Raijintek Triton AIO CPU Cooler Review


By now you have probably heard of Raijintek, established in Europe in 2013 they have gone from a small emerging company to a rather big name in a small amount of time. They already have a range of air coolers, such as the TISIS and the EREBOSS, a range of cases such as the AENEAS and the beautiful METIS and are looking to expand into power supplies and other products in the coming years.

Today we are going to look at the Triton, Raijinteks expandable AIO CPU cooler which has a few tricks up its sleeve. The Raijintek Triton supports all the popular socket types from both Intel and AMD. You can also see that we have a 12v pump, an aluminium radiator and a copper water block, all in the hopes to keep temperatures as low as possible.

The box for the Triton is really nice, it is quite “aggressive” with its font and an excellent picture on the front; it certainly makes it stand out. It has all the information you need about the cooler such as which sockets it fits and some nice pictures showing you what to expect inside.

Inside the box we get a nice bunch of brackets and fittings to allow us to mount the CPU cooler, the fittings are for both AMD and Intel. One of my pet hates with certain manufactures is giving a sachet of thermal paste rather than a syringe. The sachet can only be used once, meaning if you need to re-attach the cooler to upgrade the CPU or anything else, then you will have to purchase more separately, unfortunately Raijintek have opted to give us a sachet. It’s great that they do actually supply some paste, I just prefer to have more than one application.

You might also have noticed the 3 little coloured bottles, we will go into these a little later on, but they certainly make this cooler stand out from the crowd.

The two 120mm fans for the Triton are very simple looking indeed, this is excellent as they will fit almost any system, too many colours can put people off fans if they don’t match the rest of the system, so keeping to black and white is a great idea. The 1000 – 2600 RPM fans should work great with the 240mm radiator as they’re designed to provide a good amount of air pressure.

Raijintek have thought about this product a lot and to make sure you can balance between performance and noise, they have included this excellent little fan controller. When I opened the box I didn’t expect this and I wish I could get a box of these to work with other fans that I use; Such a simple idea makes a huge difference.

Before looking at the pump/rez combo, I want to show you the contact plate for it, this is a rather nice nickel plated copper which will ensure an excellent heat transfer from your processor to the fluid inside the cooler.

Now, let’s get onto this units party trick shall we? a new level of customisation for an AIO. As you can see below, we have a warranty void sticker over a G1/4 thread cap. This is to allow the use of the 3 dyes that are included with the Triton. I have been reliably informed that this sticker is to prevent novice users from opening the system, it will not void your warranty unless signs of misuse or excessive modification are detected, so using the dyes won’t instantly mean you cannot return the product. You will also notice from this picture that the inlet and outlet also have G1/4 threads, this is a very common thread size in custom water cooling, so this will allow you to easily expand the loop.

As you can see Raijintek give you 3 different dyes with their Triton cooler, Red, Yellow and Blue. This allows you to make a range of colours including green, purple, orange and more.

I chose the blue dye, and it is as simple as just adding as much as you like into the available port, less dye will give you a lighter blue, the whole bottle will give you the blue that you will see throughout this review.

With the full bottle we can see a really nice dark blue that really does change the whole look of the cooler; I really do like the idea of these dyes.

Another way that Raijintek make this cooler aesthetically pleasing, is by adding an LED into the CPU block, I can’t honestly say I saw it make too much difference, but I did test this cooler in the day time, after dark, it could change the look completely.

Installation for the Raijintek Triton is very easy, you just add the back plate to the motherboard using the screws and thumb nuts provided, you then add the front plate. Once you have done this, add the thermal paste and just simply attach the cooler to the front plate; simple!

When the cooler is in place there is plenty of space in between the RAM and the Triton meaning you can use RAM with large heat sinks if you like. So, we have seen how this product looks, let’s see how it performs!

Reeven BRONTES (RC-1001) Low Profile CPU Cooler Review


Reeven is still a fairly new company based in Asia that focus on cooling products and also fan controllers. It’s hard to find any Reeven products in the UK as they don’t seem to have any resellers over here, which is a real shame. The products really do look very nice and I think there is certainly a place for them here. We have been sent three coolers that Reeven are looking to push into the UK market, last month we showed you the Reeven Justice and we are going to look at the second one, the Reeven Brontes. The Brontes is a compact low profile CPU cooler, these are for people who are looking for a small office PC or a HTPC rather than a fully kitted out gaming rig or a benching build.

The box for the Brontes is quite simple and as you would expect for such a small unit, rather small. It has all the information you need about the cooler such as which sockets it fits and some nice pictures showing you what to expect inside.

Here is a bit more about the specification of the Reeven Brontes. As you can see, it supports all the popular socket types from both Intel and AMD. As with a lot of low profile coolers though, there is no support for 2011.

Inside the box we get a nice bunch of brackets and fittings to allow us to mount the CPU cooler, the fittings are for both AMD and Intel. One of my pet hates with certain manufacturers is giving a sachet of thermal paste rather than a syringe. The sachet can only be used once, meaning if you need to re-attach the cooler to upgrade the CPU or anything else, then you will have to purchase more separately. Ok, it’s nice that they provide the thermal paste in the first place but syringes are far more usable.

The fan for the Brontes is really quite unique. It is tiny measuring only 100mm x 100mm in diameter an only 12mm wide. The fan comes pre-attached to the cooler so you are ready to go straight out of the box so there is no fiddling around with fan brackets. As you can see, they use the usual colours for Reeven which is black and yellow. I do like how the company sticks with the same two colours all the time, however it could put people off if they are trying to colour match with the fan with the rest of the system, yellow and black is a lovely combination, but there is only a fraction of the market that uses it.

With the fan back on the Brontes you can see how the cooler looks as a whole. I really like the sleek look and it’s great to see that they have sleeved the cable also. The cooler has 4 nickel-plated copper heat pipes to ensure that the heat from the CPU travels to the fins effectively

With a side profile, we can see just how low profile this cooler is. It is 59mm in height so it is perfect for your ITX systems.

One thing I do always love about Reeven products is the way they create their heat sinks. The larger units are works of art and its great to see they have used the same design on their smaller low profile units. The Brontes has a really nice quality feel to it and the last fin of the cooler has the Reeven logo cut out of it giving this really nice finish.

The underside is nickel-plated copper, which ensures the best possible thermal conductivity, as well as a little more eye candy. You can also see that it is actually off centre, this helps you when it comes to installing as if it was central it might foul your RAM. This is a really nice idea to give the user optimal choice.

Installation for the Reeven Brontes couldn’t be easier, it’s simply a case of attaching either the AMD or Intel brackets to the cooler and lining up the holes with the ones on the motherboard, obviously applying the thermal paste first.

Then, simply screw the 4 screws (with rubber washers) through the back of the motherboard to hold the cooler in place.

When the cooler is in place there is plenty of space in between the RAM and the Brontes meaning you can use RAM with large heat sinks if you like.

So, we have seen how this product looks, let’s see how it performs!

