be quiet! Reveal Base 800 Dual Layered Side Panel Window Edition @ CeBIT 2015

We’re here at the be quiet! booth at CeBIT 2015 and they’ve got a real treat in store for be quiet! fans. Their very popular Base 800 chassis now has a windowed side panel edition! Not only will you soon be able to purchase this lovely edition, but those who bought the original, will be able to pick up the side panel separately to apply to their existing case.

In true be quiet! form, the window is super quiet and offers the same acoustic performance as the solid side panel! This is achieved by a special dual-layer window and a rubber seal. You do lose a few mm of cpu cooler clearance from the dual window design, but you can unscrew the extra window and make it a single layer if you wish, giving you that extra clearance. All the latest and new be quiet! coolers are compatible with the new dual window design, but some older models may require you to remove the second panel.

As you can see, there’s some sound dampening material on this prototype, but that has since been removed as it didn’t make the chassis any quieter and only added to the overall cost. We look forward to being able to show off our Base 800 chassis interior very soon!