Asustor AS-302T 2-bay NAS Review

Asustor GUI & Power Consumption

Over the last few months we have seen a shift from the use of menu based user interfaces over to those that give more of a desktop feel to them. Asustor from the start have been using this new layout and design and they have made theirs even more user-friendly by giving users the option to have applications grouped on different pages whilst also allowing them to personalise their system with different backgrounds and additional packages such as the XMBC media player front end.

Power consumption between different NAS enclosures has been more of an upcoming point of interest. For some users, especially those in the home or small businesses, power consumption is more important as part of the overall running costs. Many systems such as the AS-302T now include sleep states that power down the disks after a period of inactivity and as we can see with this system, the power consumption drops by more than half when going from idle to sleep after 30 minutes.