CRYORIG H5 Universal CPU Cooler Review


CRYORIG is a relatively new name in regards to cooling products and most of you won’t have seen the R1 Ultimate that was released last year. It was quite an impressive product especially as it was their first, however, it wasn’t very common in the UK. Most of the people from CRYORIG have previously worked for other large companies such as Phanteks and Thermalright so they do have a lot of experience even though they only officially founded in 2013. We hope that this experience isn’t wasted and that they bring us some more products that can bring even more competition to the cooling market.

CRYORIG have released two new coolers, the H5 and the H7. We have them both ready for our test bench and the first one we are going to look at is the CRYORIG H5 Universal.

The Box for the CRYORIG H5 is quite simple yet effective, it is a large picture of the cooler against a white background. It is clean, simplistic and a really nice design, it has product information on the sides of the boxes as well as links to their website which is actually very good. It has video tutorials on how to install the cooler as well as everything else you would expect to find.

Inside the outer box, we get this second box that protects the cooler and fan entirely. This is some excellent packaging from CRYORIG and shows how much they want to make sure the customer gets their product in good condition. It’s always nice to see products that are well packaged as if they care enough to pay for the extra, generally they will have the same mentality elsewhere.

Other information that can be found on the box includes the specification. What isn’t shown on our spec below is the socket compatibility. This cooler supports the following sockets – 2011, 1366, 1150, 1155, 1156, 775, FM1/2, AM2+ and AM3+. This means it fits all of the popular sockets that we will see on the current market.

Inside the box we get a nice bunch of fittings to allow us to mount the CPU cooler, the fittings are for both AMD and Intel. What is really useful is the really long screwdriver that is at the top of the following picture. This allows you to install the cooler without any problems as you do need to put the cooler through the central holes. This is an excellent idea and it shows that CRYORIG have certainly thought about the end-user.

With the H5 we get a XT140 fan, this is an all-black fan with the CRYORIG logo in the center. It is interesting to see that this fan is 140mm x 140mm x 13mm. Yup, that’s right, its 13mm thick, this means that the overall width of the cooler is kept to less than 100mm meaning it shouldn’t cover any ram slots.

The actual cooler is beautiful, the CRYORIG design department deserve a pat on their backs, it’s gorgeous. It has a range of design features that we will look at in a moment, but as a whole package it just looks amazing. Sleek, clean, simplistic, beautiful; I think you get the picture!

The top of the cooler has a white plastic cover to hide any unsightly heat pipes. This is a nice change from most coolers and actually suits the cooler perfectly, the bottom of the cooler has matching covers to ensure that it looks universal.

Something else worth mentioning is CRYORIGs “Hive Fin” technology, again this looks great, but it is there to increase performance. CRYORIG claim that these fins compress the air making it move through the fins faster and increasing the rate that the heat moves away from the CPU. This is the first time I have seen this kind of technology so it will be interesting to see if it works as they say.

The contact plate for this cooler is nickel-plated copper and this along with the 4 heat pipes will help to ensure the heat is taken from the CPU and moved into the fins and then removed by the fan.

The installation method for this cooler is excellent. It is probably one of the easiest towers I have ever fitted. They use a patent pending “MultiSeg” quick mount system. This consists of a back plate that you add to the motherboard, you then just add 2 mounting bars and screw the 2 mounting screws that are already connected to the cooler into these bars. Below is a picture of the screws connected to the cooler which ensures you won’t lose them and as CRYORIG have included a 15cm screwdriver they are easily accessible; you should have this cooler fitted in minutes.

One of the big issues that people have with large coolers is that they usually overhang RAM slots meaning that you generally have to use low profile RAM. Due to the 13mm fan on this cooler though, there is no such worry, you have plenty of room to use large RAM such as Corsair Dominator Platinum.

So, we have seen how this product looks, let’s see how it performs!

GAME Acquires Multiplay for £20 Million!

It has been announced that GAME has acquired Multiplay, the company responsible for the Insomnia gaming events in the UK, for £20m.

As an avid gamer, modder and LAN attendee myself, it comes as no surprise that I attend the largest UK gaming event there is, Insomnia. These events started in 1999 with less than 50 attendees per event and rapidly grew to where we are now; a huge event with thousands of attendees per day and over 65 thousand people in total last year. Insomnia has a lot to offer, it has LAN gaming halls, exhibitions, special guests, eSports tournaments and more. The events have been increasingly getting more corporate and now GAME have taken notice and bought the business for an impressive £20M.

It is reported that Multiplay CEO Craig Fletcher will still be in charge of the event, but will now be reporting to GAME. Will this mean any changes to the events? Well, I hope not. I have attended around 20 Insomnia events, either working, as a BYOC gamer or as an exhibitor and I have booked time off for all 3 events this year. I hope with this acquisition we don’t see it turn into some kind of event tailored just to make money and goes back to catering to the gaming communities more than businesses. GAME has been in quite a lot of trouble in recent years, and even went into administration in 2012, so it is good to see that they are branching out into new areas. It’s important that they look to eSports and online gaming more increase their market, this seems an excellent way for them to do so.

Multiplay’s Craig Fletcher said: “GAME and Multiplay are both passionate about games and gaming, building valuable communities of gamers and putting customers first. Over the years we’ve worked closely with the GAME team on many occasions and come to know them well.”

I can only say that time will tell and the community will be the final judge. I hope to have a chat with Craig Fletcher in the coming days to see if we can get some more information as myself and eTeknix are huge fans of the event.

Thanks to MCV for providing us with this information

Image courtesy of Insomnia

be quiet Pure Rock 120mm CPU Cooler Review


By now I think everyone will have heard about be quiet! A company that is known to release excellent quality products such as PSUs, CPU coolers, fans and even recently a case. All these products are made with three things in mind – quality, performance and aesthetics. The downside to this is that the products are sometimes expensive, but they have always been most certainly worth it, as they include be quiet! fans, which have proven to be some of the best fans on the market.

Today we are going to look at the be quiet! Pure Rock, a budget 120mm fan CPU cooler for multiple sockets. It will be interesting to see how this product performs as it’s the cheapest cooler I have seen from be quiet! let’s hope that they haven’t compromised on the quality or performance.

The Box for the be quiet! Pure Rock follows the same pattern as all of the other be quiet! products we have seen. It has a very nice black background with some rather nice photos of the product. I like to see a uniform theme between products as it instantly tells you which brand the product is from and what to expect.

Other information that can be found on the box includes the specification. As you can see it supports many of the Intel and AMD sockets that we’re used to, so it will fit most modern motherboards. We can also see that this cooler comes with a be quiet! PURE WINGS 2 120mm fan, which is a 1,500 rpm 12v 4-pin PWM fan, which is very quiet.

Inside the box we get a nice bunch of fittings to allow us to mount the CPU cooler, the fittings are for both AMD and Intel. One thing that is missing is a tube or sachet of thermal paste. be quiet! have actually pre applied this to the cooler which for one time application, but if you make a mistake, or want to re-seat the cooler then you are going to have to purchase more thermal paste.

Included with this cooler is also this little spanner, this helps when you are installing the cooler. Using this tool you won’t necessarily need to take the fan off the tower to install which is always good.

