BitFenix Aegis Micro-ATX Chassis Review

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BitFenix is one of the coolest chassis manufacturers around. Time and time again we’ve seen them continue to innovate, with products that have proven massively successful with gamers and system builders around the world. Today, it looks like we’re in for a repeat performance, with the recent release of their eye-catching Aegis gaming chassis.

The Aegis is packed full of features that will appeal to virtually any system builder, but more importantly, the enthusiast gaming market. With room for ultra high-end graphics cards, modular storage bays, water cooling support, a PSU shroud and a whole lot more. Also, let’s not forget that it comes with their ICON display, a small LCD display hidden in the front panel that allows you to apply custom logos to the front of your chassis!

BitFenix Aegis Specifications

First impressions of this case are very good. We’ve got the black and red edition, which certainly stands out in more ways than one; it looks like Tony Stark designed a PC case! There’s a huge side panel window for showing off your hardware and a great mixture of glossy trim that accents the stunning red colour of the chassis. Down the side of the front panel, you’ll find plenty of ventilation for any front-mounted cooling. Front fans are optional, so it’s recommended you plan your cooling before you start your build.


A gorgeous glossy red panel on the right side. Both side panels are held in place by a pair of thumb screws at the back of the chassis.


The glossy black front panel looks incredible, but it is a bit of a dust magnet, so you may want to keep a microfiber cloth to hand. Sorry fans of optical bays too, as you simply won’t find any here.


The top of the chassis houses a three-speed fan controller, the power button with a lovely BitFenix logo on it and the reset button. There’s a pair of USB 3.0 ports and HD audio jacks there too; it’s nice to see more chassis ditching the now aging USB 2.0 ports.


The top panel houses even more ventilation, with a lift-out cover for easy maintenance and installation of your fans/radiators.


The overall finish and quality are fantastic, although I wouldn’t have expected anything less from BitFenix, as they often impress with their designs.


Around the back, you’ll find a pair of routing grommets at the top, a pre-installed 120mm exhaust fan, five expansion slots with ventilated covers and the PSU mount; nothing overly interesting, but at least all the basics appear to be in place.


On the bottom, you’ll find four rubber grip feet that provide a stable base for your system; the feet also give good ground clearance for any bottom mounted cooling and your PSU.


The magnetic filter runs the full length of the chassis, making maintenance a quick and easy process.




The interior of the chassis is finished in powder black, giving it a nice clean look. There’s a good size CPU cooler mounting cut-out, all of the motherboard stand-offs are pre-installed and there’s a nice selection of cable routing grommets around the motherboard area to help with cable management.


The five expansion bays mean there’s room for a Micro-ATX motherboard and they’re all fully reusable covers, not those cheap snap-off ones.


The front is really cool, as there are two hard drive bays at your disposal and even more storage space beyond that! There’s a suspended hard drive caddy at the top and one in the lower section of the chassis; these are both removable/movable to suit your needs.


Above the top bay, there’s a pair of dedicated 2.5″ drive bays; these will come in very handy if you need the lower section of the chassis for high-end water cooling hardware.


There are fittings for 120mm and 140mm wide fans/radiators in the front of the chassis. The elongated screw holes should ensure maximum compatibility with a wide range of fans and/or radiators of up to 360/280mm.


A gorgeous PSU shroud will help keep things looking neat and tidy.


There’s also an extra grommet behind it, perfect for routing those front panel HD audio cables, that often trail through the lower half of your chassis.


The bottom hard drive bay can be removed completely, freeing up extra space for bottom mounted fans and/or radiators.


While the bottom bay is screwed in place, the top one can be easily slid free thanks to a tool-free clip.


Then tucked away at the back, just to the right of the motherboard, we’ve got a side mounted 2.5″ bay; so many storage options!


Behind the motherboard, there’s not a huge amount of cable routing space, but there are a few cable tie loops and enough grommets to help you get everything neatly in place.


What’s that in the bottom right corner? Another 2.5″ drive mount!


