Bitcoins Now Accepted By Major Cosmetic Surgery Medial Center

As Bitcoin becomes more and more established in our lives we are hearing of more and more ways you can spend the digital currency around the world. You can almost anything these days with Bitcoin, but with Vanity Cosmetic Surgery now also accepting the cryptocurrency, you can also use it to pay for a boob job.

“What does this mean to patients? They can now use their loaded Bitcoin account to pay for a breast augmentation or a nose job, or maybe a laser hair removal treatment. This will definitely transform the way people will choose their doctors in the near future.”

The surgery have even updated their current price list ot reflect the equivalents in Bitcoin, with a breast augmentation costing around 6.43BTC, which at time of writing is around $2700.

It will be interesting to see how they keep their rates up to date, given that Bitcoins value changes almost constantly, but there is no doubt now that it is a major step forward for Bitcoins acceptance out side of the digital world.

Thank you Vyralize for providing us with this information.