As always with be quiet! products you get one of their excellent fans. This is a pure wings 2 and we know from previous experiences with these that they are an excellent balance between cooling and silence.

Now this is where we forget that this is actually a cheap product from be quiet! It looks just as good quality as their high-end, high budget models. I don’t need to say too much more on the aesthetics, pictures say far more than I could ever hope to, they just look beautiful.

The tops of be quiet! coolers are always finished excellently and this one is no exception. I think that having the caps over the 4 heat pipes is an excellent idea. I know be quiet! are not the only company to implement this idea, but they certainly do it well and it adds to the overall quality and finish of the cooler.

The underside is made of CNC machined copper, which ensures the best possible thermal conductivity, as well as a little more eye candy. Unfortunately there is pre-applied thermal paste, which is great for one time use and for people who are a little unsure about applying paste but it does mean that if for whatever reason you need to take the cooler from the CPU then you will have to purchase some aftermarket thermal paste. I much prefer seeing a nice syringe of paste with a cooler rather than it being pre-applied like this. You can also see that this cooler has 4 6mm heat pipes to help dissipate the heat.

Installation for the be quiet! Pure Rock couldn’t be easier, you simply add the back plate to the motherboard using the thumb nuts to hold it in place. You then use the same 4 thumb nuts to screw in the brackets for your desired socket type, once this is done you simply add the cooler and use the provided screws and holding plate to secure your cooler.

Once the cooler is fitted, the fan does very slightly go over the top of our RAM. This isn’t much of a problem as with the be quiet! Pure Rock you are able to move the fan to the other side of the cooler, but for those who wish to have it on the same side of the RAM or have motherboards with RAM on both sides of the cooler, then you will need low profile RAM.

So, we have seen how this product looks, let’s see how it performs!

Gameblast 15 Supports SpecialEffect With Weekend Gaming Marathon

Over 50 companies from the gaming industry are working together this weekend to do a 48 hour gaming marathon in aid of Special Effect – a company who transform the lives of gamers with disabilities by supporting them with hardware and software that has been specially tailored to suit their needs. I don’t think anything I can say will do a better job explaining who they are than this video.

The kickoff event is a global RuneScape 24 hour event by Jagex. Last year, this made over £50,000 for SpecialEffect which is amazing, hopefully they will be able to beat that this year with your help. Their stream starts at 12pm GMT on Friday at http://www.twitch.tv/specialeffectteam

Then we will see GameBlastLIVE which is a 24 hr stream that will invilve gamers, giveaways and updates on what other teams around the world are doing to help fundraise. The livestream starts at 10am on Saturday and can be seen here.

And to finish GAME are chipping in, and will be featuring GameBlast in their stores across the UK. They’re also partnering with Ginx for a 24 hour gaming spectacular that you can watch from 6pm Friday at http://gameblast.game.co.uk or www.twitch.tv/GinxTV

Donations are accepted at JustGiving.

Please do put your hands in your pocket for this amazing charity. I have personally seen the work that they do and it is amazing.

Gamer Storm Captain 240 AIO CPU Cooler Review


Deepcool was created 20 years ago and have been providing cases, power supplies, coolers and more ever since. With high quality and performance in mind, Deepcool have been a first choice for gamers, modders and overclockers and with such a wide range of products there is something that should suit everyone. Part of the Deepcool product line is the “Gamer Storm” range, as the name suggests this is a range geared towards the gamer with a range of really nice looking products from fans to AIO coolers.

One of the latest additions to the Gamer Storm range is the Captain 240, an AIO Liquid cooling solution that has been made to look good, run quietly and perform well. It is part of a wider range of Captain products, such as the single fan Captain 120 or the triple fan Captain 360. I’m really interested to see how this performs as it is one of the products I’ve been looking forward to getting my hands on due to the very unique look.

The Box for the Gamer Storm Captain 240 is simple yet stylish, it has a nice background with some rather funky photos of the product. Unfortunately, our box got slightly damaged in transit, but the product inside is perfectly fine, which shows that not only does the packaging look good, it does its main job and protects the valuable items inside.

Other information that can be found on the box includes the specification. As you can see it supports many of the Intel and AMD sockets that we’re used to, so it will fit most modern motherboards and we can also see that we have a dual radiator and dual 120mm 600 – 2200 RPM PWM fans.

Inside the box we get a nice bunch of fittings to allow us to mount the CPU block and the radiators, there are fittings for both AMD and Intel, you have everything you need to get started and you even have a case badge with the Gamer Storm logo on which is a nice little touch. Something else that is included is a fan hub, allowing you to use 4 PWM fans from 1 fan header. Usually with AIO coolers, you just get a simple Y cable, it’s really refreshing to see that Deepcool are spending a little more on these kind of accessories to give the user the best experience possible when using the Gamer Storm range.

The fans look great, they are a 120mm PWM fan which are built to last, they are dustproof and waterproof and even have a TPE coating which will not only protect the fan but will also dampen vibration between the fan and the radiator. The black and red theme is bright, yet not garish and will look great in many computer builds, especially when using ROG boards. The fan impeller is also detachable which is useful when you want to clean it.

Now, this is where this cooler really stands out for me, the “steam punk” design looks absolutely amazing. I can understand that people will either love it or hate it however as it does only suite a certain taste. The visible fluid adds something that we don’t see often on an AIO and the pump housing looks like some sort of reactor. It would have been nicer to have a darker red fluid, or for it to be less opaque, but then again the subtle tones of the design nicely bring it down from being too “in your face”

The underside is made of 100% copper, which ensures the best possible thermal conductivity, as well as a little more eye candy. Unfortunately there is pre-applied thermal paste, which is great for one time use and for people who are a little unsure about applying paste but it does mean that if for whatever reason you need to take the cooler from the CPU then you will have to purchase some aftermarket thermal paste. I much prefer seeing a nice syringe of paste with a cooler rather than it being pre-applied like this.

Installation for the Gamer Storm Captain 240 couldn’t be easier, you simply add the backplate to the motherboard, screw the brackets for your socket type to the pump then use the provided thumb screws to then attach the pump to the motherboard. It really is that simple. As a reviewer I remove the cooler numerous times throughout the testing stage to ensure a fair test, and this system made the whole experience pain-free. There is plenty of space between the CPU block and the RAM, even if we fit the Captain 240 with the tube outlets next to the RAM you still have enough clearance to use RAM with large heat sinks, so you’re certainly not limited to low profile RAM like you are with some standard coolers.

Once fitted and there is power to the cooler it really does stand out from the crowd. The reactor starts to glow red with a pulsating glow. I turned off my lights and watched this for some time as it is almost mesmerizing. It really shows that Gamer Storm had a vision in mind when creating this cooler as it looks superb. this is how it looks from directly above the cooler when the lights are turned off.

