Apple Watch Standard Model to be Priced Higher than ‘Sport’ Model

With just hours to go until Apple’s big watch event, the last few rumours are coming in concerning price, features and functionality. This latest piece of news isn’t a rumour though – Apple PR have confirmed that the standard Apple Watch will not be the same price as the Apple Watch Sport.

It was an assertion in the latest profile of Jony Ive, the company’s famed designer, that caused Apple to respond. The profile said that the standard and sport models would both start at $349.

“The stainless-steel Apple Watch, the anodised-aluminium Apple Watch Sport (both from $349).”

The company has now said that this is not the case, confirming that there will indeed be two separate prices. In a statement to 9to5Mac and many other publications, Apple said that this was a “misinterpretation” of what was said.

While we don’t know which will be the most expensive of the two, it’s pretty clear that the sport will cost $349 and the standard watch will cost more. The sport only uses aluminium and glass, while the standard model uses stainless-steel and sapphire for its display.

We’ll know for sure tomorrow. Be sure to keep your eye on eTeknix and we’ll have everything you need to know.

Source: 9to5Mac

iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program Extended to January 2016

A “small number” of iPhone 5 handsets apparently have a battery problem, causing their battery life to become depleted really quickly or for them to expire altogether. Apple initiated a free battery replacement program, in which customers could bring their phones to an Apple Store and have them replaced for free. This was only valid for two years following purchase of the device, and was due to run out in January of this year.

However, the company has decided to extend the program, offering free replacement batteries until January 2016. This could mean two things – the problem is so severe that they need to ensure everyone can take advantage of it, or it could mean that very few people have actually claimed a replacement battery.

To get yours, you need to visit this website and enter your serial number. Only certain devices with certain numbers can get the replacement, but it appears that for many, Apple is playing on the safe side, and you could find yourself getting a new battery even if your battery is just not holding as much charge as it used to (as with any old phone).

If you’ve got one of the affected phones, make a visit to the Genius Bar at your local Apple Store. They should replace the battery while you wait.

Source: TechRadar

Guy Calls Shameless Internet Scammers Pretending to be an Elderly Person

We’re all aware of those fake virus webpages that say “your computer is at risk”. Sometimes you get a big pop-up pretending to be some anti-virus, telling you that you’ve got millions of viruses on your computer, while other times you get a phone number, saying that “an official technician” can solve the problem.

While eTeknix readers may find such websites laughable, some inexperienced ‘silver surfers’, might not. Their limited knowledge when it comes to computers and the web might mean they’re willing to give over everything to get rid of the frightening message on their screen. YouTuber Jack Vale decided to simulate such a scenario. He came across one of the offending websites, and gave the number a call. He delivered his best old person impersonation and complied with everything the scammers said.

The most shocking thing was when he asked how much it would cost to ‘fix’ the problem. Jack told the scammers that “we’ve only got about 400 dollars left that we can spend.” Not a problem for the scammers – apparently it only costs “$399” to get the computer up and running again.

Watch the full call below.

Source: aplus

Apple Watch to Have 5 Hours of “Heavy Use” Battery Life

The ever reliable 9to5Mac has said that people familiar with the matter understand that the Apple Watch will now have 5 hours of “heavy usage” battery life.

Their sources say that Apple has surpassed its target of 2.5-4 hours and that 5 hours has been achieved. They also suggest that the device is perfectly capable of getting through a full day of combined heavy and light use, but will still need to be charged nightly. This information is apparently coming from those who have used the device themselves.

“Sources who have handled the Apple Watch tell us that Apple has improved the device’s battery life, noting that the final Apple Watch should be able to handle 5 hours of fairly heavy application usage, and it and won’t run out of battery during a typical day of mixed active and passive use.”

Give the post a read, it covers a number of other, more minor revelations, largely concerning some other unannounced features. However, if you want to hear it from Apple, you only have to wait until Monday when they hold their big event. We’ll be covering it right here on eTeknix.

