be quiet! Pure Power 9 700W Power Supply Review

Final Thoughts


The be quiet! Pure Power 9 series is about to hit the market at some very competitive prices. At the time of writing, retail links weren’t available, but we’ll update you as soon as we have them. The model we tested today is expected to be around £89.99, which is excellent value for money, especially given the performance, build quality and design we’ve seen here today.

  • 700W: €109.00 £89.99
  • 600W: €95.00 £74.99
  • 500W: €85.00 £64.99
  • 400W: €69.00 £54.99


be quiet! continue to push their products to new heights and while the Pure Power 9 isn’t their greatest unit to date, it’s still a big improvement for its respective price range. The previous model was a great power supply, but by improving the performance while not increasing the price, the Pure Power 9 is too good a deal to ignore.

As their name would suggest, be quiet! have a strong focus on acoustic performance and that’s easily one of the strongest aspects of the Pure Power 9. The fan kept fairly steady around 610RPM, which meant it was virtually silent; it’s unlikely you’ll ever hear it, especially so once it’s installed in a chassis. This means it’s going to be beneficial to any system, but especially so for something like an HTPC, where ambient noise levels are more critical.

Build quality is superb, not only in terms of the actual manufacturing but also in terms of the final aesthetics. The obviously premium quality be quiet! Silent Wings fan is a welcome addition while the interior of the PSU has been crafted with care, with clean solder, good quality components, everything is nicely spaced out to aid with cooling and to reduce interference and in the end, that translated to low ripple, steady voltages and great efficiency.

Performance was certainly impressive and with 700W rated, it’ll have more than enough power to run a multi-GPU system as well as a powerful and overclocked CPU with ease; we were even able to pull over 900W of power in our testing, so those days you’re doing some benchmarking or putting excessive loads on your system will no be cause for concern.


  • Great aesthetics
  • Virtually silent performance
  • Excellent OPP (+201W above 700W rating)
  • Semi-modular design
  • All-black cables
  • Low ripple
  • Competitive price (relative to performance)
  • Efficient


  • 3.3V & 5VSB voltages could be improved


be quiet! Pure Power 9 700W Power Supply Review

Thank you be quiet! for providing this review sample.