Reeven Justice (RC-1204) CPU Cooler Review


Reeven are still a fairly new company based in Asia that focus on cooling products and also fan controllers. It’s hard to find any Reeven products in the UK as they don’t seem to have any resellers over here, which is a real shame. The products really do look very nice and I think there is certainly a place for them here. It’s been a while since we have had any products from Reeven, almost 2 years, so it’s great to finally get some more to put on our bench and see how the company is evolving and expanding. We have been sent 3 of the latest coolers to come from them and we are going to look at the first one, the Reeven Justice, today.

The Justice is a mid-tier single tower CPU cooler made for 120mm fans. As you can see from the box the actual unit looks very nice, there are 6 heat pipes to take away the heat from the CPU to the tower and you also can get a sneak peak of the fan attachment clips which we will take a closer look at later. Also on the box you can see that the Reeven Justice will fit all of the popular Intel and AMD sockets.

Inside the box, which incidentally is very well packaged, we get this beauty of a cooler. The 120mm black and yellow fan is pre-attached and there is no need to remove it during installation so it is pretty much ready to go straight from the box.

Also in the box we have everything that is needed to attach the cooler to the motherboard and an instruction manual to help you along. There are also 4 more yellow clips, these are to allow you to add a second 120mm fan to the cooler using the nifty little attachment system if you wish. The clips just fit into the holes where the screws would normally go, then simply push onto the cooling tower. As well as all the fittings they actually give you a small spanner too. Now this is something you will need if you don’t have access to a long screwdriver, which will become more apparent shortly.

Here you can see the clips that I mention above a little better, such a simple idea and they work very well. As you can see, the fans are black with yellow blades and details, this is something that we see a lot with Reeven. They have obviously chosen these colours as their brand colours and stuck with them. They do look very nice, however they will struggle to fit many colour schemes which could put people off buying them. The fans have a max RPM of 1500 and a max static pressure of 0.067inchH2O.

Going back to the cooler we can see that there are six heat pipes leading away from the CPU contact plate. This should help disperse the heat more effectively as it allows it to travel away from the CPU and into the tower where it can be moved on by the fan. Again, the contact plate really does have a quality finish and looks superb.

Speaking of it looking superb, this is just eye pure eye candy. It’s not often that a cooler makes me think “wow” but with the Reeven products they have this amazing brushed aluminium finish which just looks amazing. It just oozes quality. Even the branding fits in with the design, which is something that isn’t always easy to do.

Fitting the cooler wasn’t as easy as I had hoped. It wasn’t hard by any stretch of the imagination, but there were certainly areas that could be improved. For instance, I use a long 15cm screwdriver which fits into my trusty ratchet driver which gives it an extra 6 or 7cm. Even with this I wasn’t able to screw the cooler down properly as my ratchet driver is a little too thick to get into the holes that are provided, I had to use the spanner which is provided instead. This did make things a little trickier as you can only do quarter turns with the spanner. This is something that shouldn’t be a problem at all. There are 2 ways to solve it instantly, first, they could lower the overall profile of the cooler, as it stands, it is quite tall. Even easier, they could make the holes a little wider. The main issue was that the larger part of my screwdriver (which is a standard ratchet driver that I see used regularly when building computers) was simply too wide for the small holes that are available to use; as said though, this isn’t a deal breaker. They do give you the tools to let you combat the issue and when it is fitted it does look superb.

As you can see, low profile RAM has to be used if you want the fan on the same side as the fan. This could cause issues if you are using RAM such as Corsair Dominator or similar. It’s also the same story if you were to buy a second 120mm fan for this cooler, you would be limited to low profile ram. This is always something you should consider when buying a CPU cooler. On most boards, only using 1 fan is perfectly fine with any RAM as you can just put the fan on the opposite side of your ram slots. In this picture you can also see my last little problem with this cooler, the gap between the fan and the tower. Due to the tool-less fan clips there is a rather large gap. This could mean that the air is escaping around the sides of the tower rather than going through the fins and doing its job. This could cause problems when testing, but we will see how it handles that later.

Super Flower and 8Pack Set to Release 2000W Platinum PSU

You may remember that last week OCUK were teasing us, Well today Super Flower and Ian “8Pack” Parry have announced that they have joined together to bring us a 2000W power supply – the first one on the market for consumers.

Super Flower are a high end PSU manufacturer that are really pushing the boundaries and its no surprise that they have teamed up with the global number one overclocker 8pack to bring us this 2000W power supply. This means that he will be able to overclock 4-Way SLI/CrossfireX with ease and with a platinum rating it will be efficient too!

The power supply boasts the following features:

• 100% Full Modular Design for easy cable management
• 80 PLUS® Platinum Certified
• Full range auto voltage dectection design 100V~240V (Active PFC)
• Comply With Energy Star Standard & EuP (Energy Using Products) Regulation
• Over voltage protection / Over current protection / Over power protection / Short circuit protection / Under
voltage protection
• Support All Intel/AMD Multi-Core CPU & ATX/BTX Compatible Motherboards
• Support NVIDIA® SLI & ATI CrossFireX High Performance Graphic Card
• More than 2,000 times On/Off test
• Unleaded Green Materials with RoHS/WEEE Compliance
• 5 year warranty

And is available from Overclockers for £349.99 inc VAT, which does sound expensive, but your getting a lot of power for your money.

For more information click Here

Thanks to OCUK for this information.

Fractal Design Kelvin S24 Expandable AIO CPU Cooler


Fractal Design is one of those companies that always make me a little excited. Instantly I think of clean edges, simplistic looks, sleek style and quality. Fractal Design is a Swedish company which look to their Scandinavian roots to create not just quality products, but products that people actually want to look at. Cases such as the Define R5 White are a perfect example of what I mean, it looks great, yet it is also functional. As well as cases, Fractal Design also manufacture power supplies and now AIO water cooling products. The new Kelvin Series has a single, dual and triple fan coolers which all look stunning, but let’s see how they do on our test bench.

The Fractal Design KELVIN S24 box is quite a simplistic in design, yet it does look stylish, this is something that I expect that we will see throughout this review as we look at this product. The box has a nice picture of the product on a black background with a bright blue trim. There is information regarding the radiator and pump on the sides of the box as well as a bit of text from Fractal Design letting us know that the KELVIN S24 is expandable, cools well and is quiet.

Other information that can be found on the box includes the specification. As you can see it supports many of the Intel and AMD sockets that we’re used to, so it will fit most modern motherboards and we can also see that we have a dual radiator and dual 120mm 800-1700 RPM PWM fans.

Inside the box we get a nice bunch of fittings to allow us to mount the CPU block and the radiators, there are fittings for both AMD and Intel, plenty of thermal paste, hex top screws and a hex key so you have everything you need to get started. You also get a fan adapter so that you can split your fan headers, this will allow you to run both fans from your motherboard as well as the pump.

Following the simple, yet stylish design again are the fans; they are a nice simple black and white design that look fantastic when they’re attached to the 240mm radiator. The blade design is simple and there is no branding on the front which means everything is clean and tidy. On the back there’s a little bit of branding and the Fractal Design logo as well as a bit of information about the fan.

