BitFenix Aegis Micro-ATX Chassis Review

Complete System

I’ve gone a little further than usual with this build, as it’s certainly a chassis that demands a little extra love and attention. I’ve kitted it out with the gorgeous BitFenix FURY PSU, which comes with pre-sleeved cables, helping improve the overall aesthetics; fairly important for a chassis with a such a large side panel window. While I didn’t really need to, I’ve stripped out the two main hard drive bays for demonstration purposes, although I have made great use of the rear mount for our Crucial SSD; it looks great having it on show like that.

Since this chassis only comes with a single 120mm fan pre-installed in the rear, you will have to invest in extra fans or cooling solutions. I’ve installed a pair of 140mm red LED BitFenix fans to help complete the build.

Overall, this is a fantastic looking build with great cable management and I can see this chassis proving very popular with gamers. I thought the bright red may look a little garish, but it compliments our components nicely and vice versa.

Cable management is holding up really well, despite the fact that we’ve got a lot of chunky cables installed, so you should have no issues achieving a great looking build.

All panels back in place; looking good!

Dim the lights, fire up those lovely red LED fans. That side panel really is crystal clear, so there’s a lot of motivation to have a tidy build, as it’ll all be on show.

The front panel LCD display showing its party piece!

It’s nice and clear, even if photos don’t indicate it that well. You can upload custom images to it via a small desktop app, much like we did in the BitFenix Pandora review.