Action Comics Issue 1 is on Ebay for $1.75 Million

Yes, you read that right, the first ever issue of Action Comics is on sale on eBay for $1.75 million! Why eBay you ask? I can’t answer that question, surely something of this value and importance to fictional character history would be sold at a very private auction where only extremely rich and insane people gather to spend ridiculous amounts of money on what is essentially, paper.

This comic is the alpha comic book, the grand master, this is the very first comic book ever to feature Superman, call it his debut of the world if you like. It’s “The finest known copy of the most sought after comic book in the world. A 1938 museum piece with PERFECT WHITE pristine pages”, now if anything has a description like that, you know it’s going to be worth mega bucks. The owner is lucky chap Darren Adams and he purchased the copy from a collector who kept it locked in a bank vault, guess that protection is paying off now. Adams also says “I’m hoping that the next person can enjoy it as much as I do. I’d love it if a museum purchased this book for all to see”.

This comic has been around since 1938 and for it to have pristine white pages after all this time is nothing short of amazing. You can find the auction on eBay here.

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Oculus VR Founder Wants to See an Oculus Rift in Every Home

Damn, that’s a BIG ambition! An Oculus Rift in every home in the world, maybe in 20 years or so but right now it’s just not going to happen. Palmer Luckey recently had an interview with Kotaku UK and said some very interesting things about his vision of VR and where he sees it going.

“We see one in every home. [But], just at launch we need to be realistic. The people who are going to be buying this initially are going to be gamers, probably hardcore gamers, and they’re going to be the ones with PCs most capable of running it”

“As time goes on it’ll become more and more mainstream, but at launch we’re going to be targeting that core. Basically let’s target it to the people whom we know are going to be buying and then let’s go for the people who are going to take some convincing”.

Just think of the possibilities that come with VR, surgeons could use it for a better view or be able to see something they normally would be unable too, that’s just one and I won’t list them all because I could be here for days! Things are going very well indeed for the Rift, with DevKit 2 being shipped across the world as of last month it’s only a matter of time before we see it in more and more places and being used in more situations.

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Apple Bans Two Chemicals Used in Overseas Factories

Apple have many overseas factories, that’s for sure, 22 to be exact! Some of the factories have been using very harsh chemicals during production of Apple products, the chemicals in question are benzene and n-hexane, extremely harsh chemicals that have links to leukemia and potential nerve damage! China Labor Watch and Green America are activist groups that look into this kind of thing to guarantee the staff are working in safe environments and spotted that these chemicals where being used and caused a scene.

18 of Apples factories were not using the chemical at any stage in production, however, 4 were and it’s in these 4 that the new ban has come into place. The factories were reportedly using the chemical solutions within safe limits but Apple has decided to ban them nonetheless. Apple was called out in the past when a factory used N-hexane, which evaporates faster than alcohol, reportedly led to 137 employees being hospitalized. I guess they don’t want a repeat of that episode which is why such swift action has been taken this time. 

This is doing everything we can think of to do to crack down on chemical exposures and to be responsive to concerns,” said Lisa Jackson, Apple VP of environmental initiatives, in a statement to the AP. “We think it’s really important that we show some leadership and really look toward the future by trying to use greener chemicals.”

It’s nice to see a huge company such as Apple actually seem to care about their staff and make a change for the better, for their sake at least. Good job Apple, you have our respect, for now.

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AMD Catalyst 14.7 RC3 Drivers Released – Windows 8 Support Ends

Hooray for new drivers! Good news for AMD fans as they have released their 14.7 RC3 drivers which brings, as always, performance improvements. This one focusing mostly on 4K display issues that people have brought to AMDs attention. AMD say that this new driver update will  include “display interface enhancements to improve 4K monitor performance and reduce flickering” but that isn’t everything. Users of Windows 8 will not see the effects of this driver because AMD stopped Windows 8 support with the 14.6 driver. AMD ask users that they upgrade to Windows 8.1 for free to see the benefits of the update as well as to be able to remain up to date without having to worry about having no more updates.

