Bethesda Accepts 2,240 Fallout 4 Bottlecap Pre-Order Payment

It worked! The industrious chap who sent Bethesda 2,240 bottlecaps, collected over the course of seven years, to pre-order forthcoming RPG sequel Fallout 4 has had his payment accepted. For the person at the back who doesn’t get the reference, bottlecaps are Fallout’s in-game currency following the fall of society due to a nuclear holocaust, but it seems that Bethesda honours the tender just as much as it does our pre-war money.

Seth, or GatorMacheteJr on Imgur, took a punt, probably expecting for viral fame over a copy of the game, but the stunt has paid off, confirmed by both Seth’s Imgur account and a Twitter post from Matt Grandstaff, Global Community Lead for Bethesda.

Grandstaff also sent an e-mail to GatorMacheteJr, confirming that his pre-order had been accepted. GatorMacheteJr wrote on his Imgur post, “[Grandstaff] told me since I was the first person to do this, I would be receiving a copy of the game this November, and that he would be running my caps over to deposit them at the People’s Bank of Point Lookout.”

The next question is, will GatorMacheteJr be getting a regular copy of the game, or the much sought-after Pip-Boy Edition, featuring a replica of Fallout’s signature arm-mounted electronic aid. Though, since the latter is selling out like crazy and priced £99 ($129), it would be quite the coup.