Bethesda’s Fallout 4 Will Feature Nvidia’s GameWorks

by - 7 years ago

fallout 4 pc requirements

With Fallout 4 set to launch relatively soon, we’re getting more word on how the game will run like on PC. According to the latest report, Bethesda has integrated components from the controversial GameWorks library. Provided by Nvidia, GameWorks is a library that allows developers to implement solutions designed by NVIDIA, with minimal work from the developer.

GameWorks gained notoriety when it caused issues in Warner Bros’ Batman Arkham Knight. Some players have blamed the poorly implemented GameWorks features as causing at least some of the many bugs and performance issues faced at launch. In that case, both AMD and Nvidia’s own users, especially those using Kepler cards, ran into serious performance issues with GameWorks enabled.

AMD has also been critical of GameWorks as well, claiming Nvidia was being anti-AMD. These claims were based off performance on AMD cards in The Witcher 3. In that title, HairWorks, a part of GameWorks used excessive tessellation that negatively impacted AMD’s and Nvidia’s own Kepler cards. Users found that turning down the tessellation levels did not impact visual fidelity but allowed for much better frame rates.

It’s important to note there have been GameWorks titles like GTA V that have implemented the features well without tanking performance. It remains to be seen which camp Fallout 4 will be belong to. Some commentators have expressed concern that the lopsided GPU recruitments may point to GameWorks hitting AMD cards hard. We’ll find out soon either way.

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15 Comments on Bethesda’s Fallout 4 Will Feature Nvidia’s GameWorks

  • Avatar ChrisLoos says:

    “AMD has also been critical of GameWorks as well, claiming Nvidia was being anti-AMD.”

    Can we maybe avoid the simplistic kiddie-language here? How about “AMD has accused Nvidia of anti-competitive business practices.”

    • Avatar PedzP says:

      Be nice, maybe it’s a 13 year old writing this stuff and is doing good for his age.

    • Avatar DocSun says:

      IT really is not anti-competitive though. They created a system that works REALLY well with their cards, it obviously does not stop working with AMD cards due to games like GTAV working with it. If the game DEVELOPER decides to use it in their games then that is a choice they make possibly causing problems with a percentage of the userbase. Nvida making GameWorks is actually a brilliant play, it makes them have something unique that helps them get market share with developers and then gamers will (hopefully) buy more Nvidia cards as more games are built with it in mind. AMD should do something similar and I thought they were with the thing to compete with DirectX? Its very healthy competition in my mind. And theirfore sure anti-AMD is fitting. Use Our GameWorks and our cards because this developer has made the game with that in mind… or use AMD sure it will work (if the developer programmed it right) but it wont be as cool or will be more demanding on your system.

      • Avatar Furnaceboy says:

        Well, its well documented that Nvidia has snuck in the forced rendering of invisible bodies of water and blocks of concrete that were unnecessarily subjected to large amounts of tessellation that didn’t contribute anything, all it did was negatively impact game performance…particularly on AMD cards. So yeah, if I was AMD I’d also think its sketchy.

      • Avatar Prefix123 says:

        It does not run better on Nvidia cards you retard. Look at every gameworks game show me a single one that runs good on even Nvidia cards it makes them all run like shit. It just affects AMD more its just like the Crysis 2 scenario where no one could run the game due to the excessive tesselation but it made AMD run it worse so AMD implemented a Tesselation limiter in AMD CCC.

        • Avatar Lisa Woodard says:

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    • Avatar Charles Schulzerie says:

      That was exactly what AMD claimed, though…

  • Avatar Anthony Evans says:

    eh well I will say gta 5 works great on my amd r9 280x so I am not to worried.

    • Avatar Breadbitten says:

      GTAV didn’t implement any company-specific proprietary graphics technology. While I doubt it’s the sole reason the game is so well optimized for both AMD and Nvidia cards, it definitely mattered in that regard.

      • Avatar michael blochberger says:

        Yes it did. It has TXAA which is specific to NVIDIA.

        • Avatar Breadbitten says:

          Whoops! My bad. Forgot that TXAA is NVIDIA tech. But it wasn’t a GameWorks title as far as I know…

          • Avatar Prefix123 says:

            It is but they didn’t force anything on they had Nvidia + AMD shadows, they had TXAA which cannot be forced on AMD cards & it didn’t run forced physx like witcher 3 did.

  • Avatar Breadbitten says:

    This is a damn shame.

  • Avatar -El_Greeko- says:

    It’s nice to see that it will have GameWorks. On the other hand, a lot of devs think that giving us fancier particles is going to make their PC version good… I mean, a lot of games that use GameWorks have really shitty PC versions.

    I guess we’ll see when it comes out, but Fallout 4 will most likely not be affected by this.

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