AMD cards that are seeing the changes are the Radeon R9 290, R9 270 and HD 7800 Series. Any card in a series below the 7800 will not see any change as they are unable to push 4K resolutions. There are also changes to game performance when running at 4K, Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag has had results of up to a 93% performance increase when using crossfire in the new update. This just shows that people need to keep up to date with drivers so they’re not missing on performance increases such as that. So if you’re using Windows 8 and have an AMD GPU, hurry up and get Windows 8.1! 

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Silent Hills – the Horror Game We’ve Been Waiting For

I’m sure by now you’ve all heard of P.T, short for Playable Teaser, for the PlayStation 4, if you haven’t then where have you been!? P.T appears as a demo on the PlayStation Store and is free to download, it’s 1.9Gb big and you get around 30 mins worth of playtime, more if you’re a huge wuss when it comes to horror games like I am. All I’m saying is that I tried it at 2am a few days ago an I turned it off in about 5 minutes, 10/10 huge wimp. Anyway, the demo itself looks amazing, the developers are clearly going for a hyper-realistic look with the game for more immersion and just a better quality game. The lighting in the demo is spectacular, swinging lights and dark corners really give it that horror feel that gamers love.


Now when P.T first appeared nobody knew what on earth it was, until they finished it that is. (Sorry for spoilers here) Upon finishing the demo you are rewarded with a cutscene featuring Norman Reedus, yes it is that guy from The Walking Dead, who better to place in a creepy/hostile environment then one of the most badass characters on television right now.


I for one cannot wait for the full title to launch and to be sucked into the horrific world of Silent hill, although I’ll most likely turn it off within 10 minutes. *sigh*

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World of Warcraft 2 Could Be a Possibility

Now not being a World of Warcraft player myself I’m not really excited by this news but there will be millions of players who are very interested about what Blizzard are saying. Game Informer asked WoWs game directer, Tom Chilton, if there was any possibility of World of Warcraft getting a sequel? To which Tom replied…

“Definitely. It’s something we have talked about. It’s something we have talked about for ten years. I think that there are a lot of challenges there in seeing how World of Warcraft II relates to World of Warcraft, do they live alongside each other, does one feed into the other, what is that product, etc. These are challenges that have to be figured out before that becomes a reality”.

So there you have it folks, Blizzard are discussing a sequel to the insanely popular ip, they’re just not sure on which way to take it. What are your thoughts on this? Should they make another game? There are obvious signs that the game has become a lot less popular then it was a few years ago, with player figures dropping is it wise to make another game? I think if a sequel does ever come around, it will either be a huge success and completely revive the series or it will end the series completely.

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Jailbroken iOS Devices Being Targeted by New Malware

Now, here’s one more reason not to get an iPhone, even more so a jail-broken one at that. The malware is known as AdTheif or Spad and has successfully hijacked more than 75,000 iPhone devices and infected more than 22 million adverts! The malicious software came from China and went around being undetected for around 4 months but the thing is it can only infect jail-broken devices, so normal iPhone users are safe but that still doesn’t change the fact iPhones are awful.

The malicious software was detected back in March by Claud Xiao but the Fortinet senior mobile researcher Axelle Apvrille took a closer look at AdThief. Turns out the software works on 15 different mobile adkits and using some clever code it changes the developer or affiliate ID so all ad revenue is redirected to the criminals and not the people it’s intended for. 8 of the adkits are Chinese, the other 7 are from various countries around the world but each one is hacked the same way and always has the same effect on the advert. Security experts and Apple themselves do advice not to jail-break their devices as it does increase the risk of picking up software like this massively, but at the end of the day, it’s up to the user.

The Chinese hacker, known as Rover12421 did contribute to the code, but denied saying he or she is behind the entire project

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Child Predator Caught after 14 Years on the run by Facial Recognition Software

BUSTED! A massive win for facial recognition software as it has helped catch a convicted child sex offender that has been on the run for 14 years! Neil Stammer was accused of sex crimes involving a child as well as kidnapping and other charges in New Mexico back in 2000. Stammer was released on bond and then went on the run and has been ever since, until now that is. Facial recognition technology was used on this photograph of him that was taken back in 1999 by the Diplomatic Security Service, facial recognition technology was being used by the DSS to crack down on fake US passports. The original photograph was scanned and checked though the DSS system and it found a match. 

