Asus VE228 21.5″ LED 1080p Monitor Review

On the whole I am very impressed with the Asus VE228H LED backlit monitor, for general day to day use with work and photoshopping (which is where I’d use it more often) the screen was fantastic and I could easily use it for an extended period with comfort. The bright image was a benefit whilst using Photoshop to edit the images for this review along with the high contrast ratio. I’ve found on traditional LCDs that its harder to tell white from an off-white colour due to the brightness of the backlight, but here the LED backlight made it easy to tell the shades apart.

The same can be said for the colour reproduction and Toy Story 3 was watched with a lovely crisp image and vibrant colours. I really am amazed at the image quality given off by the VE228H, don’t get me wrong there are a whole world of great screens out there, but this is just something else. This same level of quality flows right through the fast changing scenes in Crank: High Voltage and onto the gaming experience, where again the pixel perfect image and vibrant colour base stand out and proud.

As I mentioned before, there is only one pitfall that I can find with this screen, but this is not necessarily something to put against it. Most monitors these days, have speakers built into them but to be honest, they really arn’t there for an all round experience. If you’re listening to a bit of background radio as I tend to do then thats all and well, but anything more (such as watching a film or playing a game) then you really do need to look at a set of dedicated speakers with a better quality of sound. This is nit picking though and for the most part I expect that the vast majority of people won’t even use the built in speakers.

Aside from what you see on screen, the screen is, as you would expect of an Asus product, very well built. The sturdy base latches the base to the main portion of the stand before the single screw locks it in place. The rest of the screen, is much the same with a sturdy and quality feel to it, right down to the hot keys on the underside.

As with all things, there is a cost involved, and may be thinking by now that this is not an affordable option seeing as its from a very reputable manufacturer and has a lot to offer, but you couldn’t be more wrong (that unless you’ve already seen the price elsewhere and you’re reading up this review to see if its really that low). At a wallet friendly price of only £131.99, the price may seem to good to be true, but this is no typo there. You really are getting a cracking little 22″ screen with a ton of features for under £140 and because of this I’ve got to hand it to Asus, they’ve done a great job.