Australia To Teach Coding From Primary School

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Every day we use computers if we use them at our fingers or just by buying something from a store or driving down the road. Technology is a big part of everyone’s lives these days, and this has been recognised by many countries pushing for STEM subjects (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) to become a focus in many educations, the latest of which seems to be Australia.

As one of his last acts as Education Minister, Christopher Pyne has given the approval for a new national curriculum which will see subjects like History and Geography replaced with Coding. Australia is seeing a large push towards STEM subjects as its new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull pushes a focus on innovation and preparing the future generations for the jobs and economies of the future.

Pyne said in a statement that “high-quality school STEM education is critically important for Australia’s Productivity and economy well-being, both now and in the future”.

With big plans such as Summer Schools supporting and teaching STEM to underrepresented groups, the development of the maths curriculum and a new P-TECH style school which will bring together education and industry in hopes of further strengthening students futures in the job market.

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1 Comment on Australia To Teach Coding From Primary School

  • Avatar Mr Average Guy says:

    “Replaced” with Coding? No no no, that should be “in addition to”. If they’re going to get rid of History and Geography and the like altogether, there would be outrage. School should be a place of learning, not a place to breed little factory drones, and so should offer a whole gamut of subjects.

    Sure, Coding should be one of those subjects, but Humanities and Artistic subjects should be as well

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