Breaking News: Overclockers Slash AMD Graphics Prices, Including 295X2

Are you sat there stroking your wallet, wondering if you should make an impulse purchase of a bleeding edge bit of technology? Then I have some great news for you, because if you were struggling to make your mind up due to the high price of something like the AMD Radeon R9 295X2, which usually costs £999, then you’re going to freak out when you see that Overclockers UK have crashed the price of their Sapphire R9 295X2 by a whopping 32%, bringing the unit down to a much more reasonable £699.95. The downside of this great deal? They’ve only got 100 units available, so it’s likely a bad idea to sleep on it.

“Even better, the Sapphire R9-295X2 comes with the AMD Gold reward giving the customer a choice of 3 FREE GAMES including the recently launched Never Settle Forever Space Edition which includes Alien:Isolation and Star Citizen. The price is less than buying two R9-290X separately, so this really is a world class deal.” said OCUK

The 295X2 is certainly the star of the show in this sale, but let’s not forget that there are several other crazy deals going on that warrant your attention. Just look at the image below, Sapphire Radeon R9 290 and 290X cards from £259.99! 34″ 21:9 monitor and a 28″ 4K display for crazy prices, as well as huge discounts of GPU water blocks for the 295X2 and high-end Super Flower power supplies.

Time for an upgrade? Let us know if you were lucky enough to grab one of these deals!