Source: 9to5Mac

What to Expect from Monday’s Apple Event

Apple has a big event scheduled for Monday. Titled “Spring forward”, the event is expected to give us everything we need to know about the Apple Watch ahead of its release in April. But what exactly will they reveal?  Also, what other products could they introduce? A new iPad? A MacBook Air? Here are our predictions.

We know a lot about the watch – the bands, the different models, including the aluminium ‘Sport’, the standard stainless steel ‘Apple Watch’ and the 18-karat gold ‘Edition’. We also know that it pairs with an iPhone 5s and higher and that it will be priced starting at $349. But there’s also many things we don’t yet know. The number one thing most people are interested in is the prices. While we know what it will start at, we don’t know what that price is applicable to. So here are our estimates:

  • Apple Watch Sport: $349
  • Apple Watch: $400
  • Apple Watch Edition: $5,000

There’s also the many bands made of varying materials which will have different individual prices.

As for everything else to do with the watch, we can expect to learn how much battery life it will deliver, how long it will take to charge and we should see some more apps. Expect to see more stock apps pre-installed on the device, as well as a number of third-party apps from developers who have been invited to work closely with Apple.

So what else could we see on Monday? The two big rumours circulating at the moment concern a larger ‘iPad Pro’ and a redesigned MacBook Air. There’s also the new Beats streaming music service. Now for the music service and the iPad, it seems that they won’t come until later in the year. The latest rumours suggest that Apple’s first true foray into streaming music won’t arrive until the summer, when it will likely be unveiled at the June WWDC. The larger ‘iPad Pro’ now seems to be likely to arrive in the Autumn, perhaps September or October.

As for the redesigned MacBook Air, many things are pointing to it arriving on Monday. That will apparently be a new 12-inch model that is even thinner than the current model, with a ‘Retina Display’ and potentially a radically new approach to I/O. According to some rumours this new Air is expected to feature only one port for I/O and that port will also double as the power input, somewhat like the iPad.

Whatever happens on Monday, we’ll be sure to cover it here at eTeknix. Stay tuned to our site at 10am PST/ 17.00 UTC on Monday 9th March where we’ll find out what Apple has it up its sleeve.

Source: MacRumors, 9to5Mac

µTorrent Could Literally Blow Up Your PC!

According to Motherboarda package has been discovered that is linked to the popular Torrent download client µTorrent, that seemingly could destroy your computer. Not with a virus, but physically destroy it. This package, an app called ‘Epic Scale’, seemingly uses the processing power of your machine to mine Bitcoin for both Epic Scale and µTorrent.

A clause in the terms of Epic Scale raised eyebrows when someone noticed it and posted it on the µTorrent forums.

“You release Epic Scale and its agents … from and against all claims … arising from or related to (i) the use of the Application on your computer, including without limitation any blowouts or other damage to your computer from overheating due to intensive use of graphics cards or chips, or any slowing of your processing speed.”

What that effectively means, is that you’re giving the developers of this software the right to physically destroy your PC. Superfish is one thing, but a piece of software that you unknowingly give permission to destroy your computer is another; their profit at your expense.

Source: Motherboard

Kickstarter Wants to Hire Someone With Good Common Sense

According to Gizmodo, Kickstarter really is looking to hire someone for their “common sense”. Now for any other company, that would be a very odd position to hold. But for Kickstarter, you can probably imagine why it isn’t. Not too long ago, we reported on the story of a man who intended to crowdfund a date with himself. That’s why they need a “Common Sense Specialist”.

The technical title for this role is in fact ‘Integrity Specialist‘, but you can see why common sense would be a good alternative for “integrity”. They’re asking for someone who can “help moderate our site for appropriate content, tone, and compliance”, but most interestingly, they want the successful candidate to ensure “that our Design and Technology categories are filled with top-notch projects”.

This is obviously intended to avoid terrible ‘projects’ like the “Worst Product Ever Made” Logbar Ring that managed to raise almost $1 Million and did pretty much nothing. Enjoy a hilarious review of that ‘product’ below.

