Battlefield 4 Graphics Performance Overview With Current Generation GPUs

Combined Summary Graphs

If we combine all the results you’ve just seen into one graph then you can now see the clearer picture. As we’ve mentioned if you’ve only got a single 1920×1080 display then the GTX 760/770 or AMD R9 280X/270X is perfect for your “Ultra” needs. Any resolutions lower than that and the GTX 660 or R9 270 will suit you just fine for “Ultra”.

At those higher resolutions it is a very close call between the GTX 780 Ti, R9 290X, R9 290 and GTX Titan, even the GTX 780 is in with a good showing too. It all depends on other aspects of the graphics cards like how well you can cool them, and whether you intend to overclock them. Our below results were done from idle temperatures on a short 2 minute benchmark run, no graphics card ran for long enough to throttle so the results below represent a best case scenario for all GPUs. In reality the GTX 780 Ti, GTX Titan and GTX 780 would all hold up a lot better than AMD’s R9 290 and R9 290X after extended gaming sessions, and be gentler on the ears, produce less heat and consume less power. Of course when you factor in water cooling, non-reference cooling solutions and overclocking the picture is much more balanced, but looking at stock graphics cards only I think Nvidia have snatched this one.