Battlefield 2: The Complete Collection

For almost 2 and a half years now I have been a dedicated player/fan of Battlefield 2142, racking up almost 1000 hours of playtime.

I personally like to think I excel with all kits and all combinations and for the majority of the time be it working with a squad of random players or plotting the enemies demise with some of you in team speak, my end round result is nearly always the same. Gold, Silver or Bronze Star.

For a long time I enjoyed this fact that I am actually brilliant at the game but recently a part of me missed the challenge that online gaming offers. I became fed up of ‘owning noobs’ as one might say.

Upon the creation of eTeknix, Maj0r St0ner, the founder of Malicious Insurgent Army, spoke to me for the first time in 6 months on X fire .We discussed the direction of eTeknix and M-I-A briefly then shortly after he went off to play Battlefield 2 with some friends.

Battlefield 2, that rings a bell. Oh yea, I remember that. It was the game that I played almost religiously for over 6 months back in 2005/2006 on my girlfriends little brothers PC.

Come to think of it, it was that very game and the experiences I had with it that eventually angled me towards Battlefield 2142 and the skill that I have with it today.

Tonight I went back to my Battlefield roots for the first time in over 3 years.

With a newly purchased copy of Battlefield 2 The Complete Collection and new account to match, I hit the likes of ‘Strike at Karkhand’ and ‘Wake Island 2007′ on largely populated servers to enjoy the original experience once more.

Weapons, gadgets, maps, rag doll technology. All are graphically inferior to those of 2142. But what Battlefield 2 lacks in visuals it more than makes up for in memories and nostalgia.

A genre defining title for the 21st century, Battlefield 2 will always remain a classic and have a place in my heart, however much I may get raped by an attack jet or team killed over a vehicle.

If you fancy venturing into this trip down memory lane with me, you can pick up the Battlefield 2 Complete Collection from for £9.99.

See you on the Battlefield soldier.

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