Again, keeping it simple, Fractal Design has been able to make a pump and CPU block combo which looks stunning. This is something that I was really impressed with and my pictures just don’t do it justice at all. The Kelvin S24 is powered by an Alphacool DC-LT pump which is slightly worrying, they are renowned for being a little louder, yet they are cheap, powerful and of good quality overall. Using a pump such as this has allowed Fractal Design to make this AIO expandable. They have used standard G1/4 threads on both the radiator and the CPU block/pump, this is the most common thread you will find when doing custom water cooling loops, which means you can add more to the loop, such as a GPU, with ease.

The underside is made of 100% copper as is the radiator, which ensures excellent performance, as well as a little more eye candy.

The tubing on the Kelvin S24 is very soft and bendy so it’s no surprise that they have used an anti-kink coil to ensure that there are no blockages caused by any kinks. I do prefer softer tubing as it allows you to fit the cooler easier and with the addition of the anti-kink coil you shouldn’t run into any major problems when fitting it to cases that don’t allow you a shed load of space.

Installation is very easy, it’s just a case of using the correct bracket, connecting it to the pump using a nice nifty quick connect system and then just screwing it to the back plate that is provided. The fans are easily attached to the radiator with the hex key that is provided, with the screws having a hex top they are lower profile than most radiator screws and again this keeps everything looking very sleek and tidy. It’s nice to see that fractal design have thought about these little details as it does make the difference.

There is plenty of space between the CPU block and the RAM, even if we fit the Kelvin S24 with the fittings next to the RAM you still have enough clearance to use RAM with large heat sinks, so you’re certainly not limited to low profile RAM.

Cooler Master Nepton 240M AIO CPU Cooler Review


Cooler Master are well known for their cases, power supplies and of course cooling products and with over 20 years experience it’s no surprise that they are a market leader in all of these areas. It’s always nice to see companies that are passionate about their products designing and developing new ones and more importantly see how they compare to whats currently on the market. One of the new products from Cooler Master is the Nepton 240M and we are going to look at it today. The Nepton 240M is a closed loop AIO cooling solution which promises high performance, good quality and an excellent user experience. With more and more AIOs hitting the market it will be interesting to see how this one compares. Cooler Master have promised a lot with this one so let’s see how well it does on our test bench and see if it can hold its own.

The box for the Nepton 240M follows the same theme as many of the other Cooler Master products, a picture of the product on a black background with purple trim. I really like this idea as when the products are on display at retailers they always look professional and you know straight away who makes the product. You instantly expect a certain standard from products you have already used and keeping to a certain style of packaging helps to remind you about products you may have used previously. Plenty of information is relayed on the sides of the box such as the specification and contact information. One interesting thing to note is that the Nepton 240M carries a 5 year warranty which is quite simply excellent, it gives you a piece of mind and it gives us an indication that Cooler Master have a lot of faith in this product.

The Nepton 240M, as the name suggests, has a 240mm radiator which has a very good quality black coating. A ribbed FEP tubing connects the radiator to the pump and during testing and taking pictures of this cooler, I was bending the tubing a lot and I was very impressed with it, the tubing never kinked and it certainly has a durable feel. Having said that it is a little stiffer than some tubing that I’ve used, it can still be manipulated enough to fit most positions but it is a little trickier.

The fans are a new addition for Cooler Master which are called Silencio FP 120. These fans are made to produce a high air pressure whilst keeping noise and power to a minimum. In terms of aesthetics the fans are simple yet stylish. I prefer all black fans as they easily fit in with many computer colour schemes. It’s also nice to see the cables for the fans are sleeved, to me all cables should be sleeved as aesthetically it improves everything and it is a very cheap improvement that a company can make.

The Nepton 240M fits most AMD and Intel sockets so there are plenty of fittings included to enable the smooth installation. There is a universal back plate, plenty of screws, brackets for Intel and AMD, a fan adapter which allows the use of 2 fans from 1 fan header and a rubber fan gasket. The gasket is made from a soft rubber which stops vibration from the fans being transferred to the radiator and the chassis which will reduce noise. Its an excellent idea and a great addition to the product, however it is a little tricky to install.

Installing the Cooler Master Nepton 240M is very easy, the instructions included are clear and easy to read and they explain how to fit everything well. It’s just a case of fitting the bracket for your chosen socket type, then using the universal back plate and the screws provided to secure it. The only bit that was a little trick, as mentioned, was installing the fan gasket. It’s made from a very soft rubber which means you could just do with the extra hand whilst trying to hold a fan the screws the radiator and the gasket.

Once installed there is plenty of room between the cooler and the ram, this allows you to use RAM with large heat sinks. One other feature that this cooler has is a glowing logo, which unfortunately I couldn’t capture on camera very well as I needed to use a flash. The addition of this LED is nice, it stops the Nepton 240M from being a plain black box and gives it a little extra class. It’s not over the top or tacky, it just has a certain feel of sophistication about it.

Cooler Master UK and Jagex Announce Partnership

Cooler Master UK and Jagex today announce an official partnership, making CM Storm the official peripheral supplier for the game developer.

In a press release we received, Cooler Master have announced that they will be the official peripheral supplier for Jagex Games Studio. This means that we will soon see products such as the CM storm Ceres-500 headset and the Havoc mouse being used alongside the CM Storm Quick Fire Ultimate keyboard and CM Storm Speed- RX surface. All these products are aimed at gamers so it’s great to see that they will be used how they are intended.

As official game peripheral supplier, Cooler Master will be working closely with Jagex Games Studio to ensure that wherever Jagex are the best mechanical gaming keyboards, DPI switching mice, and most comfortable headsets will also be available – be it on live stream, gaming event or in the amazing 60 PC gaming atrium at the studio in Cambridge. With joint projects, giveaways and more special announcements coming soon

Jagex is a large game developer and publisher with their largest game, Runescape, still holding the Guinness World Record for “Most Popular Free Multiplayer Online Game”. They are currently working on a new game called “Block N Load”, which I managed to get a sneak preview of at Multiplay’s Insomnia 53 and can confirm its lots of fun.

Timing for the new partnership is perfect as Jagex travel the world showing off their latest announcement; Block N Load, a game where brains are as important as bullets and no game’s the same! Build, destroy, attack, defend and literally become the architect of your own victory. Head over to www.blocknload.com and get involved in the game’s beta test now

This partnership can only bring the best out of each other, both are companies that strive to make the gaming experience better and both are passionate about what they produce. It’s certainly something to keep an eye out for as I’m sure we can expect some big things.

Thank you Cooler Master for providing us with this information

Hex Gear Announce Their Incredible R40 Chassis

A new computer case company has just popped up and the first release looks amazing! HEX GEAR is a company founded by Hans Peder Sahl and Nate George, these are names you’re possibly familiar with as both are very popular in the computer building and modding scene and now they have taken their years of experience and put together something that quite frankly looks beautiful.

The first case is called the R40 and comes in either black or white. It is a micro ATX case measuring at 241.5 x 483 x 415mm and from initial pictures there is a lot you can do with it. Cases such as this have modding in mind, so it will be interesting to see what build logs pop up in the new year.