Keven Hodges was the man who’s name appeared on the system, turns out this has been the name Neil Stammer has been using whilst living in Nepal, whilst teaching English to, you guessed it, small children. Sick bastard, enjoy prison!

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Free WiFi Is Best at Starbucks and McDonald’s According to Study

We’ve all been in that situation, stuck somewhere just out of reach of your 3G signal and you are so desperate to get on the internet whilst on the go, you have to connect to “Free WiFi”. The horror! Anyway, free WiFi usually sucks 9 times out of 10, mostly because there is about 30 people all using the same WiFi signal as you demanding bandwidth when there just isn’t enough for everyone. I live in the UK and this is the case for me 99.9999% of the time, the speed I get is around 0.3Mbps which is just awful, I might as well not bother. Although, according to a study by wireless specialist OpenSignal.

The test was performed in the USA where they have the luxury of Google Fiber, lucky sods, and found that the average speed in McDonalds is 4Mbps. Starbucks on the other hand have dropped AT&T and picked up a shiny new deal with Google and a a result of this the average speed in Starbucks was 9.01Mbps, that’s more than I’m getting right now in my own home! Just shows how poor the internet in the UK is, miles behind everyone else!

Free WiFi is always good for businesses, it attracts people in and gives them something to write on a website or put in a shop window but if the speed is awful then people will look somewhere else to leech internet from. I think Google is about to get a lot more popular with businesses everywhere.

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Microsoft Reveal New Xbox One Bundles – Includes More Storage

Now Gamescon 2014 is well under way and there have been loads of awesome announcements in just a few days, on of these  is a few new Xbox One bundles that were announced by Microsoft. The two bundles are a White edition of the Xbox One and a Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare edition, both have their own special features.

Firstly is the white Xbox One, you may remember a craze of people selling them on eBay for thousands of pounds because they were for employees only and it came with a controller that said “I made this” on it, well now this version of the console is available to the public with Kinect  right now! (Minus the text on the controller because, well, you didn’t make it) There will be an option to buy it without the Kinect camera from October 28th this year and it will set you back $399.

Secondly comes the more interesting edition out of the two, the Advanced Warfare edition. This will launch with a custom paint job on your Xbox and feature a 1Tb HDD, double that of the current 500Gb one. It will come with a copy of the game, which it should as it is the Advanced Warfare edition after all!

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Motorola G2 Apparently Shipping September 10th with 8Gb Storage

Only 8Gb!? That is a bad sign as that won’t be what you actually receive as you’ll have the OS and pre-installed apps on there too, your probably looking at around 6Gb out of the box but that’s just me guesstimating.

Following the success of the Moto G, Motorola are busy with their plans with the G2. According to a source who claims to have been given launch details about the G2 straight from a Motorola representative, the G2 will launch on September 10th this year. The handsets are supposedly with retailers now or will be very soon, orders won’t be sent out until release date. The handset is said to sell for €250, not as expensive as other phones on the market but it still isn’t exactly cheap. The reason for this pricing can be seen by looking at the rumored specification list.

Apparently the G2 will have a 5-inch 720p screen, Snapdragon 400 chipset, 1GB of RAM, and an 8MP rear camera. The front camera is a 2MP unit and the smartphone will run Android 4.4.4 KitKat out of the box. Internal storage is 8GB; presumably, the smartphone will have storage expansion, which it will need otherwise people will not be happy with such a small amount of undependable storage. Now those specs are average nowadays in a smartphone so the €250 price mark makes sense.

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Two Headed Dolphin Washes up on Turkish Beach

Firstly, sorry for the rather grim image you’re looking at, it’s the only one of the creature and secondly, before you all say “this isn’t technology news!”, I know, but something as strange as this has to be brought to peoples attention.

Now I’m sure we’ve all heard about conjoined twins being born in the news, they are so rare that if they live beyond 5 seconds then everyone has to know about it. Now it seems that the same has happened with a dolphin, or is that dolphins? A conjoined Dolphin was found dead on the shores of Turkey by a tourist visiting the area, scientists aren’t exactly sure how old the Dolphin was before it died but an estimate of 12 months has been given, it was around 3.2 ft long and according to the man who found the corpse, one of its eyes had not properly formed, poor thing.

