Bethesda’s Pete Hines “Doesn’t Care How Realistic Things Are” in Fallout 4

Bethesda’s Pete Hines has been thumbing his nose up at pedantic Tweeters criticising the “lore consistency” of the recently released Fallout 4, much to the consternation of fans. Hines, Vice President of PR and Marketing for Bethesda, kicked up a stink amongst the more fastidious gamers after claiming that he was “not interested in discussing how realistic” a future fantasy video game was in response to a question about the ‘Kid in the Fridge’ quest.

The fuss began when @JohnstonJarrett asked Hines if a supposed discrepancy in one of the logs was going to be “patched”:

Hines bats the question away, but Johnston follows up with the next item on his nitpick itinerary:

A dismissive answer to a petulant query. Seems fair. Twitter’s Fallout 4 fans, however, disagreed:

After being hit by a barrage of grumbling tweets, Hines was forced to elaborate on his response:

He then justified the apparent credulity-straining aspects of the ‘Kid in the Fridge’ quest by asserting that fun can trump logic:

The moaning continued, though, with Hines and, by extension, Bethesda, accused of “not caring”:

At least one guy gets it:

We’ll be back tomorrow to report on the inevitable online petition – now the formalised iteration of those “honk if you’re horny” bumper stickers – to have Hines locked in a fridge for two centuries to see if he survives.