We’re very happy to be reviewing this chassis when it launches and you can expect more updates in the new year once we’re all back from CES2015 in Las Vegas. In the meantime there are more pictures and information on the Hex Gear website Here.

Raijintek Zelos Low Profile CPU Cooler

Introduction and Packaging

Raijintek is a relatively new company, established last year in Europe they are still quite a small company. Having said that, they already have a range of air coolers, such as the TISIS, a few liquid coolers like the TRITON and a VGA cooler. They also have made a range of cases such as the AENEAS and the METIS and are looking to expand into power supplies and other products in the coming years.

We have our hands on Raijinteks Zelos today, its the smallest cooler that Raijintek with a low profile of only 44mm and has a tiny footprint of 94cm square so it will fit in the tightest of spaces. Let’s take a look at it and see what it looks like as well as see how well it performs.

The top of the box has a nice little bit about who Raijintek are and shows the spec of the cooler and also that it will fit most Intel and AMD sockets.

The other sides have basically the same information as the top, or are pics of the cooler like the one below, nothing particularly exciting, but the pictures are good quality and the more information the better.

What is particularly interesting with this cooler is that inside this box there is a plastic “burger box” style packaging that protects the cooler and keeps all the bits together, it’s really quite pleasant and I would like to see this more often, specially with smaller coolers.

Inside the package, you will find the heatsink, the fan, a bracket for AMD mounting, the screws, a little spanner and a sachet of thermal paste. I’m not a massive fan on sachets of thermal paste. Don’t get me wrong, it is nice that they supply paste, but syringes are far superior than a sachet, there is plenty of paste to do two applications with this cooler, but due to there being no way to seal the sachet, after the first application its time to throw it in the bin.

Alpenföhn Brocken ECO CPU Cooler Review

Introduction and Packaging

Alpenföhn are a very well established name in the CPU cooling business, created in 2008, by EKL AG , they have been able to establish themselves in a very tough and competitive market. Alpenföhn concentrate solely on cooling, whether it its VGA, CPU or case cooling they have got you covered. They also have a small line of accessories such as fan controllers and thermal paste. With products such as the very successful K2- Mount Doom, the Brocken and Brocken 2 on their list you should always be expecting a good product.

Today we are going to be looking at the Alpenföhn Brocken ECO, basically a slimmed-down, cheaper version of the Brocken series. With a price difference of around £13 lets see if it doesn’t lose performance with the price loss.

The Brocken Eco comes with the Alpenföhn RockMount system which assures mounting options on Socket 2011, 1366, 115x, AM3(+), AM3, AM2(+), AM2 as well as FM1. platforms The rest of the Specifications can be found below.

The front of the box features an image of the cooler on some rather nice stressed wooden planks, its quite a contrast of two different materials and I like the effect.

The sides of the box boast about the fan that is included, a WingBoost 2. It explains why this fan is so good and what Wingboost technology is. On the opposite side, it has the dimensions for the heatsink without the fan attached.

Inside the box you will find the heatsink, the fan and a bunch of other bits, such as brackets for both AMD and Intel mounting, a universal backplate and all of the screws and bits you will need.

Insomnia 53 – Cooler Master Booth

At the weekend we were at Multiplays Insomnia 53, the UKs biggest gaming festival. The winter one is usually quieter than usual, but you wouldn’t have guessed it from some of the products that were on show. One company that was there was Cooler Master, and as a leading brand in the industry with a wide range of quality products including cases, peripherals, coolers and power supplies, they were more than happy to show what they had on offer.

The main products that stuck out for me included the Cosmos II which can be used to house pretty much anything you could ever wan,t right down to the mini ITX cases such as the CM Elite 130. The contrast between the two was great. I also really liked the Aluminium series of peripherals that they have on offer at the moment which includes the Mech, Pulse-R and the Reaper.

As well as the hardware they had 2 display systems on show, one of which had a really excellent paint job from Utopia Computers. The “Keyboard Olympics” game was back again which was keeping the crowd entertained, as well as 4 gaming systems to play games such as League of Legends and CS:GO.

Silverstone Noble Breeze NB05 Notebook Cooler Review


Silverstone are known for their amazing cases such as the TJ11 or TJ07, if you want a chassis that is simply a modders dream then these are for you. Silverstone don’t only do Chassis though, they also have some amazing power supplies such as the platinum rated fan-less NJ520, completely silent with great performance. If this isn’t enough for you, Silverstone are also experts in cooling. This is the category we are going to concentrate on today and unusually it’s a notebook cooler rather than a CPU or GPU cooler that we going to put through its paces.

The Silverstone Noble Breeze NB05 is a multifunctional notebook cooler which combines cooling with a USB hub as well as an RJ-45 socket so that you can easily give a notebook without an RJ-45 socket Ethernet access. Let’s see how it performs and see if it lives up to the high expectations that I have for a Silverstone product.

For the packaging, Silverstone have used a clear PET blister pack. It’s a very simple and cheap way to package a product. With the nice insert, it does improve the look a lot. It protects the product as well as showing it off, the clear box also allows a lot of information to be shown.

As you can see, on the front of the package it lets you know that it’s compatible with notebooks up to 17″, it’s light, easy to carry and boasts a cross flow fan which results in better cooling and lower noise.

The back of the packaging gives you the same above information in a range of different languages along with the QR codes for the corresponding websites.

The most important information for us is the spec sheet that can be seen at the top of the packaging. It lets us know that the cross flow fan has a RPM of 1250 and a voltage of 5v resulting in a low 25db noise output. It also gives its dimensions and connections.

On the reverse side of this card it has more detailed information about the NB05’s dimensions as well as explaining that to use the USB3 hubs it might require an external source of power, which is sold separately. The warranty information can be found here also.

Inside the box, you will find the cooler, the USB cable and some foam pads to stop slipping and also give some protection to the cooler.

MSI Referred to Watchdog by Aria

Earlier this year MSI released their 980 GPUs, when doing so they did a special launch offer and priced them at £424. Once this offer was over, MSI requested that its prices were raised to £449 .99 which is £10 under what the minimum suggested price was. One company, Aria, refused to increase its prices in line with MSI’s suggested retail prices despite numerous requests. Other companies then followed Aria as they would lose out on sales if they did not; which is fairly understandable.

This sounds like it’s a win – win for us consumers, right? Not really. The MSRP is there for a reason, one is to ensure that pricing is competitive and also it ensures that the company releasing the product keeps the equity.

“When demand is high and stock is in constraint, around a major launch, we will notice if resellers appear to be selling way below MSRP, which affects the product launch structure and results in the consumer losing faith in the product. We would naturally flag that to the reseller to make sure they have not made a mistake. That’s just good service for the mutual customer.” said MSI in a recent statement “Thinking that they may have mispriced the product, we made contact and tried to solve the situation, which seems to be misunderstood under pressure, and we are working closely to resolve this amicably.” They added.

