Be Quiet Announce “Pure Wings 2” Fan Series

Be Quiet have just revealed their latest revision of fans for the Pure Wings series, the Pure Wings 2. These new fans from Be Quiet featured a revised fan blade design and a newly designed Rifle bearing. They claim these fans are quieter than ever with a maximum dBA of just 19.2. Part of the design innovation with the Pure Wings series has been to add two extra fan blades and reduce the size of the rest in order to increase airflow and reduce noise output. 

Be Quiet are recommending end users that these fans are ideal for both water cooling and air cooling thanks to their ability to offer both high static pressure and high airflow. The rifle bearings used are guaranteed to last for 80,000 hours – more than 9 years.  Be Quiet will launch the Pure Wings 2 series immediately with the 120mm and 140mm options. Later on this year there will be 80mm and 90mm options made available too.

Be Quiet have suggested an MSRP of €10.90 for the 120mm model and €11.90 for the 140mm model. More information can be found on the product’s datasheet.

Images courtesy of Be Quiet!