ASUSTOR AS1002T 2-Bay Entry-Level NAS Review

System Specifications, Features & Power Consumption

Hardware Specifications

Feature Highlights

  • Exceptional transfer performance
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Energy efficient low power consumption
  • Hand screw design for toolless installation
  • Stylish diamond-plate finished cover design


The login screen is simple and there isn’t much to be loaded, hence it’s fast. The stay signed in button can be a bit confusing whether it’s on or not. It is set to stay signed-in in the screenshot below; the login screen can also be customized once you have logged in.


ASUTOR’s ADM operating system has a more app-like feel and those who usually use mobile devices will quickly find their way around it. It is different from most other NAS OSes in the location of things, so which you prefer is really down to personal preference. Plenty of features and settings as well as extra apps are available for ADM.

Power Consumption

The chart contains the actual power consumption measured at the PSU connection and while loaded with a maximum amount of drives. Peak, or maximum, power draw will occur during boot times.