With Aria refusing to drop the prices, MSI understandably stopped the supply to them and Aria was forced to use alternative products. This doesn’t reflect well on Aria at all as MSI is a very big name in the industry. With Aria being a reasonably small retailer, in comparison to OverclockersUK and Scan for example, it’s hard to see why they would be throwing their weight around.  Hopefully, the issue will be resolved soon and they can start restocking products that they wish to sell.

Source: CRN.

Xigmatek Gaia II CPU Cooler Review


When I think of Xigmatek, M-ATX and ITX cases such as the “Nebula” or the “Aquila” spring to mind. These are both really nice compact cases which are competitively priced. They don’t just do cases though, Xigmatek are a vastly expanding company with a large range of products credited to them, including power supplies, fans, a range of accessories and of course coolers.

Xigmatek are back with an update of their Gaia aptly named the Xigmatek Gaia II. The original Gaia was cheap, performed well for the price and was acoustically pleasing. Hopefully the Gaia II will be able to do the same.

As you can see from the specification below, the cooler supports a range of sockets for both Intel and AMD sockets. It comes with a 120mm 4pin PWM fan and features H.D.T technology.

The front of the box is very straight forward, it features an image of the cooler, the product name and also mentions its H.D.T technology which we will take a look at in a moment.

Around the back we have the product specifications including the coolers dimensions, fan details and weight. It also has plenty of contact details should you wish to get into touch with Xigmatek.

The sides of the box just reiterate what the front and back of the box say about the H.D.T technology and also shows the product details in different languages.

In the box you’ll find the cooler, the fan, an instruction leaflet, AMD and Intel brackets, and plenty of screws and knurled nuts to attach the cooler.  There is also sachet of thermal paste. I’m not a great fan of sachets of thermal paste, I would prefer syringes as they can be used again, a sachet can’t be resealed so has to be thrown after its first application. It is nice that Xigmatek include it in the box though.

LSU Computer Society (lsucs) LAN Party – Loughborough

At eTeknix, we are always trying to find ways to interact with our readers and what better way than to actually meet some of them, we realise this isn’t always easy, so we have come up with an idea. What we intend to do is find all of the LAN parties and events in the UK and try to attend them. Then, we will do a map of the UK showing where all these events are and also outline the best parts and what the event is like. This will mostly be happening on the eTeknix forums. You will also be able to discuss the event and also share all of your pictures.

So the first event I attended:

I decided to pop down to lsucs as it is rather close to my home address, I had never been to one of these events but I had heard good things from other members of the community. The LAN is run by the Loughborough Students Union Computer Society, which coincidently is how it gets its name. Due to the event being run by the students it means that the same people don’t run the event year after year, in fact, they have devised a way in which each member of the committee never does the same job more than once. This means that fresh ideas are always brought to the table and any good ideas can be carried forward. Having spoken to members of the committee, past and present, it seems once that you have been a part of lsucs you stay a part of it. A lot of the attendees return year after year whether its as admin, spectator or as a gamer.

The room seats approximately 150 people and has some room to expand

lsucs really have got the venue sussed, they use rooms from the James France Exhibition Centre which is on Loughbourgh University grounds. The first thing I actually noticed when I walked into the venue was how nice it was, clean carpeted floors rather than the cold hard floors of most events were a nice change! The venue can hold up to over 150 participants and even has room for sleeping, tables for eating or card games and also an area for consoles. There are some other facilities such as a microwave, a small fridge, a hot water urn and a little tuck shop so you are always good for snacks and drinks. There are also hot dogs and food orders throughout the day so that you get more than just snack food. The venue also has a very good internet connection, they make use of their buildings Gigabit internet connection.

The weekend competitions concluded with a game of Towerfall

There are many games played, such as League of Legends, BF4, Minecraft and even Truck simulator. There are also tournaments throughout the event such as CS:GO and Hearthstone with prizes such as Parvum cases to be won. Speaking of Parvum, this event is where they let their hair down, and I can see why, it’s a very relaxed and chilled out environment and very friendly. The lads from Parvum were showing off their usual amazing machines like the ones below, it seems to be having an effect on the lsucs crowd too, a lot of the attendees are using Parvum systems!

Caitlyn keeps watch over Parvum Systems new watercooled build

With Parvum being at the event, it really is hard to find any other systems that look as good, but I am going to put out a special little mention for this little work horse!

Function over beauty can sometimes be seen

I would like to thank lsucs for having me at the event. I had an excellent day and I will be attending future events as a participant. The LANs really are run well, they have a lot to offer and the people there are great. It really is a social event as well as a chance to get your game on.

The events are run quite regularly, 3 per semester, which equates to 6 a year. The next event is in just a weeks time, to find out more, visit them on Facebook or visit their website.

For more pictures of this event please look through the gallery below.

SilverStone SST-AR06 Low-profile CPU Cooler Review

Introduction and Packaging

SilverStone last year, released a new series of coolers called the Argon series, today were going to take a look at the latest one of these; the SilverStone AR06, a low profile CPU cooler. SilverStone are very well well known for their cases such as the iconic TJ07 and TJ11, both excellent cases for system builders and modders alike. They also have a very successful range of power supplies and some AIO coolers. When you think of SilverStone you generally think of quality, good design, usability and when things do occasionally go wrong, good customer service. I’m really looking forward to this one as I recently struggled to find a low profile cooler that worked well, looked good and was cost effective. Let’s hope their new range stands up to their high expectations.

As you can see from the specification below, the cooler supports a range of sockets for both Intel and AMD. It comes installed with a 92mm blue and white PWM fan.

The front of the box features an image of the cooler and boasts about its low profile 58mm height. It has a quick rundown of the main features of the cooler too, such as its “HDC” technology which we will take a look at in a moment.

Around the back we have the same information about the cooler but in many more languages.

One of the sides of the box, it gives you a full specification list, including fan speed.

The other two sides have some nice promotional photos and again mention the HDC technology.

In the box you’ll find the cooler with the fan already attached, an instruction leaflet, AMD and Intel brackets, 4 long hexagonal screws with corresponding nuts, a set of 4 hex nuts and 4 small screws to connect the bracket to the cooler.

Mayhems Release New Havoc Radiators

Anyone who has watercooled their pc in the last few years will have probably seen the name “Mayhems” knocking around. They are responsible for some of the best looking fluids in the watercooling business and have only been going from strength to strength. Mayhems don’t have much of an advertising strategy, they just let their products do the talking. With some of the biggest modders in the world using nothing but their products you only have to type “water cooled builds” into Google to find Mayhems fluid on show.

Now Mayhems have taken things a step further. They have created 3 sizes of radiators and we have the exclusive pricing for the units, and let me tell you, they are VERY well priced for what you’re getting.

All the radiators have the following spec, as you can see they are quad flow and triple pass so you would certainly mean business.

*         Quad Reflow Chamber
*         Triple Tubed
*         Split fin
*         Medium FPI (9)
*         Anti Piercing Plates
*         Copper Core
*         Brass End Tanks
*         Matt Black Coated
*         2 Port
*         180 Degree Logo
*         Includes a Mayhems Mini Blitz kit (part 2 only)
*         RoHS compliant

Finally, what you have been waiting for, the prices! You won’t find these prices anywhere else yet as Mayhems have given us the exclusive!