Source: Gizmodo

Meet The Kickstarter That Makes it Impossible to Spill Your Cup

Meet the Maskimatic cup holder, the product that makes spilling your drink almost impossible. This clever piece of kit can keep your beverages level up to a tilt of 20°, and will prevent any messiness in your car even after driving over those dreaded speed bumps.

The product, created by its namesake Maksim Ghyvoronsky, was originally designed to be fitted to brand new cars in the factory, however the demand from people was so intense, he decided to completely redesign it, allowing it to be used in any cup holder in pretty much any car you can find. The new Maksimatic Bullet is now on Kickstarter, and you can grab a pre-order for the anti-gravity cup holder for just $25 and they should hopefully arrive in May 2015, that’s if Ghyvoronsky reaches his $95,000 goal.

Go and help fund it here, but before you do, watch this video that shows you how it works.

Source: Gizmodo

UK MPs Call to Recruit Mumsnet Members as Spies

Senior MPs in the UK have called for agencies like the MI6, MI5 and GCHQ to use websites like Mumsnet to recruit spies. The remarks come as part of calls to increase the number of middle-aged women and mothers working in intelligence. The Intelligence and Security Committee made the conclusions in a report, that said females make up only 19% of those in Senior positions within the MI6, MI5 and GCHQ.

The thing that has turned heads though, is the fact that Mumsnet might be a place mothers could be recruited as spies. Will GCHQ really monitor the Mumsnet forums to find the next ‘M‘? Maybe. Justine Roberts, the CEO of Mumsnet didn’t directly respond to the suggestion, other than to say “I’m afraid I’m unable to comment as I have an urgent appointment with a rock in St. James’s Park.”

So, if you’re a kid, keep an eye on your mother if ever she’s on Mumsnet, she might just be protecting our borders from Russian spies.

Source: BBC News

New Images Suggest a MacBook Air Update to Come on Monday

With Apple holding an event on Monday, there’s the usual flurry of rumours coming in about the things we might see. Of course, we’ll learn more about the watch, but there’s also suggestions that we might see a MacBook Air update alongside that.

New images from Chinese forum appear to show screenshots of the system specifications for a new 13-inch MacBook Air. The pictures, which we’ve included here, suggest that a new model of Apple’s ultra-potable notebook could have an Intel Core 1.6GHz i5-5250U processor, Intel HD Graphics 6000 and 4GB of RAM. It’s also worth pointing out that this supposed new model comes with the 1440 x 900 display that has been on every 13-inch MacBook Air since 2010, not a ‘Retina Display’.

What this information points to is that Apple may merely refresh the specs of the MacBook Air on Monday, rather than introduce a whole new model with a new design, as some rumours have suggested. Those rumours, which still keep popping up, say that the company is developing an entirely new 12-inch model of the Air that will have an even thinner design and possibly a ‘Retina Display’.

But all of this is not to say that the new model won’t appear at the event too – it’s highly possible that we’ll see a brand new model and a refresh of the old 13-inch model. Stay tuned to eTeknix on Monday when we’ll find out.

Source: Via: MacRumors

Hilary Clinton Wants to Make Her Emails Public After Controversy

Hilary Clinton, who is currently under scrutiny for not using an official government email account, has said that she wants to release all of her emails to the public. Clinton has caused controversy for using a private email account rather than an official government one for government matters. She believes releasing her emails may settle concerns about transparency.

She informed people of her decision via Twitter, saying that her emails will be released as soon as possible. The State Department later released a statement in response to Clinton’s Tweet, suggesting that it may take some time to review the supposed 55,000 emails already handed over.

“The State Department will review for public release the emails provided by Secretary Clinton to the Department, using a normal process that guides such releases. We will undertake this review as soon as possible; given the sheer volume of the document set, this review will take some time to complete.”

Clinton broke the rules by setting up a private email server registered to her home – a significant difference to others who have breached such protocol, often because they simply made the mistake of undertaking official business via a personal webmail account. In this case, Clinton went above and beyond the rules, something that we as of yet don’t have a reason for.

