BitFenix Shinobi Window XL Full-Tower Chassis Review


With the side panel removed, you can see that the interior of the chassis, as well as all the fittings and fixtures, are finished in the same stealthy black as the exterior. There’s a large CPU cooler mounting cut-out behind the motherboard (even if it does look small in comparison to the rest of the chassis) and a good selection of cable routing grommets around the motherboard area.

Crammed into the top of the Shinobi XL, you’ll find a 230mm fan; perfect for pulling excess heat out of your system while maintaining low RPM.

There’s a huge amount of space in the base of the chassis for a high-end PSU. You can fit a 120mm fan in the middle, or two 120mm fans or a 240mm radiator if you remove the hard drive bays.

There’s seven tool-free 3.5″ drive trays, all of which support 2.5″ drives when using the included screws.

The five 5.25″ drive bays come equipped with tool-free drive locks on the left and right sides of each bay.

Each of the expansion slots comes fitted with reusable ventilated covers, thumb screws and there’s also a slight cut-away to the left side of the chassis to allow easy access with your screwdriver.

The pre-installed 120mm fan in the rear. Combined with the 230mm fan in the top of the chassis, exhausting heat from your system shouldn’t be a problem.

There’s a huge amount of space behind the motherboard for cable management. This will no doubt please enthusiasts who want to fit a huge amount of hardware, but it’ll also please the lazy, as you could easily stuff excess cables out of sight.

There’s a few cable tie loops to help you keep things as neat and tidy as possible.

In total, you’ll find one large rubber grommet at the bottom, three to the right of the motherboard and another three across the top.

The top panel can be lifted off easy enough, giving you access to the vast range of fan and radiator mounts in the top of the chassis.

Behind the front panel, there’s a clip-in mesh dust filter and another pre-installed 230mm fan.