Breaking News: InWin Reveal S-Frame Chassis At Computex 2014

We’ve been eager to tell you all about this for a few days, but we had to keep it secret for just a little while. InWin recently let us into their head office in Taipei to take a look at their next special edition chassis, the S-Frame.

The S-Frame is their latest flagship product, following along from similar products such as the D-Frame, H-Frame and Tao. It’s design is incredibly unique, with the main part of the chassis being formed from a single piece of thick anodized aluminium, which is then cut and folded to create the front panels, motherboard back plate and rear of the chassis.

The left side panel and right panel are finished with tempered glass held in place with four gorgeous red aluminium screws on peg mounts. This gives a great view of the chassis interior and will certainly demand a high quality build to do this kind of chassis justice.

The sleek black frame of the chassis is trimmed with a red edge, giving a stunning premium look to the chassis from every angle.

On the interior you can see there are a few red trays used for mounting storage drives, the motherboard is mounted at a 90 degree angle meaning the GPU’s exhaust at the top of the chassis, and in the base you’ll find room for three 120mm fans or a 360mm radiator.

The chassis has a an open air design, to plenty of room for airflow around the motherboard and all your components, this could cause issues with dust, but on the other hand, maintenance should be pretty easy thanks to the easily removed side panel.

The PSU is snuggled away in the back panel fold, and there is loads of clearance here that should allow room for longer GPU designs.

There is obviously one downside, the price, the chassis will set you back a whopping $799. This is crazy expensive, but there is really nothing else quite like it and only 500 will be produced. The build quality is incredible and if you stick around we’ll be bringing you a closer look at how the chassis is made in the InWin factory as well as how it was designed.