Source: The Verge

This Cockroach’s Nervous System Can Be Remotely Controlled

This isn’t quite mind control, but it’s not far off. Researchers from Texas A&M University have effectively managed to hijack the nervous system of a cockroach, giving them the ability to control its movements. Many cockroaches have been remotely controlled before; heck you can even buy something to do it yourself, but in those cases it has always involved the stimulation of the roach’s antennae, not its nervous system.

In this instance, the scientists attached a receiver to the insect’s nerve cells, within a part of its body called the pro-ganglion. Where previously by using the antennae you cold only make the roach change direction, in this case the scientists managed to accurately control the path in which the roach was moving. They could make it go forwards, left or right.

This “remotely controlled hybrid robotic system” isn’t just for fun of playing with a cockroach, but apparently for real purposeful reasons. It’s said that the RC roaches could be used to find people trapped under debris in recovery operations. The scientists suggest that the creatures would be more nimble, strong and energy-efficient than a robotic counterpart.

What do you think? Weird or genius?

Source: Gizmodo

Is BMW Building a Car With Apple?

German magazine Auto Motor und Sporthas reported that Apple and BMW are in close talks over building a car together. They say that the companies are interested in developing the BMW i3 as an Apple-designed vehicle. They also say that Apple is developing an operating system for the car and that they plan to sell it through Apple Stores.

BMW, on the other hand, has denied the claims. In a statement to Reuters, they said that they are not working with Apple on developing a car.

“The BMW spokesman said: ‘We are in regular talks with companies from the IT and telecommunications sector, including Apple, concerning topics like connected vehicles. Developing or building a car is not a topic of these discussions.'”

While Apple may not be building a car with BMW, they could certainly be collaborating on the in-car infotainment systems. Apple has CarPlay, a system that integrates with a number of new BMW vehicles. It could be the case that they are working together on a more integrated and taylor-made system, but this is not yet clear.

This rumour is one of many recently that suggest that Apple could be building a car. Credible reports from both The Wall Street Journal and Reuters have said that the company is hard at work on one, but these claims have been disputed by some. It’s been suggested that these rumours are fake, but that they’re being ‘leaked’ intentionally by Apple in an effort to keep investors happy. Others have also said that Apple would be stupid to build a car and that they probably won’t release one.

The same things were said about the iPhone. At the time, many said that Apple wouldn’t possibly want to enter the phone business, thanks to its low margins and tough competition. Considering how wrong those people were, it wouldn’t at all be surprising if Apple really did build a car.

Source: Auto Motor und Sport Via: MacRumors

Want to Play with Apple Watch Apps Before April? Now You Can

Everyone is raving over the Apple Watch, with immense anticipation building before its release. However, there are very few people that have even seen one, let alone used one of the elusive devices. So what if you wanted to give it a try before pre-ordering?

A new page on the WatchAware site showcases a selection of apps that are currently being developed for the watch. It allows you to click on their icons and gives you the opportunity to imagine what it would be like to use them. But perhaps more interestingly, it gives us a chance to see how some of the features work. Particularly of interest are ‘Glances’, which give you information quickly, and ‘Actionable Notifications’ which work more like notifications on your phone.

The sheer creativity of Apple Watch developers is already evident, just take a look at the one we’ve included with this article. Soon you’ll be able to discreetly make fart noises with your wrist! How innovative is that!

Source: MacRumors 

Apple Surpasses Samsung as World’s Largest Smartphone Manufacturer

Apple has surpassed Samsung as the world’s largest manufacturer of smartphones, marking the first time that Apple has held the top spot since 2011. In the last quarter of 2014, Apple sold 74.8 million and Samsung sold a slightly less 73 million phones.

While the difference is highly negligible, it’s a significant shift when you consider the range of smartphones Apple sells compared to that of Samsung. While Samsung produces cheap phones, mid-range phones and premium phones, Apple largely specialises in so-called premium devices.

