Bill Gates Takes The World Richest Man Titles Once Again

Obviously not a recent photo, but couldn’t resist it.

Carlos Slim has got some catching up to do if he wants to become the worlds richest man once again as Bil Gates sees a swift increase in wealth that has set him in the lead.

Of course, Carlos Slim isn’t exactly scraping the bottom of his penny jar just yet and he is still sat pretty being the second richest man in the world, the Mexican telecom mogul is worth a whopping $72.1 Billion but that’s nothing in comparison to the $72.7 billion that Mr Gates can claim to him name, 0.6 ahead might not sound like much, but the word billion certainly changes that.

So why the sudden leap in wealth? Given that Mr Gates as well as Corlos slim are both philanthropists, dedicating billions of dollars of their wealth away to charity in recent years, and yes that’s before this number was even calculated.

Well for Mr Gates is seems the next-gen Xbox is gaining some favour for the Redmond squad and the chief investment officer at The Arora report believes that ever since the announcement of their next-gen consoles launch event the company’s has seen a rise in stock prices, which in turn has boosted Gates personal wealth.

The new Xbox is set to be revealed on the 22nd of May and it will be a big moment for Microsoft, if they make a mess of this event it could have serious repercussions on their future in the gaming market for years to come, but if they get it right, they could be sitting on a gold mine for investors and it’s obvious that people are willing to take the risk and get in on the action, hence the rise in stock prices.

It’s an interesting development and while Microsoft may be feeling the heat for Windows 8 and a slow PC market, there is plenty of money still to be made in the games market that is stemming the tide for now.