Asus VE228 21.5″ LED 1080p Monitor Review

The vast majority of the time, we see Asus products coming in in bright coloured boxes (typically with ROG all over them), but here for once we see a more modest brown box, that simply gives the brand name and tagline, the model number and a highlight at the bottom that this is an LED backlit LCD.

Opening up the box and delving inside, the first thing that we come across naturally is the screen itself, but putting that aside, we also find a quick start guide and an Asus VIP notice.

Alongside the manuals there are a number of cables also in the box, two kettle leads for UK and European use, a single link DVI, VGA and a 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable.

Before we move onto taking a closer look at the screen, we did note how well the screen is protected in the box alongside the polystyrene packaging and foam sleeve that the screen slides into. Every part of the monitor is covered in sticky back film to protect it from any possible scratches that may occur in transit.

Last of all and most importantly for the vast majority of users is the base stand which comes separated to keep the packaging size down.