“With Apple dominating the premium phone market and the Chinese vendors increasingly offering quality hardware at lower prices, it is through a solid ecosystem of apps, content and services unique to Samsung devices that Samsung can secure more loyalty and longer-term differentiation at the high end of the market,” Roberta Cozza, at Gartner

Apple’s ability to sell such ‘high end’ products at such volume has been described as unprecedented; with its strong ecosystem and extraordinary success in China being targeted as the main reasons for their success. Apple’s decision to produce phones with larger displays is also a big factor, as it appears consumers had been longing to have the iOS experience on a larger screen.

Will Samsung be able to catch up with the new S6 and S6 Edge? The phones garnered a positive reaction from those who were at their unveiling in Barcelona. Both devices have a full metal case, leading to a more pleasing design compared to their previous plastic-y phones. That design has been a point of contention too – a number have called out their similarities to the iPhone 6.

Source: MacRumors

McAfee Anti-Virus for Your Watch? Intel Thinks So

Now I’m sure that everyone reading eTeknix is very familiar with the need to be protected. You’ve all got the right anti-virus software on your machines, all properly configured. Those of you who have Android phones too, I’m sure you take all the measures necessary to keep bad guys out. But with technology coming to even more places, including our wrists, it begs the question, do we need to protect those things too?

Intel certainly thinks so. At Mobile World Congress this week, the company just announced that they’ll be bundling McAfee Mobile Security (Intel owns McAfee) with LG’s new Watch Urbane LTE. Yes, just as you thought your wrists could be free of bloatware/crapware, Intel has gone and stuck McAfee on a smartwatch. Why you would need that is unknown – as of yet, there are no known pieces of malware that specifically target a smartwatch. Plus, the software you can download and install on such a device, even on a non-tethered watch like the one question, is highly limited, making it difficult to inadvertently download malware.

The biggest question from all of this though, is how do you get rid of it? Let’s hope it’s not as difficult as it is on a new PC.

Source: The Verge

GDC 2015: NVIDIA Announces GeForce GTX Titan X with 12GB of VRAM

NVIDIA has just moments ago announced their next-generation GeForce GTX Titan X. They made the big reveal at Epic Games’ GDC event.

The new model doubles the current model’s 6GB, to a 12GB framebuffer, alongside an incredible 8 billion transistors. Details are scarce at the moment, but stay tuned as we’ll have everything you need to know as it comes.

Source: TweakTown

Apple Watch has ‘Power Reserve’ Mode, Prototypes Disguised as Samsung Watches

The New York Times has published some new details about the upcoming Apple Watch. They suggest that the new device will have a ‘Power Reserve’ mode that keeps the clock face running even with minimal battery power left.

The news comes at a time when many are wondering just how long the device’s battery life will be. Apple itself has only suggested that it will need to be charged nightly, while rumours have pointed to a couple of hours being the time it will stay active. It’s worth pointing out however that these rumoured times are only under standard use conditions, in that the watch will only be in full use very briefly throughout the day. The device uses a mechanism that switches the display on only when you raise your wrist. If true, it appears that Apple is trying to ensure that it maintains its basic time-telling function for as long as possible.

There’s also some other tidbits of information from the article, such as the fact that Apple disguised the watch as a Samsung Galaxy Gear while in development. This is not uncommon for the company, as they’ve been known to do this with iPhones, most famously with the stolen iPhone 4 that was “left” in a bar back in 2010.

The Apple Watch will be released in April, with Apple holding an event next Monday to reveal further details.

Source: The New York Times Via: The Verge

Tim Cook Praises Snowden, Responds to Questions About Apple Car

In case you hadn’t noticed, Apple’s Tim Cook has been on a global tour recently, visiting many places in Europe, including Germany and the UK, as well as other countries such as Israel. In Germany, he sat down to talk with BILD, one of the country’s biggest newspapers. In that interview, cook made some interesting remarks on a variety of issues, most intriguing were about Edward Snowden and also those rumours about an Apple car!

As for Snowden, Cook effectively praised the former NSA contractor, who in 2013 leaked thousands of classified documents revealing details about the US government’s spying programme. Cook, who is frequently heard talking about privacy issues, likened Snowden’s efforts to Apple’s values.

