ASUSTOR Launched Surveillance Center Version 2.2

ASUSTOR has been busy updating a long row of their apps with new features and improved functionality and the Surveillance Center is the latest to get the overhaul. The improved ASUSTOR NVR software for NAS devices includes support for the ONVIF Profile S (2.4.1) standard protocol, interactive electronic maps, the newest version of Safari (8.0.2) for Mac, and comes with an 30% increased display performance on Mac system.

The system supports any Profile S certified camera products and the Surveillance Center 2.2 upgrade also further expands compatibility for cameras from AXIS, AVTECH, Samsung, TRENDnet and Zavio for more choice and flexibility.

The new electronic maps can provide administrators with a quick view of all the IP cameras deployed and ASUSTOR’s Surveillance Center also supports direct HDMI output.

It comes with four free camera channels and more can be bought as addition, but four should be enough for most home users. Couple that with the cross-platform monitoring via Windows and Mac Web browsers, HDMI local output and the AiSecure mobile app, users can stay on track of every action at any time.

Surveillance Center 2.2 is suitable for use on all ASUSTOR NAS devices and it can be downloaded from the App Central.

Thanks to ASUSTOR for providing us with this information