First up is the Mayhems Havoc 240 mm Radiator.

  • Dimwensions: 125mm x 63mm x 286mm (Width x Depth x Height
  • Weight : 1.1 kg
  • RRP : 50.00 + vat (£60.00)

Next is the Mayhems Havoc 360 mm Radiator

  • Dimensions: 125mm x 63mm x 410mm (Width x Depth x Height)
  • Weight 1.36 kg
  • RRP : £66.67 + Vat (£80.00)


And finally the big daddy the Mayhems Havoc 480 mm Radiator

  • Dimensions: 125mm x 63mm x 520mm (Width x Depth x Height)
  • Weight : 1.75 kgs
  • RRP: £83.33 + VAT (£99.99)


All of these radiators will be available directly from Mayhems and will be a limited run for now. The first 60 radiators will come with a newly designed radiator grill from their new venture ‘Mayhems tech’ which will hopefully be bringing some nice products to help you mod your builds.

I am hoping to get a sample of these radiators to put them through their paces but if they are anything like Mayhems fluids they will perform well and look great.

Thanks to Mayhems for providing us with this information

PAYDAY: The Heist Free to Play Tomorrow

Everyone loves a free game, right? Well, for one day only, PAYDAY : The Heist will be free to play via Steam!

Over the last week or so Overkill has been running an event called “Crimefest”. This event was to pull as many people into their official steam group for PAYDAY  as possible. Their goal was to hit 1.5 million members before the 18th of October. The developers hit their targets early so they have now decided give us a game, free to play, for one day. This will happen tomorrow (Thursday) morning at 10AM Pacific time (6PM for us GMT folk) and will be free for a whole 24 hours.

For those who haven’t played any of the 3-year-old PAYDAY franchise it really is worth having a go. You are part of a criminal gang with the main goal of trying to get as much loot as possible. you do this by doing different missions such as robbing a bank, stealing art or just doing a good old fashioned smash and grab at the local jewellers. There are many weapons and modifications to your equipment and 4 different classes of criminal so there is plenty of content to play within the 24 hours.

So don your masks, grab your favourite weapon and go and get some loot!

Image courtesy of Starbreeze Studios.

Thermaltake Frio Extreme Silent 14 Dual CPU Cooler Review


Thermaltake are back with their brand new CPU cooler; the Frio Extreme Silent 14 Dual. In the past they have released some excellent products geared towards gamers and overclocking enthusiasts, boasting good value, low temperatures and low acoustics. A near silent PC is always hard to put together and normally you have to sacrifice some of the cooling power to get the PC as quiet as you would like. This cooler is set to try and tackle both problems head on, focusing on silence whilst keeping the performance that we all desire.

I’ve got high hopes for this cooler and with stiff competition coming from the likes of be quiet! and the AIOs that are on the market it will certainly be interesting to see how this stacks up against the competition.

As you can see from the specification below, the cooler supports all major socket types for both Intel and AMD. It comes equipped with two 140mm PWM fans and 0.4mm aluminium fin construction.

The front of the box features an image of the dual 14 CPU cooler and boasts support of up to 240w and low noise.

Around the back is a quick run-down on some of the major features, but we’ll be taking a closer look at those in a moment.

In the box you’ll find a universal backplate with thick foam padding, four fan clips, thermal grease, Intel and AMD mounting brackets, two low noise cables and an assortment of screws and bolts,

Amazon Has Bought Twitch, Not Google

Amazon has bought video-game streaming service Twitch for $970m (£585m) and not google as originally thought.

Twitch, launched in June 2011, is the most popular Internet destination for watching and broadcasting videogame play. We had previously brought you news that Google had bought Twitch, but in a surprise move it seems Amazon has acquired it instead. A statement from Twitch CEO, Emmett Shear, has been posted on the website thanking the community and also officially stating Amazon as the new owners. In the statement, it is said that the employees, brand and independence will be kept but with backing from Amazon they will be able to reach more people and improve the service. Amazon has reportedly paid $970m (£585m).

So what happened to the Google deal? One source mentioned that it was due to concerns that Google were concerned about antitrust issues and that they couldn’t come up with an agreement on the size of a potential breakup fee in case the deal didn’t go through. It seems that no sooner than Google backed down from the deal, Amazon were there to pick it up.

With Amazon making a big push into gaming lately, acquiring google is good business sense. with the revenue that is created from advertising on Twitch will be massive, in July alone there were more than 55million views and 15 billion minutes of video content. It will be interesting to see if Twitch will continue to be so successful with their new owners.

Thanks to BBC News for supplying us with this information.

Image courtesy of GameSspot

Gory Photos of Death Are Going to Be Removed from Twitter

Twitter has said that it will remove images and videos of dead people as long as immediate family members request it.

Any photos “from when critical injury occurs to the moments before or after death” will be considered for removal as long as there is a request from a family member. However, Twitter said that they will take into account public interest of any content and said that they may not comply with all requests.

This action may have been triggered by the beheading of American journalist James Foley. Shortly after the beheading, video footage and images were spreading over the internet and the White House contacted social networks to ask for them to remove the media. Although Twitter are under no legal obligation to remove these images or videos, it seems that they are willing to help stop them spreading. Twitter declined to say whether they received a request from Mr Foley’s family or if it was just the request from the White.

Andrew McLaughlin, Googles former public policy chief, doesn’t agree with the removal of the images and says that they could have important news value. He told the Washington Post:

“You can imagine that if you’re a family member of this person, by all means you would want the horrific photos of their moment of death taken offline. But … the photos are obviously newsworthy.” “It’s awful that these photos were taken, and it’s awful that this moment happened, but their very existence is news.

It has been mentioned that a simple “graphic warning” label might be better than full censorship of the media. Twitter has not commented on whether this could be implemented in the future.

Thanks to Sky news for supplying us with this information.

Image courtesy of 3Q Digital

Humble Jumbo Bundle 2 Includes Terraria and Age of Empires Legacy

Another Humble bundle has just gone up and this time its “Humble Jumbo Bundle 2”.

Humble bundles are packs of games that you can buy for as much or as little as you want to pay. In this bundle you can get:  The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, Deadlight  and Galactic Civilizations II: Ultimate Edition  for as little as a penny,  if you want steam versions then its a $1 minimum.

If you pay more than the average you can also get: Terraria, The King of Fighters XIII Steam Edition and Crusader Kings II (plus 3 DLC packs) as well as the above titles.

If you pay more than $15 you get all the above plus Age of Empires Legacy Bundle. You can decide where the money goes, it can go to the American Red Cross Charity and Child’s play charity, to the developers or to Humble. You can customize exactly how you want to split the payment too! This is a great way to try games that you wouldn’t usually buy and also to bulk up your steam library.

If you bought all these titles separately it would cost you $210 so you can really make a great saving. Games are usually added throughout the 2 weeks the bundles are available for and you automatically gain the extra games.

To grab any of the above games for your collection click Here