Betfair’s Betting Apps

In the UK the betting industry is massive. Back in 2013, The Guardian reported that 4.3 per cent of UK iPhone users had a gambling application. Expect that figure to be even higher now, thanks in no small part to the World Cup that naturally saw app users spike. All in all, the World Cup alone is reported to have seen over £1 billion wagered with British bookies in what was the biggest betting event in UK history.

With participant figures rising so too are the various different bookmakers and abundance of applications. Most of these are pretty poor in the grand scheme of things, but if you were to take one look at the Betfair sports app webpage you will be pleasantly surprised.

The amount of different, innovative sporting applications that Betfair have on offer should satisfy your every gambling need.

You have the hugely popular Bet Angel Pro application. If you download this to your PC you will gain access to a comprehensive user-guide, a whole host of different videos to aid you in your gambling endeavours, in-play tools, different sports modelling and multi-screen trading. For those that fancy more specialised and advanced betting or trading then you really should contemplate Bet Angel Pro.

For those who need their betting experience to be instantaneous then BetTrader is what you want. This cutting-edge Betfair platform updates live Betfair prices and deliver up to 20 refreshes a second. Call it what you want, but we’ll call that pretty damn fast.

Other applications that are proving to be a hit with betting customers include Geek Toys and the new and improved MathsBetting. Meanwhile, Betting Assistant will always be hugely popular with the punters.

The 21st Century is changing a lot of things for a lot of people. With the advances of technology, gambling is no longer confined to high street shops and casinos, it is accessible in the home. And with there no longer being a barrier between betting and yourself there is a chance that you will have a flutter. If you do then get yourself an app to aid you and give you an advantage over the house.