“If Snowden did anything for us at all, then it was to get us to talk more about these things. [Apple’s] values have always been the same.”

It really is quite significant that the CEO of the world’s largest company has praised a man some call a traitor. Snowden is a fugitive in the eyes of the US, and for Cook to associate his company with him like that is a big deal.

Beyond privacy, Cook was also pressed on future products, namely an Apple car. Recently we’ve seen a flurry of rumours suggesting that the company is hard at work producing a vehicle. The Wall Street Journal published extensive details, saying that there is a ‘Project Titan’ underway at Apple, with at least 1,000 employees working on it.

“We are still secretive about our coming products. So if you ask me what we are working on I’m not going to answer this question.” Asked about the Apple car, he replied simply: “I have read the rumours. I can’t comment on it.”

Ahh, not exactly a revelation, but interesting that he didn’t outright deny such a project. If a car was completely out of the question, Cook may well have laughed it off.

Source: 9to5Mac

Jony Ive and Elon Musk ‘Inseparable’ at Oscars After Party

AppleInsider reports that Apple’s Jony Ive and Tesla founder Elon Musk were seen talking to each other at Madonna’s exclusive Oscars after party. They say that they were “basically inseparable” and “really close”. The news comes at a time where Apple is rumoured to be building a car of its own, with suggestions that they may be looking at purchasing Musk’s Tesla Motors.

While the fact that the two were merely talking to each other is interesting, it’s also intriguing that Ive and Musk reportedly left the event together at 5am. It’s worth pointing out that these details are based on things said only by an anonymous source, as no pictures or video were allowed at the party.

Could they have been plotting a future Apple/Tesla deal, or were they simply discussing how much they love the buffet? We don’t know, but it would have been amazing to be a fly-on-the-wall at that party.

Source: AppleInsider

2016 Audi R8 e-tron to Take on Tesla Model S

The next version of Audi’s R8 will have a separate electric version labelled the ‘e-tron’. The car, with its 92kWh t-shaped lithium-ion battery, has the potential to take on the performance of the Tesla Model S.

It can do 0-62 mph in just 3.9 seconds and has an incredible “artificially restricted” top speed of 155.3 mph. However, its most impressive spec is its battery performance. It does 280 miles on a single charge and can be charged fully in “significantly less than two-hours.” That alone makes this machine incredibly interesting. Those specs are also pretty in line with the Model S too.

The difference here is of course the speed and the brand. It’s significant that Audi has made its top of the line supercar an electric car. It will obviously draw comparisons with BMW’s i8, however the major difference is that the i8 is only a hybrid, not a complete EV. So effectively, this marks the first time a major car manufacturer has made a supercar EV. It’s a significant development, one surely to move others in the industry to look at doing the same.

Petrolheads shouldn’t worry however – Audi has a V10 model of its new R8. It may be a few more years before the it’s EV-only.

Source: BusinessInsider

Huawei Announces Android Wear Smartwatch

While we’ve already seen it in various leaks, Huawei has today announced its Android Wear watch. The aptly-named Huawei Watch features a multitude of features and tracking capabilities.

It comes features a 42mm round display with a 286 ppi 1.4-inch AMOLED touchscreen above a heart rate monitor alongside 512MB of RAM, 4GB of storage and a 6-axis motion sensor. To top it all off, it comes with a Qualcomm 1.2GHz processor, wedged inside its teeny casing. That casing comes in gold, silver and black with 40 customisable watch faces to compliment it. There’s also a number of gender-orientated designs.

Those designs are important too – Apple made sure its watch would be a fashion accessory, something Huawei believes is also the way to go; previous smartwatches we’ve seen have essentially been a mini smartphone on your wrist, and have looked more hi-tech than fashionable (Samsung’s first Galaxy Gear for instance).

The Huawei Watch will pair with any Android phone that supports Android Wear and Bluetooth L, and will be available in mid-June 2015.

