ATI XGP welcomes HD5830 at CES 2010

The summer of 2008 was filled with joy and happyness, the grass was green, the birds were singing and ATI were in the process of launching a new platform of mobile graphics.

External Graphics Platform, or XGP for short was born and in it’s simplicity, it was a HD3870 in a box. The purpose of it, was to offer extra performance for notebooks compatible with the XGP platform. Sounds very simple right? Wrong.

The problem that it had, whilst being a good product, it never really hit the market by storm and consumers as well as manufacturer’s just let the wind take it by and out of our lives. There was one company who liked it and decided to support it. None other than Fujitsu Siemens, who were the only vendor to offer a XGP compatible notebook.

Since the summer of 2008, ATI have been looking at where they went wrong, and trying to rectify it.

Announcing the NEW XGP platform. Instead of a shoddy 3870 that no one wants, they have now given the offering of the XGP platform using the HD 5830 DirectX11 capable graphics card with the latest technologies and concepts. It features the latest PCI-Express 2.0 connector for simplicity of connecting it to a notebook, features DVI as well as HDMI digital outputs and of course other technologies that the 5xxx series card’s support including ATI Eyefinity, low power output and the latest GPU architecture.

We are still unsure as to how the revised XGP platform is going to hit the market, and how the vendors will take to it this time round. We at sure have more hope for it this time around.

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