Bayan Audio StreamPort Universal Audio Streamer Review

Putting the bundle of cables aside we can take a closer look at the StreamPort Universal a little more closely. The unit measures in at a mere 74 x 65mm with a height of 26mm and is offered in a choice of black or white finishes.

On the front edge of the StreamPort Universal are two LEDs to indicate power and Bluetooth status. When pairing a Bluetooth device both LEDs will flash together to indicate that the unit is in pairing mode.

Turning the unit around, on the back there is a mini USB-B connection to power the unit, whilst a choice of a 3.5mm audio jack and RCA gives flexibility in audio output to the desired device.

On the underside there is not a lot to marvel over, but its nice to see that Bayan Audio have fitted the unit with a relatively grippy rubber to stop it slipping and sliding around.

The biggest feature on the StreamPort Universal is its near-field capabilities. NFC has now been around for a little while and there are still not many devices that can take advantage of the technology. When setting the unit into pairing mode, an NFC enabled device such as the Nexus 4 can be placed on top of the unit to start the pairing process. When the NFC device is placed on top a bleep can be heard to indicate that the device has been detected and once the pairing is complete, the Bluetooth LED will be lit blue.