Three routing grommets at the top, the rear most is handy for the CPU power cable, but two more are ideal for handling your top-mounted cooling fan cables.


Behind the top panel, you’ll find even more radiator/fan mounts; you’re certainly going to have no issues finding compatible cooling solutions here.


The front panel can be pulled off from the chassis easily enough, behind which you’ll find a full-height magnetic dust filter. You’ll also notice the front panel ICON LCD, which has a cable running into the interior of the chassis and connects to USB 2.0 header on your motherboard.


Just like every other bit of the chassis, there’s excellent cooling compatibility, with room for tall radiators or extra fans.



Complete System

I’ve gone a little further than usual with this build, as it’s certainly a chassis that demands a little extra love and attention. I’ve kitted it out with the gorgeous BitFenix FURY PSU, which comes with pre-sleeved cables, helping improve the overall aesthetics; fairly important for a chassis with a such a large side panel window. While I didn’t really need to, I’ve stripped out the two main hard drive bays for demonstration purposes, although I have made great use of the rear mount for our Crucial SSD; it looks great having it on show like that.


Since this chassis only comes with a single 120mm fan pre-installed in the rear, you will have to invest in extra fans or cooling solutions. I’ve installed a pair of 140mm red LED BitFenix fans to help complete the build.


Overall, this is a fantastic looking build with great cable management and I can see this chassis proving very popular with gamers. I thought the bright red may look a little garish, but it compliments our components nicely and vice versa.


Cable management is holding up really well, despite the fact that we’ve got a lot of chunky cables installed, so you should have no issues achieving a great looking build.




All panels back in place; looking good!


Dim the lights, fire up those lovely red LED fans. That side panel really is crystal clear, so there’s a lot of motivation to have a tidy build, as it’ll all be on show.


The front panel LCD display showing its party piece!


It’s nice and clear, even if photos don’t indicate it that well. You can upload custom images to it via a small desktop app, much like we did in the BitFenix Pandora review.




Final Thoughts


The BitFenix Aegis is a premium product, but the price is quite reasonable given the quality and specifications on offer. It’s price is £79.99 from Overclockers UK with the ICON display or £69.99 for the CORE edition; It is available in blue, yellow, black, white and red.


Wow, am I impressed with the Aegis. So many chassis come and go, some more memorable than others, some of them completely forgettable. The Aegis is certainly a memorable product, it has impressed me in literally every aspect that I can think of.

In terms of design, it’s certainly a breath of fresh air. The colours are bright and vivid, giving you a refreshing break from the white or black options we see so often. There’s a huge side panel window for showing off your build. There’s a gorgeous PSU shroud to help keep your eyes focused on the sexy hardware, such as your graphics cards. Let’s then bring your attention to that gorgeous ICON display, assuming you’ve not got the ICON-less CORE edition; all in all, this thing really stands out from the crowd.

Component compatibility is through the roof. Room for 360mm radiators, room for fans and/or radiators in the top, front, bottom and back. Fully modular hard drive bays, with four dedicated 2.5″ drive bays on top of that. Native support for high-end water cooling, reservoirs and pumps. Got a long graphics card? with 400mm of clearance, you’ll have no issues here; the list goes on and on!

Then we’ve got a range of bonus features, such as the three speed fan controller, magnetic mounting washable dust filters, cable routing grommets, a choice of funky colours to choose from and a very competitive price tag given all of the above.


  • Great build quality
  • Unique, colourful design
  • Good cable management
  • Excellent storage options
  • Extensive cooling support
  • PSU shroud
  • ICON display
  • Built-in fan controller
  • Dust-filters


  • None


  • Only one fan pre-installed, but those investing in a system like this are more likely to prefer after market cooling solutions anyway.

“The BitFenix Aegis ICON is easily one of my all-time favourite chassis. If you want a great gaming system that stands out from the crowd, this is the chassis for the job.”

BitFenix Aegis Micro-ATX Chassis Review

BitFenix Aegis Micro-ATX Chassis Review

Thank you BitFenix for providing us with this sample.

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