Bluetooth 4.2 Can Connect Devices Directly to the Internet

Fans of the Internet of Things – the collective term for any item, gadget, or appliance with its own IP address – should welcome the latest iteration of Bluetooth, version 4.2. Any device with the new Bluetooth spec, be it a smart lightbulb, thermostat, or home security system, can connect directly to the internet, via a router or access point. This makes home Bluetooth appliances accessible remotely without a hub to bridge the gap between internet/WiFi and Bluetooth, as was previously necessary.

Bluetooth 4.2 has also had an important security update, making it more difficult to track a device without specific permission, and wireless data transmission is now up to 2.5 times faster.

Although Bluetooth 4.2 is available now, device manufacturers need to catch up before users can take advantage of all its new features. It may be 2015 until we can fully enjoy the benefits of the update.

Source: engadget