The deceased dolphin will be studied by a marine biologist names Mehmet Gokoglu from Akdeniz University. The scientist says that a conjoined dolphin is very rare.

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Chromebooks to Hit Sales of 5.2 Million by End of 2014

Chromebooks are getting big, their popularity is increasing, especially within the educational areas, their cost is attracting schools everywhere to replace the expensive IT rooms we all used to use. People who buy a Chromebook aren’t hardware enthusiats let me assure you, their specs are minimal, I’m amazed they even open Office.

Research firm Garter has conducted some, well, research into the Chromebook market and revealed that the sales by the end of 2014 will be 5.2 million units sold worldwide. Back in 2013 Samsung launched their Chromebook and sold 1.3 million units, Samsung are estimated to have 64.9% of the Chromebook market by the end of 2014. Acer has 21.4 percent, relying on the cost-effective ARM-based CPUs, while Hewlett-Packard and Lenovo have 6.8 and 6.7 percent control of the market, respectively.

” Competition in the Chromebook market is intensifying as more vendors launch Chromebooks, with eight models in the market in 2014,”said Isabelle Durand, Gartner Principal Analyst, in a press statement. ” Now that the PC market is no longer growing strongly, vendors are searching for new business opportunities. They launched Chromebooks to revive interest in sub-$300 portable PCs once the netbook bubble had burst.”

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Microsoft Launch the Worlds Most Pointless App

Now please excuse me if I rant a little here, I despise this kind of thing and I’m going to share my thoughts with you all in this article, so please bear with me.

Microsoft have launched an app that is specifically designed to give you the latest news about your favorite celebrities, just in case your life is that small you need to see what is happening in someone else’s life who just sees you as an ATM. I hate the ‘celebrity’ title, they have money and that’s all there is to it really. Some celebrities milk that status just for more money, like they don’t have enough? Anyway, this app is called Snipp3t and yes it’s actually written like that. Snipp3t is designed to bring you all the pointless celebrity news that you don’t need in your life right to your phone in one place. As you can see from the image I placed at the top of this news you can see Katy Perry on the left wearing some hideous outfit with the whole stars and stripes thing going on because it was July 4th or ‘Independence day’ as it’s known in America. Why do people care what she wore that day? How does it affect your life? It doesn’t, I would rather see a picture of cooked chicken wearing that outfit, would make me smile because it’s comical and would make my day that little bit better, plus it’s genuinely more interesting than Katy Perry, mind you, so is a jam sandwich. 

You can also customize which celebrities appear on your feed and which don’t. For example, I’m a completely insane person with no friends and I want to see what One Direction have been doing, I select them from the list and they will now appear on my feed from now on. Now, what I just said represents about 100% of the people who will download this app so I’m sure One Direction and Katy Perry will be getting all the attention they want/need and couldn’t care less who you are as an individual.

So there you have it folks, download the app if you want loads of crap content full of pointless stuff that won’t change your life one bit. Enjoy!

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Battlefield 4’s next Update Will Be Focused on Core Gameplay

Hooray! Another Battlefield 4 update, where loads of things are fixed but it seems whenever things are fixed, some already fixed stuff breaks, maybe not this time. (fingers crossed) The next update to hit Battlefield 4 will focus on core gameplay features such as soldiers movement and HUD changes, as well as a few small changes here and there. Dice say the new soldiers movement “closely matches the one in Battlefield 3, but without compromising the visual fidelity”.

The HUD is changing too, as of September onward the HUD will “only show what is important” with players being able to add more information to the HUD as they see fit. DICE are also working on weapons balancing and tweaking a few vehicles, reviving your fellow team mates is about to get better to. The Defibs will make a sound letting the player know that they are fully charged and ready to revive a fallen team mate. DICE has also promised improvements to the Rush, Obliteration, Obliteration Competitive, Capture the Flag and Carrier Assault game modes.

Now that is a lot of changes and I personally can’t wait to see the update go live, what are your thoughts? Let us know!

