BlackBerry Rumored To Be Working On Z50 and Q30

There have at last been some news about expected BlackBerry products. Rumors are that the company might be working on mid-range devices in its C-Series lineup. Latest rumors point to the BlackBerry Z50 and Q30 which are expected to launch somewhere next year.

The company has said that it will review its device strategy, and that next year it may only release four devices, two high-end and two mid-range. The Z50 and Q30 are expected to be high-end, the obviously successors to the existing Z30 and Q10.

The BlackBerry Q30 is expected to be released in the second half of 2014 and it is likely to have a full QWERTY keyboard, whereas the BlackBerry Z50 is believed to have a 5.2-inch full 1080p HD display as well as a Quad-Core CPU, having expected to be release in Q3 2014.

There has not been any news in terms of pricing just yet, but tech details and eventually some images should surface the following months after New Year’s Eve.

Thank you UberGizmo for providing us with this inforamtion
Image courtesy of Active Telecom