British games company crowdfunding ’90s renaissance’ project

RIE STUDIOS LTD recently announced Komodo Crunchtime: Ultimate Superstars; a 4 player offline/online multiplayer game which fuses together 1990s-era mascot platforming and aerial arcade action. The title is the sequel to the free-to-play game Komodo Crunchtime for Android.

Players take the role as one of three characters including Nala the Komodo, Benji the Puppy and Skullomania from the Street Fighter EX series.

Explore bizarre and colourful worlds including lands such as: Burning Boombox, Rhythm Reef and Pirates’ Night Isle to a pumping dubstep/ EDM soundtrack composed by UK dubstep producer Dantini and inspired by the 32-bit arcade era.

“Skullomania is owned by Arika, a studio founded by Street Fighter II designer, Akira Nishitani. We hugely respect him and his team. Skullomania is a character we fell in love with and we teamed up to bring him back with this adventure; complete with all his cool special moves” explains Jay Bedeau, CEO of RIE STUDIOS.

The title brings a fresh new experience to iOS, Android, PC, Mac and OnLive.
The adventure unfolds on land and in the air, as players rush to gather the time gems before the clock runs out! Ride floating paper planes, drift on dandelions, soar through the sky, dodging and scratching through waves of foes.

Fans of high-speed platforming and retro arcade shooters will feel right at home as they team up with friends and strangers alike to save the world.

The team is seeking additional funds to complete the project through crowdfunding website Indiegogo.

Indiegogo funding pitch:

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