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Virginia Has the Fastest Internet in the USA

Well here they are, the fastest states in America. A new report from Broadview shows that the average internet speed in the USA is fastest in the state of Virginia and slowest in Alaska. Overall the report shows that internet speeds are slower in the Midwest and southern states with the west coast and north east states having greater speeds on average.

Here is a list of the top 10 fastest and slowest average speeds for all who are wondering what the average speed is where they live, sorry if your state isn’t on the list.

Top 10 states with fastest Internet:

1. Virginia (13.7 Mbps)

2. Delaware (13.1 Mbps)

3. Massachusetts (13.1 Mbps)

4. Rhode Island (12.9 Mbps)

5. Washington, DC (12.8 Mbps)

6. Washington (12.5 Mbps)

7. New Hampshire (12.3 Mbps)

8. Utah (12.1 Mbps)

9. Michigan (11.8 Mbps)

10. Connecticut (11.7 Mbps)

Top 10 states with lowest average Internet speed:

41. Louisiana (7.7 Mbps)

42. Missouri (7.7 Mbps)

43. Idaho (7.7 Mbps)

44. Mississippi (7.6Mbps)

45. New Mexico (7.6Mbps)

46. West Virginia (7.5Mbps)

47. Montana (7.3 Mbps)

48. Arkansas (7.3 Mbps)

49. Kentucky (7.3 Mbps)

50. Alaska (7.0 Mbps)

Now being the slowest with 7Mbps isn’t bad, here in the UK as I type this i’m only on 8Mbps and that’s as fast as I can get without getting fibre optics. So for the slowest state Alaska, you’re really not that slow.

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Spec List Is the Same as Ghosts

Hmm now correct me if I’m wrong but the term ‘Next Generation’ means better all-round quality games, am I right? So with the developers of Advanced Warfare saying “Next Generation” about every 4 seconds in every trailer why hasn’t the spec list changed from that of Ghosts? Surely with a “new Next Generation engine” they would be able to push higher res textures, more particles, models on screen etc which would make the game more demanding and require more powerful hardware to run it smoothly. Not according to the spec lists, they are identical, nothing has changed, so it makes you wonder, how “Next Gen” is it really?

The same thing happened with Ghosts, all this talk about a “Next Gen engine and active fish AI” and then when it came out it looked like every other Call of Duty. So what could they have done to actually improve this years CoD? I for one hope they have actually tried and stopped reusing models from 5 year old games, I saw the digger from Modern Warfare 1 in Ghosts and just sighed. From what I’ve seen about Advanced Warfare is that it does look better and the animation looks better too, this is by watching some of the campaign footage they released. Going by this I would advise people to just hold back on the pre-order until launch or the multiplayer reveal, which is getting close now.

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Sleeping Dogs Is Getting a next-Gen Upgrade

This seems to be the trend nowadays for the games industry, taking an old game, applying higher res textures, better sound and taking advantage of the new hardware that is on offer to the developers. We have seen this before with Square Enix making the Definitive edition with Tomb Raider, a game I personally, highly enjoyed playing on my PlayStation 4. Now as Sleeping Dogs is from Square Enix the Sleeping Dogs next gen upgrade will also be called it’s Definitive Edition, this will include 24, yes 24, DLC packs which values at $85 so you’re getting a lot of content for the price you pay. For those who pre-order the game will launch with a limited edition art book and a boxed copy of the upgraded game.


The game will have upgraded textures, improved gameplay, audio and more. It has been confirmed that it will run at 1080p on both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, hooray! No comment about the frame rate though, if they can get Tomb Raider to run at 60fps at 1080p then I’m sure it’ll be the same with Sleeping Dogs.

The game will be launching October 10 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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Orion Space Capsule Successfully Recovered by US Navy

Another successful test by NASA this week, their Orion capsule that’s designed to get astronauts back into space after landing on another planet has been recovered by the US Navy after it was placed in a situation mimicking a splashdown in the pacific ocean. The retrieval was practice for NASAs mission to send Orion 3600 miles above the earth. This is due to go ahead in December this year but other aspects of the Orion capsule are being looked at. Orion will perform a real splashdown after returning to earth which is why a practice run is needed as NASA will use the capsule again for future missions.

