Ballmer Wants Windows Phones to Run Android Apps

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Windows Phone

After release, Windows phones have experienced some difficulty. From hardware issues to software difficulties, Windows Phone has gone from windows 8 mobile, to 8.1 and now with Window 10 coming to mobiles Microsoft are more determined than ever to help improve the experience for their users. Project Astoria was an idea by Microsoft to run Android and iPhone apps on Windows phones, running apps from all the stores in a single place would give them a unique advantage. Would seem that this dream is still not dead for Steve Ballmer.

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s former CEO, has voiced his opinion on the Satya Nadella, the current chief’s, answer regarding a question posed about the lack of apps for their mobile platform.

Nadella was asked by an audience member, what Microsoft will do about key apps like the Starbucks app. Nadella responded by talking about their plans to create universal applications that can run on phones, tablets and computers.

Ballmer commented on the speech saying, “that won’t work”. Ballmer continued by saying that the company needs to enable windows phones to “run Android apps”. With a big difference between the platforms, currently though Microsoft has made it easier for developers to port their android app’s across to the windows platform.

Do you use Android, iOS or Windows Phone? Do you think that Windows Phone would benefit more from additional apps?

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2 Comments on Ballmer Wants Windows Phones to Run Android Apps

  • Avatar Nyall Davis says:

    I got a windows phone, 930, stunning camera (and app). Its all I need.
    But for other people apps are important, and win phone is never going to move up unitll it has hundreds of em.
    As good as it would be to make dedicated windows phone apps or “universals” there just isnt the developer interest.

    It looks like a choice between loosing their pride to ios and android, or play the uphill impossibility of breaking the no users -> no developers -> no users, cycle.

    • Avatar Felina Femenina says:

      If Microsoft has to go as far as to make Windows Phones compatible with Android and iPhone apps, then they may as well admit that there’s no market for Windows Phones and quit making them. Microsoft has not been technologically innovative enough with their mobile devices or clever enough with their marketing of them to grab customer, media or developer attention. Lack of apps is a symptom, not the problem.

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