Be Quiet! Dark Power Pro 10 Shown Off at Computex 2012

Computex 2012: We’ve seen a few new products from Be Quiet! recently, but the one new thing they are really proud to show off is their Dark Power Pro 10 850W power supply. Aaron from Be Quiet! gives us an insight into their latest power supply, offering 80% Platinum efficiency and silent cooling.

The Dark Power Pro 10 also features a rubber coating on either end to reduce resonant noise through to the chassis and a rubber ring around the fan to reduce noise from vibration when running. The supply also re-features four fan headers for direct connection to the supply.

Be Quiet! have opted here to not go for a semi-passive design on this new model as the fan already has a very low acoustic level at 12dB and thus is already quiet enough with regards to the rest of the system.