The test recovery went well, the US Navy dive teams based aboard the USS Anchorage recovery vessel managed to recover the Orion capsule from the ocean using a cradle and winch system. The same team will be used to recover the vessel after it returns from its actual mission. This will be the first time NASA has recovered a capsule from the sea in a real mission since 1975 with the Apollo Soyuz mission.

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Windows Phone Store Is Now Home to over 300,000 Apps!

Wow that’s a big number, still not anywhere near ready to compete with Google and Apple but it shows that things are changing for Windows phones and Microsoft.

A spokesperson from Microsoft spoke with The Next Web and said:

“We have more than 300,000 Windows Phone apps today and the Windows Phone Store continues to grow. In the past year alone the Windows and Windows Phone app catalogue has grown 94%, while the number of active developers has grown by 50%”.

In 2012 the Windows Phone Store has a mere 100,000 apps to its name, now two years later that figure has tripled, impressive for two years. The Windows app market is growing at a rapid rate, more developers are moving onto the platform and more and more apps are sprouting up all over the place. In the last 6 months alone, 100,000 new apps were made for the Windows Phone Store. So maybe Windows Phone isn’t a dead platform after all, with rapid growth in apps and users with more phones accepting it as an OS, things are looking up for Microsoft and their Windows phones.

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LinkedIn Made to Pay $6 Million to Underpaid Employees

Big blow for LinkedIn this week as the social network is forced by the US Department of Labor to pay a total of $6 million back to its employees that have been underpaid. linkedIn have been found guilty of breaking federal wage laws in several states across the USA. California, Illinois, Nebraska and New York were the states where LinkedIn have been found guilty. Very naughty indeed, LinkedIn have received some positives from this though, the company was praised on how honest it was with the courts during the process. LinkedIn admitted that did owe employees money and agreed to pay every cent back and would ensure that something like this never happens again, at least they’re paying it back without arguing about it.

The pay back is split into two sections, $3 million back in unpaid wages and over $2.5 million back in damages to 359 people including former employees and employees who are still working at LinkedIn.

“Talent is LinkedIn’s number one priority, so of course, we were eager to work closely with the Dept. of Labor to quickly and equitably rectify this situation,” a spokesperson for LinkedIn said to CNET. “This was a function of not having the right tools in place for a small subset of our sales force to track hours properly; prior to the DoL approaching us, we had already begun to remedy this.”

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Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Will Be 1080p on Xbox One

I thought the day would never come, the day when the Xbox One could manage to play a game at 1080p but that day has come! Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Ultimate Evil Edition will be native 1080p on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This is good news for Xbox fans, obviously, as I’m pretty sure they’re sick and tired of having the ‘second best’ experience with dual platform games. The original resolution for Reaper of Souls was to be 900p on the Xbox One but thanks to Microsoft realizing how pointless and unpopular the Kinect device actually is, they allowed for it to be removed, freeing up 10% more GPU bandwidth which in turn allows the console to push the resolution gamers demand. Not only will RoS be 1080p but it will also be a solid 60FPS which is another must have for this generation of gaming.

So it looks like Microsoft are starting to realize how much of pile of junk the Xbox One actually is, over priced, ugly and weak in performance when compared to PS4 and of course PCs. Scraping Kinect as a selling point was a good idea, it enabled the console to be more reasonably priced and freed up GPU bandwidth but I personally think the damage has already been done, Microsoft have dug themselves a hole so deep, not even they can climb out of it.

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Fox Scraps Time Warner Purchase Plans

We all know of 20th Century Fox right? The famous intro with the spotlights and big 3D text, you know the one. Anyway, Fox recently wanted to purchase Time Warner but it seems now they have changed there mind and damaged Time Warner in the process. The decision to back out of the deal was made by Fox on Tuesday and since the announcement, share prices for Time Warner have dropped by 11%, oh dear indeed.

