Biostar Announce Latest Quad-Core Powered Mini-ITX Motherboard

As the name suggest, this is the second motherboard from Biostar using the J1900 Celeron CPU. We’ve seen the low profile version a little while ago, and now Biostar has unveiled the more versatile version for home theatre use. They also say that gaming shouldn’t be a problem on it, but I suspect they don’t mean top titles in full details.

The on-board quad-core J19000 Intel Celeron processor runs at 2 GHz and has a burst up to 2.41 GHz. It has 2MB L2 Cache and uses a max of 10 watts. The iGPU runs at 688 MHz base and has a maximum frequency of 854 MHz with support for DirectX 11 and HDCP. The motherboard supports two DDR3 SO-DIMM modules up to 1333 MHz up to 8GB, allowing for a total of 16 GB RAM.

Connections wise this tiny board has a lot to offer; it has two SATA2 ports and headers for printer, serial and USB 2.0 connections. It also has 2 system fan connectors if the passive design should run too hot for you or you just want to be on the safe side. The IO panel has separate PS2 connectors for keyboard and mouse and four USB 2.0 ports. It also has a single USB 3 port for the high-speed file transfers. The RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet port is powered by the RTL8111G and the on-board 5.1 sound is powered by the Realtec ALC662 Audio chip. It has both HDMI and VGA output to allow for older and newer hookups, and the motherboard also has a single PCI-Express x4 connector for further extensions with add-on cards.

The 1900NH2 also features two things I find awesome; the first is the Moisture-proof PCB design that allows you to use it in very humid places such as coastal and rural areas or outside-kiosks. Besides the moisture-proof PCB design it also has Electrostatic Discharge protection (ESD) against accidental electricity charges from user’s touching areas of the board or when connecting and disconnecting devices such as flash drives.

Being a Biostar motherboard it also supports the SmartSpeedLAN software for QoS and uses the solid eXtreme Durable Capacitors (X.D.C). It also has the newest BIOS version that allows for direct online updating and it supports the BIO-Remote2 for remote control via Android or Apple devices. The motherboard is available and sells for £62.95 on Amazon among other popular retailers.

Thank you Biostar for providing us with these information

Images courtesy of Biostar