Beautiful Handheld Wooden Emulator Re imagines a Classic

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The Raspberry Pi series has opened up a new frontier in the evolution of tech which has enabled a whole new generation of developers the option to efficiently and cost effectively power their creations. This device however, is quite simply a fabulous reimagining of the Game Boy Advance SP handheld console which was originally released in 2003.

The design has arrived courtesy of creative mind Love Hulten, who has designed his own take on Nintendo’s handheld and has coined the machine the PE358. Below is a selection of screenshots which conveys the vision.  As you can see, the console is very lightweight with dimensions being 8x8x4cm.  The material used is American solid walnut and the console also folds in half which mirrors the Game Boy Advance SP


The emulator device is powered by the familiar Raspberry Pi A+- and it is more than capable of playing the same GBA SP games.  But there is a slight problem with that, as you can see, there is no cartridge slot which means you will need to track down the ROMs for your favourite GBA SP games.


The detail within the below image are fantastic, the screen design reminds me of an old Black and White TV, it has that class which certainly beats the Game Boy Advance SP flimsy plastic design which I personally did not like when it was released.  It may have been ahead of its time, but I found the design to be horrible at the time, it certainly had its fans considering the SP sold 43.52 million units as of June 30th 2009.


This last image below conveys the look when it is folded in half, and there is a chance that you might be able to buy this creation, considering it might not be a one-off design like most of Love Hulten’s works. Either way, it’s a fantastic and imaginative design which will no doubt have its fans within many avenues.


Thank you gizmodo, lovehulten and wikipedia for providing us with this information.

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