Bank Employees Falls Asleep On Keyboard, A Lot Of Money Gets Moved

Falling asleep on the job is hardly anything new but a story reported by the Inquisitr might make you think twice about falling asleep on or near your keyboard. A German banker fell asleep on his keyboard and accidentally turned a small money transfer into an huge money transfer. The German banker was supposed to be moving €62.40 from the bank account of a retiree when he feel asleep on the keyboard and typed, or should that be face-pressed, €222,222,222.22 equaling about $293 million in USD.

What’s worse is that his colleague, who is supposed to verify transactions, acknowledged that this sum of money was correct and gave the transfer the go-ahead. Even more interesting is that the employee who verified this transaction was sacked by the bank after they discovered the error. The worker who was fired then took his employers to court and won, managing to get his job back. There is no information on whether the banker who actually fell asleep on his keyboard got dismissed or disciplinary action, but given the employee who verified it was fired, it seems likely the “perpetrator” of the mistake would get an even more serious punishment.

Either way this is surely a lesson as to why you should never fall asleep on the job, especially when you are near a keyboard attached to a work computer that isn’t locked or switched off.

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