Asus White TUF Motherboard Prototypes

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It was only a few days ago I was still in Taipei enjoying the sights and sounds of the city, as well as the awesome technology show that is Computex 2014. Unfortunately the Asus booth was crazy busy and my meeting got mixed up, this is unfortunate because we completely missed these incredible motherboard prototypes!

The first white motherboard was the “Sabranco”, a white TUF grade board, which you’ll remember is part of their extreme durability and stability range of products. Of course the specifications will be awesome, it’s a premium grade board, but the special part is that awesome arctic white finish!

The board has been given thermal armour with a white and grey camoflage finish over the white PCB of the board, while the back of the board has also been treated to a similar design back plate. This is one of the coolest motherboards I’ve seen in a long time. Unfortunately the board is marked as a prototype, but most likely just to gauge consumer feedback, so if you want to see this board, start messaging Asus and tell them to put it into production.

We know you love white motherboards, especially since you seemed to go crazy for the MSI H97M ECO we saw at the show. So, would you have this in your system? If so, then what components would you match it up with?

Thank you Toms Hardware for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of Toms Hardware.

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2 Comments on Asus White TUF Motherboard Prototypes

  • Avatar Wayne says:

    I can imagine some people swooning over them. As for me I’m not really sure I care what colour mobo I use in my rig, you can’t see it anyway. I’ve long since outgrown plexiglass side panels, flashy lights and fans but I must admit those boards do look nice.
    Actually I think I must care somewhat, I never settled on a last generation Z87 Asus mobo simply because of it’s hideous colour scheme, I settled for a Gigabyte G1 Sniper instead which was far more pleasing to my eyes.

  • Avatar Bernard says:

    This motherboard looks great. I would love to see them put this on shelves as no ones really made a white motherboard. I think that the Galaxy HOF series GPU, with white hyper x fury ram and a silverstone TD02 all inside of a white corsair 760T and powered by a white nzxt Psu. That would be a solid build.

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