Asus Tease with Gryphon Z87 Motherboard

For me and most of the eTeknix team, Facebook is a big part of what we do, and we use it to scope out the latest news direct from the manufacturers. Twitter can also be just as useful, but today saw the Asus United Kingdom Facebook page showcasing a little teaser picture for the new upcoming products from them. Of course we are talking about Haswell and with this comes a few new products.

The new launch will see a new socket, new 4th generation Intel CPUs and the new Z87 chipset which will harness the power of the components and the name for one of these from Asus will be Gryphon as pictured above.

No word on any other details as Asus are keeping things very close to their chest right now, but we can just make out in the picture that the board will be Windows 8 ready, but we all knew and expected that anyway.

For now, we will have to keep our ears to the ground and hope that more information comes up as we draw closer to the expected June 2nd release date, but with surrounding issues of USB 3.0, this date is always likely to change as we get closer. Sources tell us that the USB issues have been fixed, but Intel being Intel will not be willing to release any information surrounding it.