BitFenix Prodigy M Colour Series Micro-ATX Chassis Review

Complete System

I’ve already reviewed this chassis in the past, so excuse the rather quick rush to the build, but you’ll be glad you got to this page! The build looks stunning and one thing that really stands out is the use of that BitFenix Fury PSU. The Fury comes with pre-sleeved cables, which negate the issue of excess cables, as they look rather lovely and become something you can proudly show off.

The red LED fan in the back looks great, although looking back, perhaps a 140mm LED fan mould have made better use of the space, but I do prefer this design to their 140mm models.

I’ve used a couple of velcro ties to smarten up the cables, as there’s very little room, if any, behind the motherboard for all the excess.

Everything is neat and tidy here, not that you would see this area that often anyway, but it’s always nice to know things are in order.

With the new side panel in place, I can show off my Sapphire R9 270X Toxic graphics card, as well as the motherboard, CPU cooler and those lovely PSU cables.

A closer look through the window panel.

The mixture of red and black throughout the build certainly has a striking visual impact.

Fired up, you can see the white LED lighting hiding down in the bottom right of the chassis, as well as that red LED fan in the back. BitFenix wanted to give you more choice and a solution to colour coordinate your build; I think they nailed it!