Source: The Next Web

The Surfboard that Acts Like a Hoverboard

With it being 2015 and with that being the future according to Back to the Future, we’ve seen a number of devices that claim to be hoverboards or devices that act somewhat like them. While many of the so-called hover boards we have today barely get off the ground and move quite slowly, one board seemingly ticks all the boxes; except that it only runs over water.

Meet the Foilboard – a new board that is essentially a surf board with a hydrofoil motor attached to it. Once the surfer using the board gets up to speed, he or she can almost literally fly above the water. It’s amazing to watch – it’s like a motorised surfboard, a surfboard faster and more capable than any other.

Be sure to watch famous surfer Laird Hamilton give the board a try in the video below.

Source: Gizmodo

Apple Starts Building Mysterious Structure Outside Event Building

9to5Mac has been sent photos of a mysterious new structure being built outside the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts – the location of Apple’s event a week from now.

The images show a white tent-like structure that has been constructed as an extension to one of the buildings at the venue. While we don’t yet exactly know what the building will be for, our best guess is that it will be a demo area for the Apple Watch and perhaps any new products that are to be announced.

This guess, while it seems perfectly reasonable, is not without question. Apple built a similar, but substantially larger building at the Flint Center, in Cupertino for their original watch event, which has led to the suggestion that this is the same thing. But, it’s worth keeping in mind that the Flint Center did not have the space required for such an area in the first place, necessitating that Apple build it themselves. The Yerba Buena Center does have this space already though – Apple has held many events at the venue across many years, and has always had a substantially large demo area inside the building itself.

So, what is this building? Is it really just show off the watch, or is it for another product? We’ll see on March 9th.

Source: 9to5Mac

Microsoft Accidentally Leaks New Lumia Phones

Joining a trend of companies leaking their own products this week, Microsoft has just accidentally leaked two new Lumia phones due to be revealed at Mobile World Congress. Fortunately for Microsoft, they only leaked the names of the new devices in a blank post on their News Center website.

The post, which has been pulled (still viewable in a cache here) had the title “Microsoft Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL: keeping you prepared for anything” – revealing the Lumia 640 and the Lumia 640 XL, two brand new phones under the former Nokia brand. While we can guess that the 640 XL will be a bigger variant of the 640, we currently have no further details on the devices, other than specs previously leaked by Nokia Power UserThey said that the new phone will have 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage, a Snapdragon 400 processor and a 8-megapixel camera. the 640 is  also to feature a 5-inch screen.

While we know the names for sure now, we’ll have to find out whether the specs are right when Microsoft officially unveils the devices this week.

Source: The Verge

Apple Watch Boutiques Coming to Luxury Stores in London and Paris

Apple is seemingly building pop-up boutiques in luxury Parisian and London stores. One store is expected to open in Paris’ Galeries Lafayette and London’s Selfridges store. Mac4Ever spotted signs of construction in the Parisian store, while a number of job opportunities have appeared for Apple Store employees in London.

A section of Selfridges Wonder Room has been boarded up recently, suggesting that the 19,000-square-foot hall will be the location of Apple’s store-within-a-store. The Wonder Room is a focal point for watch and jewellery brands, making it suitable for Apple’s latest product. The rumours are in line with Apple’s intentions for the watch, that it is a fashion-centric product, designed to be both technologically advanced as well as something you might wish to wear.

The watch is due to be available in April, with Apple holding an event next Monday to potentially reveal more details about the device.

Source: Mac4Ever, MacRumors

Seattle Police Launches YouTube Channel to Share Body Camera Footage

Police body cameras have been a big source of contention lately. With various police shootings in the US, and the subsequent protests, many have called to have body cameras introduced for officers. Well, Seattle Police have gone one step further.

The force has begun uploading footage recorded from the cameras to YouTube. Now you might wonder how they can do this with there being many members of the non-consenting public being filmed in these videos. Well, if you watch one of their videos below, you’ll see how. They essentially turn the videos into a hazy blur, using a filter to make individuals indistinguishable.

So, while you might be interested to experience life as a police officer in Seattle, be prepared to experience life as an officer with an eye condition.

Source: The Verge