BIOSTAR RACING H170GT3 (LGA1151) Motherboard Review

CPU & GPU Performance


The H170GT3’s stock CPU performance is excellent and competes with Z170 alternatives exceedingly well. It’s also a marked improvement over the BIOSTAR GAMING H170T despite opting for a more compact form factor.


In terms of compute time, the motherboard fared quite well and just edged other H170 products. On another note, the gap to a mid-table position is incredibly small and showcases the minute differences even when using Intel’s cheaper chipset.

SiSoft Sandra

Once again, the motherboard surpassed my expectations and managed to score much higher than the BIOSTAR GAMING H170T. It’s not the best H170 motherboard we’ve tested but this doesn’t detract from a very positive result.


Enhanced 3DMark scores generally revolve around driver updates from NVIDIA and the motherboard doesn’t have a major impact. Nevertheless, it’s important to determine that there’s no issues during 3D tasks and the H170GT3 attained fantastic numbers.

Tomb Raider

Here we can see, the frame-rate remained extremely high even using a 2560×1440 monitor. Furthermore, there wasn’t a noticeable drop in performance compared to Z170 options because most of these games are GPU bound and all the results are running at the stock frequency.

Bioshock Infinite

A similar pattern occurs in Bioshock Infinite, and there’s very little to choose between a huge number of motherboards. The differences revolve around driver improvements or a patch featuring better optimization.