Batman Arkham Knight Didn’t Get a Smooth Launch Either

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Batman Arkham Knight has been anything else but smooth sailing for Warner Interactive and Rocksteady. The game was postponed, the Batmobile edition‘s figurine fell apart and had to be cancelled, and lastly the limited edition collectors box had to be delayed due to a missing certification.

The game in itself has now finally been released and you’d think that the folk behind it could relax for five minutes and watch the praise come in from happy users and customers – but that is far from the case. Users are reporting extremely poor performance and that even with systems that go way past both the minimum and recommended specifications.

Rocksteady also seemed to forget to optimize the game properly for AMD hardware despite the main audience have consoles based on AMD hardware. The minimum specs were changed prior to launch and an R9 HD7850 with 3GB VRAM was the new minimum. The issues aren’t just with AMD cards though as the they didn’t incorporate Nvidia’s drivers all to well either. Users are reporting of high-end rigs with Titan X graphics cards that barely manage to score 60fps on a 1080p resolution.

The game in itself has been locked to 30fps on the PC, but this can be changed by editing an .ini file. One could however speculate that the lock was purely designed to hide the performance issues on this poorly coded PC port.

Both Nvidia and AMD have released new drivers that hopefully will help this some, but Nvidia noted that there might be issues with SLI setups and recommend that you disable them for now while playing Batman Arkham Knight. The critics on Steam aren’t pleased and the game’s reviews reflect that.



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  • Avatar mr2k9 says:

    Who did not see this coming? i for one already knew shit like this gonna happen….

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