Avenger Themed Apartment in Singapore Looks Awesome!

It isn’t enough just to watch their favourite shows, movies, and read the comic books for some fans; they need a little more. This is one of those examples where an apartment in Singapore has been turned into an Avenger themed living area. From the dining room where the Avenger logo has been used for  cupboards and shelves, to the living room where the S.H.I.E.L.D insignia makes the TV blend into the background; everything has a superb finish.

The bedroom has an Iron Man theme, where one has to wonder if that’s intentional, but it does look very cool.

The last room that the interior design company showed off is the kitchen, which has a Hulk theme. The green cupboard doors match well with the giant wall painting, keeping it simple and elegant, despite the giant hulk mural.

There was no word on what a remodelling job like this costs, but it can’t be cheap. I still want it.

Thanks to Absolook Interior Design for providing us with this information