ASUS Z97 Gryphon Armor Edition (LGA 1150) Motherboard Review

Software Overview

The software is built around the same Ai Suite III base as the other Z97 channel series motherboards but the main focus has been moved away from the Dual Intelligent Processors 5 towards the Thermal Radar 2 tech. This is basically the software hub for all the system temperature monitoring and system fan control. As the pictures below show the motherboard gives you a tonne of temperature sensors that are built into the motherboard, 8 to be exact, and then you can add a further three temperature sensors by plugging in the include temperature probe cables. You also get the ability to control 8 fans through the motherboard headers, if you buy fan splitters you could easily control more if needed. However, for a micro-ATX user this is already a huge amount of customisation on offer in the cooling department. Once you’re out of the Thermal Radar section you’re greeted by other ASUS software mainstays like USB 3.0 boost, USB charger and so on. The Z97 GRYPHON also supports the ASUS Home Cloud software (which we looked at here) and ASUS packet prioritisation software TurboLAN (which we looked at briefly here).