The whole thing came around in June earlier this year when Fox offered a higher price per share then the current bidder at the time. The current bid was $85 per share and Fox said that they wouldn’t pay more than $90 $95 per share, meaning they would willingly go higher than $85. The news of Fox offering a deal sent the Time Warner shares up above the current $85 value, which was good until Fox backed out. Fox did offer a $6 billion share buyback program to calm the disappointed shareholders down, which was a nice thought but pretty irrelevant now. Since Fox have made offers to Time Warner, offered a $6 billion buy back program and backed out of the deal completely, their shares have actually risen in value by 7%. Makes you wonder, was this all a plan by Fox to get an edge over Time Warner in the stock market or just an unfortunate result of a scrapped deal?

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Microsoft Surface Still failing to Turn a Profit

More bad news for Microsoft this week. The losses are huge, in the 2014 fiscal year Microsoft reported losses of $1.7 billion which is a lot of money to lose but Microsoft being themselves they’ve probably made that back already. Microsoft also announced that its Surface revenue was $409 million for the quarter ending June 30, not as good as they’d hoped for but $409 million is still $409 million.

Microsoft failed to mention a cost of production. They did however release data which can be used by analysts and they can come up with a rough estimate of the cost of production. Computerworld figures that Microsoft’s Surface costs for the quarter that ended in June were $772 million. That means a loss of $363 million in the quarter for Surface. Some of the money in the cost of revenue calculation was from a write-off to cover the cost of designing and producing an unspecified number of Surface Mini tablets. Microsoft reportedly produced a Surface mini and decided at the last minute to not release the tablet. Perhaps that was a wise idea, seeing how nobody is buying a Surface, a mini version would be completely pointless.

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NFL Now App Will Arrive on Apple TV This Month

NFL Fan? Do you own Apple TV? Well if you said yes to both of those questions then you’re in luck! The official NFL Now app is hitting Apple TV this month. The image you see above is apparently a picture taken by an employee at NFL during a testing session of the app, it shows the most popular videos and highlights as well as a ‘My Channel’ section which looks like it offers videos and highlights related to stuff you’ve previously watched or have selected to see more of.

The app will also feature extensive archives, on-demand highlights and news broadcasts. There will also be a load of content created by the NFL team available to watch on the app, this varies from locker room interviews to player specific features.  The app will arrive in time for NFL fans to enjoy the 2014 – 2015 season, a perfect time to stress test the new system. NFL Now app will also be landing on other platforms includes iOS devices, Xbox, and Roku set top boxes.

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Samsung Galaxy Alpha Specs Leaked – $923 Retail Price

Ok, I almost spat out my drink when I saw the rumored price of this phone, $923 (£547) is a ridiculous amount of money to be spending on a phone, bare in mind though contract users, you usually pay more than this by the time your contract ends. The monstrous beast in question is Samsung’s new phone in it’s Galaxy range, the Alpha.

Not much is known about the handset itself other than a few specifications. It’s packing a beefy octa-core Exynos processor which means anything running on this phone will be smooth and quick. It comes with 32Gb of internal storage and a rather nice 12mp rear facing camera and it’ll be running Android 4.2.2 Kitkat, as you’d expect.

The phones screen is rumored to have Samsungs own Super AMOLED screen at a resolution of 1280×720 with a ppi pixel density of 320. So expect nice colours and contrasts with this new handset. other features of the Alpha include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and more. The phone is thought to be officially announced on August 15th this year, so not long to wait until be can confirm what will be powering this beast.

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Image courtesy of Tweaktown.

PlayStation 4 Stand Made of Real Wood will Debut at TGS

Now before I start I can see that this isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea so please keep the hate to yourself, cheers. This is the new stand that will be officially unveiled by German manufacturer Balolo at the Tokyo Game Show this year. It’s made of real Japanese cypress wood, sounds impressive,  and is a result of demand from fans of the genuine wood cover for the PS4 console itself made by the same manufacturer. Not only is Balolo going to unveil this at TGS this year but they will also unveil some pretty snazzy Nintendo 3DS stylus’ that are made from the same material as the stand. Just in case you’re a bit of a nature warrior, the wood that is used in producing these products is from a method called tree thinning, the trees aren’t chopped down for the sake of a few stands and DS pens.

There will also be a longer stand for the PS4 in case your prefer to have that ‘supported’ look in a stand. Something about having a solid piece of wood rather than two little bits at each end would make me trust it a lot more.

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