Battlefield 4 Demo PC Specs Revealed

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With Battlefield 3 coming to an end after the release of the final expansion pack “End Game”, DICE is gearing up for the release of Battlefield 4 by giving us a 17 minute gameplay reveal trailer to tease us with the stunning graphics of BF4. Still in the alpha testing phase, DICE/EA wanted to show off the some of the gameplay, and I must say it is looking awesome!

The preview shows us the opening cinematic which is fairly crisp in effect, then they take us back nearly 14 minutes earlier going through what appears to be a school in Azerbaijan with the goal to get to the “Safe House”. We go through a series of short quests with some short cutscenes in between. We get to use vehicles, shooting up buildings and cause explosions, giving the game an almost too realistic feeling. The first few minutes of the campaign make you feel like you don’t have a second to spare, it is GO GO GO!!! Running from the enemy and causing destruction everywhere you go!

Looking into the making of this short 17 minute DICE used an epic machine to display their game to us. Using an Intel i7 Quad-core CPU and two Radeon 7990 GPU’s, currently the one of the most powerful PC GPUs and each featuring 6GB of GDDR5 graphics RAM for a total of 12GB! The game was able to run at a constant 60 FPS, with the graphics cards down sampling from 3K resolutions to 1080p. Personally, I doubt as an end user we will need to purchase or even have such a setup, we need to remember that the game is still in pre-alpha testing, so it is not optimized yet. Also, there is a significant draw when recording gameplay.

Will this give EA a new found redemption? Or will they continue to be considered the “Worst Company in America” champions? Only time will tell.

Battlefield 4 is due to release fall of 2013, pre-order to receive a Battlefield 4 premium expansion pack.


Unfortunately, due to YouTube restrictions they were only able to upload at 30FPS, if you’re interested in viewing the video at 60FPS you can download them from these links for either 720p or 1080p. Enjoy!

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