around. As a solution to the problem we saw USB2.0 drive shrink right down to the nano scale a year or two back, meaning that they can be left plugged into a USB port on a notebook system for example and almost forgotten about. Their small size means that the worry of knocking them and consequently breaking them is no longer around.

Until now though USB3.0 drives have not had the benefit of the compact form factor, however this is now about to change as Buffalo announce the launch of their RUF3-PS series of USB3.0 drives. Protruding out only 5.2mm from the host system, the tiny drives will offer read speeds of up to 121MB/s in capacities ranging from a budget friendly 8GB, right up to a healthy 64GB. Additionally the drives will be available in red, black and silver to match in with your notebook system, or stand out in red if that is what you fancy. Initially the drives will only be available in Japan at the end of this month, starting at around $21 USD / 2,100 Yen for the 8GB drives, rising up to around $87 USd / 8,900 Yen for the 64GB model. Availability outside of Japan is yet to be announced at this moment in time.

Source: Press Release